Bitis rhinoceros (West African gaboon viper)

Venom composition image
Figure 1: Composition of B.rhinoceros venom, studied at the proteomic level (Calvete et al., 2007). This venom contains the following families: SVMP (snake venom metalloproteinase), serine protease, snaclec, disintegrin, venom Kunitz-type, cystatin, PLA2 (phospholipase A2), LAAO (L-amino-acid oxidase), CRISP, DC-fragment (disintegrin/cysteine-rich fragment from P-III SVMPs), BPP (bradykinin potentiating peptide).
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Bitis rhinoceros (West African gaboon viper) (Vipera rhinoceros)

SLRA_BITRH Snaclec rhinocetin subunit alpha (C-type lectin like protein 1) Snaclec family
SLRB_BITRH Snaclec rhinocetin subunit beta (C-type lectin like protein 2) Snaclec family
VSPR_BITRH Snake venom serine protease rhinocerase (SVSP) (EC 3.4.21.-) ... Peptidase S1 family, Snake venom ...