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Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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Conasprella delessertii (Sozon's cone) (Conus delessertii)

CDA_CONDE Conotoxin de13a Conotoxin G superfamily
CDB_CONDE Conotoxin De13.1 (de13b) Conotoxin G superfamily
O17A_CONDE Gamma-conotoxin-like de7a Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U7B_CONDE Conotoxin de7b Not in a family

3 entries

Conasprella longurionis (Cone snail) (Conus longurionis)

CA1A_CONLG Alpha-conotoxin Lo1a Conotoxin A superfamily
CU6B_CONLG Conotoxin Lo6/7b Not in a family
O16A_CONLG Conotoxin Lo6/7a Not in a family

1 entry

Conasprella memiae (Memi's cone) (Conus memiae)

INS1_CONME Con-Ins Me1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins Me1 B chain; ... Insulin family

1 entry

Conasprella ximenes (Interrupted cone) (Conus ximenes)

I1B1_CONXI Conopeptide X11.1 (I1_xm11a) Conotoxin I1 superfamily