Conus textile (cloth-of-gold cone) (taxid:6494)

Species information Diet: molluscivorous
Region: Indo-Pacific
Clinical Effects, Treatment, Antivenoms See the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.

Conus textile (Image from Wikipedia / licensed under Creative Commons)

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Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)

CA11_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIA (Conotoxin tx1a) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1CB_CONTE Conotoxin TxIC Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin Tx1C (Alpha-conotoxin-like 1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1D_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxID (Alpha-conotoxin TxIC) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1Z_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1.2 (Conotoxin Tx1.1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA2_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM32_CONTE TxMLKM-021 (Conotoxin 2) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONTE Conotoxin elongated-tx3a-a [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx3a-b ... Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3H_CONTE Conotoxin tx3h (Conotoxin Tx3.1) (TxMLKM-011) [Cleaved into: ... Conotoxin M superfamily
CONO_CONTE Conopressin-Tx Vasopressin/oxytocin family
COS_CONTE Conorfamide Tx1.3 (AIVGRPRFamide) (AIVGRPRFa) (Cono-RFamide ... NPY family
COW1_CONTE Contryphan-Tx O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW2_CONTE Contryphan-R/Tx O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW3_CONTE Leu-contryphan-Tx O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CP9A_CONTE Conotoxin tx9a (Spasmodic peptide) Conotoxin P superfamily
CRFA1_CONTE Conorfamide-Tx1 (CNF-Tx1) (Cono-RFamide-Tx1) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CRFA2_CONTE Conorfamide-Tx2 (CNF-Tx2) (Cono-RFamide-Tx2) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CS81_CONTE Conotoxin Tx8.1 Conotoxin S superfamily
CT111_CONTE Conotoxin Tx-D0111 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT13_CONTE Conotoxin 3 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin TeA31] Conotoxin T superfamily
CT21_CONTE Conotoxin Tx-D021 (Tx-D022) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT512_CONTE Conotoxin TxMRCL-D012 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51A_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr151 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin TeAr151 b] Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONTE Conotoxin Tx5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54A_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr154 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONTE Conotoxin TxMRCL-04 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT593_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr193 (Conotoxin TxMRCL-03) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5AP_CONTE Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Conotoxin TxMRCL-011) (Epsilon-conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5AS_CONTE Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Epsilon-TxIX) (Tx-012) (Tx5.2) (tx5a) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONTE Conotoxin tx5b (Conotoxin 1) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5C_CONTE Conotoxin tx5c (Conotoxin 2) [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx5c-b; ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5D_CONTE Conotoxin tx5d (Trixin) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5E_CONTE Conotoxin tx5e (Tx5.5) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5F_CONTE Conotoxin tx5f (Conotoxin Tx5.2) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5G_CONTE Conotoxin tx5g (Conotoxin Tx5.3) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5H_CONTE Conotoxin tx5h (Conotoxin Tx5.4) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTAB_CONTE Chi-conotoxin-like 1 (Tx10b) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTAC_CONTE Chi-conotoxin-like 2 (Tx10c) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTDA_CONTE Conotoxin TxXIIIA Conotoxin T superfamily
CU65_CONTE Conotoxin Tx6.5 Not in a family
CUU2_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-0422 Not in a family
CX5E_CONTE Conotoxin tx5e Not in a family
CXX_CONTE Conotoxin Gla-TxX Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I166_CONTE Conotoxin Tx6.6 O1 superfamily
I1B3_CONTE Conotoxin Tx11.3 I1 superfamily
I2B_CONTE Conotoxin Gla-TxXI Conotoxin I2 superfamily
INS1_CONTE Con-Ins Tx1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T1 B chain; ... Insulin family
M01_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
M232_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-02 Conotoxin M superfamily
M234_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-04 Conotoxin M superfamily
M235_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-05 Conotoxin M superfamily
M236_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-06 Conotoxin M superfamily
M313_CONTE Conotoxin SI.13 Conotoxin M superfamily
M314_CONTE Conotoxin SI.14 Conotoxin M superfamily
M316_CONTE Conotoxin SI.6 Conotoxin M superfamily
M3B_CONTE Conotoxin tx3b (Tx3.3) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3C_CONTE Conotoxin tx3c (Textile scratcher peptide) (Tx3.4) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3D_CONTE Conotoxin tx3d (Conotoxin 1) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3E_CONTE Conotoxin tx3e (Conotoxin 4) [Cleaved into: Truncated conotoxin ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M3F_CONTE Conotoxin Tx3.5-a [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx3f (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M3I_CONTE Conotoxin tx3i Conotoxin M superfamily
M3J_CONTE Conotoxin tx3j Conotoxin M superfamily
M3_CONTE TxMMSK-03 (Conotoxin 3) Conotoxin M superfamily
M5_CONTE Conotoxin 5 Conotoxin M superfamily
O1613_CONTE Delta-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0111 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O161_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0141 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0142 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1631_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-031 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO4 (Conotoxin TxMKLT1-0221) [Cleaved ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO5 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1661_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TeA61 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIA (Conotoxin King-Kong 0) (KK-0) (TxIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIB (TxIB) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K0_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIA (Conotoxin King-Kong 0) (KK-0) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K1_CONTE Conotoxin King-Kong 1 (KK-1) (TxMKLT1-015) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO5 (Conotoxin TxMKLT1-012) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16L_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0223 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16M_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0211 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16O2_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16O6_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17_CONTE Omega-conotoxin TxVII Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O194_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TeAr94 (Omega-conotoxin TxMKLT1-02121) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1K2_CONTE Conotoxin King-Kong 2 (KK-2) [Cleaved into: Truncated King-Kong ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1X1_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O226A_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(2)-TxVI/A (Conotoxin TxMEKL-043) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O226B_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(2)-TxVI/B Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O236D_CONTE Conotoxin Asp7/Gla(3)-TxVI (Conotoxin TxMEKL-0421) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O236E_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(3)-TxVI (Conotoxin Glu7/Gla(3)-TxVI) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O253_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TeA53 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O2611_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-011 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O261_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-021 (Conotoxin TxMEKL-022) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O2653_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxMEKL-053 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26G_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(1)-TxVI (TeA52) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26M_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxMEKL-0511 (Conotoxin TxMEKL-0512) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26_CONTE TxMEKL-P2 (Conotoxin 6) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O27A_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxVIIA (TxIIA) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
TX31_CONTE Cysteine-rich venom protein (CRVP) (EC 3.4.-.-) ... CRISP family
U6TC_CONTE Textile convulsant peptide (TCP) Not in a family