Californiconus californicus (California cone) (taxid:1736779)

Species information Diet: Californiconus californicus, unlike species within the genus Conus that typically feed on mollusks, worms or fish, atypically utilizes a wide range of food sources from all three groups, in addition to scavenging. (Elliger et al., 2011).

Region: Eastern Pacific.
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Californiconus californicus (California cone) (Conus californicus)

C27_CONCL Conotoxin Cal27 (O3_cal27) Not in a family
C30_CONCL Conotoxin Cal30 (O2_cal30) Not in a family
C617_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.17 (O3_cl6d) Not in a family
C619_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.19 (O1_cal6.19) Not in a family
C61A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.41a (O3_cal6.1a) Not in a family
C61B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.41b (O3_cal6.1b) Not in a family
C61C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.41c (O3_cal6.1c) Not in a family
C621_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.21 (O1_cal6.21) Not in a family
C624_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.24 (O1_cal6.24) Not in a family
C625_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.25 (O1_cal6.25) Not in a family
C626_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.26 (O1_cal6.26) Not in a family
C630_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.30 (O1_cal6.30) Not in a family
C636_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.36 (O1_cal6.36) Not in a family
C637_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.37 (O1_cal6.37) Not in a family
C639_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.39 (O3_cal6.3) Not in a family
C640_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.40 (O3_cal6.2) Not in a family
CLE1A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.1a (Conotoxin Cal14.1a) Conotoxin L superfamily
CLE1B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.1b (Cal14.1b) Conotoxin L superfamily
CLE2B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.2b (Cal14.2b) Conotoxin L superfamily
CLE2C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.2c (Conotoxin Cl14.2c) Conotoxin L superfamily
CLE4_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.4 Not in a family
CLE8_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.8 Conotoxin L superfamily
CLEB_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14b (Conotoxin Cl14.3) Not in a family
CLEC_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14c (Conotoxin Cl14.2a) Conotoxin L superfamily
CM91_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.1 Conotoxin M superfamily
CO112_CONCL Conotoxin Cal1.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
CO1C3_CONCL Conotoxin Cl12.3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COC1A_CONCL Mu-conotoxin cal12a (Conotoxin Cal 12.1.1a) (Conotoxin CalTx ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COC1B_CONCL Mu-conotoxin cal12b (Conotoxin Cal 12.1.1b) (Conotoxin CalTx ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COC1C_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.1c (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.1D) Not in a family
COC1D_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.1d (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.1E) Not in a family
COC1E_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.1e (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.1G) Not in a family
COC2A_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2a (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.2B) Not in a family
COC2B_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2b (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.2C) Not in a family
COC2C_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2c (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.2D) Not in a family
COC2D_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2d (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.3A) Not in a family
COC2E_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2e (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.3C) Not in a family
COC2F_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2f (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.3D) Not in a family
COC2G_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2g (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.3F) Not in a family
COC2H_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2h (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.3G) Not in a family
COC3A_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.3a (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.4C) ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COC3B_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.3b (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.4D) Not in a family
COCA_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2a (Conotoxin CalTx 12.2.1A) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COCB_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2b (Conotoxin CalTx 12.2.1B) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COCC_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2c (Conotoxin CalTx 12.2.1C) Not in a family
COCD_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2d (Conotoxin CalTx 12.2.1D) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
COCE_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like CalTx 12.2.1E Not in a family
COW1_CONCL Contryphan-Cal1 (O3_contryphan-like cal1) Not in a family
COW2_CONCL Contryphan-Cal2 (O3_contryphan-like cal2) Not in a family
COW3_CONCL Contryphan-Cal3 (O3_contryphan-like cal3) Not in a family
COW4_CONCL Contryphan-Cal4 (O3_contryphan-like cal4) Not in a family
CT11_CONCL Conotoxin Cl1.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT13_CONCL Conotoxin Cal1.3 (Conotoxin Cal1.1a) (Conotoxin Cl1.3) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT15_CONCL Conotoxin Cal1.5 (Conotoxin Cal1.1b) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5.2 Conotoxin T superfamily
CU12_CONCL Conotoxin Cl1.2 Not in a family
CU51B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5a L2 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin Cal5b L2; Conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CU51C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5a L3 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin Cal5b L3; Conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CU5A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5a L1 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin Cal5b L1; Conotoxin ... Not in a family
CU81_CONCL Conotoxin Cal8.1 (Conotoxin CalMKLL-1) Not in a family
CU82_CONCL Conotoxin Cal8.2 (Conotoxin CalMKLL-2) Not in a family
CU92A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2a Not in a family
CU92B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2b Not in a family
CU92C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2c Not in a family
CU92D_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2d Not in a family
CU92E_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2e Not in a family
CU92F_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2f Not in a family
CU92_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.2 Not in a family
CU93_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.3 (Cal9.2c) Not in a family
CU94_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.4 Not in a family
CU95_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.5 (Cal9.2f) Not in a family
CU96_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.6 Not in a family
CU9A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9a (Cal9.7) Not in a family
CU9B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9b (Cal9.8) Not in a family
CUC11_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p1 Not in a family
CUC12_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p2 Not in a family
CUC13_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p3 Not in a family
CUC14_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p4 Not in a family
CUC15_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p5 Not in a family
CUE5_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.5 Not in a family
CUE6_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.6 (Conotoxin Cal14.2) (Conotoxin Cal14a) ... Not in a family
CUE7_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.7 Not in a family
CUE9_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.9 Not in a family
CUEA_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.10 Not in a family
CUEB_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.11 Not in a family
CUEC_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.12 Not in a family
CUEDA_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.13a (Conotoxin Cal14.1a) Not in a family
CUEDB_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.13b (Conotoxin Cal14.1b) Not in a family
CUEDC_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.13c (Conotoxin Cal14.1c) Not in a family
CUEE_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.14 (O3_cal14d) Not in a family
CUG6A_CONCL Omega-conotoxin Cl16a (Conotoxin CalTx) (Omega-conotoxin Cl15a) Not in a family
CUGA_CONCL Conotoxin Cal16.1 (Conotoxin Cal16a) Not in a family
CUM1_CONCL Conotoxin Cl10.1 Not in a family
CUMA_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22a (Conotoxin Cl-S1) Not in a family
CUMB_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22b Not in a family
CUMC_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22c Not in a family
CUMD_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22d Not in a family
CUME_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22e Not in a family
CUMF_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22f (Conotoxin Cl-S2) Not in a family
CUX1_CONCL Conotoxin Cltx-1 (CalTx-1) Not in a family
CUX2_CONCL Conotoxin Cltx-2 (CalTx-2) Not in a family
CUX4_CONCL Conotoxin Cltx-4 (CalXXIXA) Not in a family
CX53_CONCL Conotoxin Cl5.3 Conotoxin T superfamily
I16F_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.15 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B1_CONCL Conotoxin Cl11.1 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B2_CONCL Conotoxin Cl11.2 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
O129B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal29b (O1_cal29b) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1618_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.18 (O1_cal6.18) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O161A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1a (Conotoxin Cl6.1) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O161B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1b (Conotoxin Cl6.1a) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O161F_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1f Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O161H_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1h Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1620_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.20 (O1_cal6.20) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1622_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.22 (O1_cal6.22) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1623_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.23 (O1_cal6.23) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1627_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.27 (O1_cal6.27) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1628_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.28 (O1_cal6.28) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1629_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.29 (O1_cal6.29) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1631_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.31 (O1_cal6.31) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1632_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.32 (O1_cal6.32) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1633_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.33 (O1_cal6.33) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1634_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.34 (O1_cal6.34) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1635_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.35 (O1_Cal6.35) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1638_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.38 (O1_cal6.38) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.43b (Conotoxin Cal6.5a) Not in a family
O164_CONCL Conotoxin cal6.4a (Conotoxin cal6.4c) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.5 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.6a Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.6b Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O167_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.7 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O168_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.8 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.9 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.10 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.11 (Conotoxin Cal6.2) (Conotoxin Cl6.11) ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1c Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1d Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16E_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1e (Conotoxin Cl6.3) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16G_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1g Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1C2E_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.2e (O1_cal12.2e) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1C4_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.4 (O1_cal12b) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1C5_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.5 (O1_cal12c) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U63A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.3a Not in a family
U63B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.3b Not in a family
U64_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.4 Not in a family
U6A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6a (Cal6.43a) Not in a family
U6CC_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.12 Not in a family
U6C_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6c (Cal6.4d) Not in a family
U6DD_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.13 Not in a family
U6D_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6d (Cal6.17b) Not in a family
U6E_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.14 Not in a family
U6G_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.16 Not in a family
VKT1A_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin Cal9.1a ... Venom Kunitz-type family
VKT1B_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin Cal9.1b ... Venom Kunitz-type family
VKT1C_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin Cal9.1c ... Venom Kunitz-type family
VKT1D_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin Cal9.1d ... Venom Kunitz-type family