Conus litteratus (Lettered cone) (taxid:89445)

Species information Diet: vermivorous
Region: Indo-Pacific
Clinical Effects, Treatment, Antivenoms See the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.

Conus litteratus (Image from Wikipedia / licensed under Creative Commons).

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49 entries

Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)

CA11_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt1a (Alpha-conotoxin Lt1.1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.2 (Lt1b) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13B_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt1.3 b Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.3 (Lt1c) Conotoxin A superfamily
CDS1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt28.1 (Conotoxin Lt15.2) (Conotoxin Lt28.1) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS2_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.2 (Conotoxin Lt15.3) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS3_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.3 (Conotoxin Lt15.6) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS4_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.4 (Conotoxin Lt15.9) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS5_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.5 (Conotoxin Lt15.6a) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS6_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.6 (Conotoxin Lt15.5a) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS7_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.7 (Conotoxin Lt15.6c) Conotoxin D superfamily
CLE1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt14.1 (Alpha-L-conotoxin Lt14a) ... Conotoxin L superfamily
CM31_CONLT Iota-conotoxin LtIIIA (Lt3.1) (Lt3a) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM32_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.2 (Lt3b) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM33_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.3 (Lt3c) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM34_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.4 (Lt3d) Conotoxin M superfamily
CMG1_CONLT Conotoxin Lt16a (Lt16.1) Conotoxin M superfamily
CO2FA_CONLT Conotoxin Lt15a (Lt15.1) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
CON1_CONLT Contulakin-Lt1 Conotoxin C superfamily
CON2_CONLT Contulakin-Lt2 Conotoxin C superfamily
COW1_CONLT Contryphan-Lt O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW2_CONLT Contryphan-Lt2 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CP9A_CONLT Conotoxin Lt9a Conotoxin P superfamily
CT192_CONLT Conotoxin LeDr192 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT243_CONLT Conotoxin LeDr243 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.1 (Lt5a) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.2 (Lt5b) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.3 (LeD33) (Lt5c) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONLT Mu-conotoxin Lt5d (Lt5.4) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT55_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.5 (Lt5e) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT56_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.6 (Lt5f) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT57_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.7 (Lt5g) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT58_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.8 (Lt5h) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT59_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.9 (Lt5i) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5A_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.10 (Lt5j) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.11 (Lt5k) Conotoxin T superfamily
I2B1_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B2_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.2 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B3_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.3 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B6_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.6 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I364_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.4 Conotoxin I3 superfamily
M35_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.5 (Lt3e) Conotoxin M superfamily
O161_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.1 (Lt6a) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.2 (Conotoxin LeD41) (Lt6b) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.3 (Lt6c) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.4 (Lt6d) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.5 (Lt6e) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O2651_CONLT Conotoxin LeD51 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O271_CONLT Conotoxin Lt7.1 (Lt7a) Conotoxin O2 superfamily