Systems targeted by venom proteins

This page gives an overview of all systems that are targeted by animal venom proteins, independently of the animal taxon. Cardiovascular and nervous systems are the most studied.
See also Pharmacological targets of venom proteins
See also Venom protein activity

Cardiovascular system
Toxins that impair hemostasis
 - Hemorrhagic toxins
 - Toxins that activate or inhibit platelet aggregation
 - Toxins that activate or inhibit the blood coagulation cascade
 - Toxins that degrade fibrin and fibrinogen
Toxins that affect blood pressure (hypotensive agent, vasoactive, vasoconstrictor, vasodilator)
Toxins that affect heart (cardiotoxin)

Nervous system
 - Presynaptic neurotoxins
 - Postsynaptic neurotoxins

Muscular system
Toxins that cause muscle necrosis (myotoxin)

Immune system
Toxins that affect the complement system (complement system impairing toxin)

Dermal system
Toxins that cause necrosis to the skin (dermonecrotic toxin)

Endocrine system
Toxins that mimick hormones (see UniProtKB entries

Urinary system