Turridae (taxid:128512)

Cysteine framework

number of Cys Cys pattern UniProtKB entries
VI/VII 6 C-C-CC-C-C image
VIII 10 C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C image
IX 6 C-C-C-C-C-C image
XI 8 C-C-CC-CC-C-C image
XII 8 C-C-C-C-CC-C-C image
XIV 4 C-C-C-C image
XXII 8 C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C image
0 no cysteine image
4 C-CC-C image
6 C-CC-CC-C image
12 C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-CC image
12 C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C image
16 C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C image

Protein family / Superfamily in UniProtKB

UniProtKB entries
Pg turripeptide superfamily image
Turripeptide family image
Conopeptide P-like superfamily image
Conopeptide I2-like superfamily image

Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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53 entries grouped by species

1 entry

Crassispira cerithina (Sea snail) (Turridrupa cerithina)

CX9A_CRACE Crassipeptide cce9a (Cce9.1) Not in a family

1 entry

Cryptogemma periscelida (Atlantic gem-turris) (Gemmula periscelida)

TUXA_CRYPS Turripeptide GpIAa [Cleaved into: Turripeptide GpIAb] Turripeptide family

1 entry

Gemmula diomedea (Gem-turris)

C91_GEMDI Turripeptide Gdm9.1 Pg turripeptide superfamily

1 entry

Gemmula kieneri (Kiener's gem-turris)

C91_GEMKI Turripeptide Gkn9.1 Pg turripeptide superfamily

1 entry

Gemmula lisajoni (Gem-turris)

TU91_GEMLI Turripeptide Gli9.1 Conopeptide P-like superfamily

2 entries

Gemmula sogodensis (Gem-turris)

C91_GEMSO Turripeptide Gsg9.1 Pg turripeptide superfamily
TU92_GEMSO Turripeptide Gsg9.2 Conopeptide P-like superfamily

16 entries

Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) (Pleurotoma speciosa)

C91_GEMSP Turripeptide Gsp9.1 Pg turripeptide superfamily
C92_GEMSP Turripeptide Gsp9.2 Pg turripeptide superfamily
C9A_GEMSP Turripeptide gsp9a Pg turripeptide superfamily
C9B_GEMSP Turripeptide gsp9b Pg turripeptide superfamily
TU01_GEMSP Turripeptide NCR-01 (Turripeptide NCR-02) Not in a family
TU2_GEMSP Turripeptide UID-02 Not in a family
TU61_GEMSP Turripeptide VI/VII-01 Not in a family
TU81_GEMSP Turripeptide VIII-01 Not in a family
TU91_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-01 Not in a family
TU92_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-03 [Cleaved into: Turripeptide IX-02] Not in a family
TU93_GEMSP Turripeptide Gsp9.3 Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TU94_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-04 Not in a family
TU97_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-07 Not in a family
TU9N_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-23 Pg turripeptide superfamily
TUE1_GEMSP Turripeptide XIV-01 Not in a family
TUEI_GEMSP Turripeptide XIV-18 (Turripeptide IX-18) Not in a family

3 entries

Iotyrris cingulifera (Sea snail) (Pleurotoma cingulifera)

TU55_IOTCI Turripeptide OL55-like Not in a family
TU91_IOTCI Turripeptide Ici9.1 (Turripeptide OL11-like) Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TU92_IOTCI Turripeptide Ici9.2 Conopeptide P-like superfamily

19 entries

Iotyrris olangoensis (Sea snail) (Lophiotoma olangoensis)

TU08_IOTOL Turripeptide OL08 Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TU127_IOTOL Turripeptide OL127 Not in a family
TU135_IOTOL Turripeptide OL135 Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TU139_IOTOL Turripeptide OL139 Not in a family
TU142_IOTOL Turripeptide Lol142 (OL142) Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TU172_IOTOL Turripeptide OL172 [Cleaved into: Turripeptide OL172 1; ... Not in a family
TU179_IOTOL Turripeptide OL179 Not in a family
TU184_IOTOL Turripeptide OL184 Not in a family
TU22_IOTOL Turripeptide OL22 (Turripeptide OL78) Not in a family
TU25_IOTOL Turripeptide Lol6.2 (OL25) Not in a family
TU47_IOTOL Turripeptide OL47 Not in a family
TU49_IOTOL Turripeptide OL49 Not in a family
TU55_IOTOL Turripeptide OL55 Not in a family
TU57_IOTOL Turripeptide OL57 Not in a family
TU61_IOTOL Turripeptide Lol6.1 (OL38) Not in a family
TU71_IOTOL Turripeptide OL71 Not in a family
TU91_IOTOL Turripeptide Lol9.1 (Turripeptide OL11) Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TUB1_IOTOL Turripeptide Lol11.1 (OL105) Conopeptide I2-like superfamily
TUB2_IOTOL Turripeptide Lol11.2 (OL67) Conopeptide I2-like superfamily

1 entry

Lophiotoma acuta (Marbled turris) (Pleurotoma acuta)

TU55_LOPAC Turripeptide OL55-like Not in a family

2 entries

Lophiotoma albina (Sea snail) (Xenuroturris albina)

TU11_LOPAL Turripeptide OL11-like Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TU55_LOPAL Turripeptide OL55-like Not in a family

3 entries

Polystira albida (White giant-turris) (Pleurotoma albida)

TU92_POLAB Turripeptide Pal9.2 Conopeptide P-like superfamily
TUXA_POLAB Turripeptide PaIAa [Cleaved into: Turripeptide PaIAb] Turripeptide family
VPL9A_POLAB Turripeptide Pal9a Not in a family

1 entry

Polystira nobilis (Sea snail) (Pleurotoma nobilis)

TUL2_POLNO Turritoxin F21-2 (Turripeptide F21-2) Not in a family

1 entry

Unedogemmula bisaya (Sea snail) (Lophiotoma bisaya)

TU3A_UNEBI Turripeptide ubi3a Not in a family