Terebridae (auger shells)

The Terebridae is a family of small to large predatory marine gastropods. These gastropods have extremely high spired shells with numerous whorls, and the common name "auger snail" refers to the resemblance of their shells to drill bits
These snails are sand-dwelling carnivores which live in warmer waters. In most species, a venomous barb similar to that of the cone snails, is used to stun and immobilize prey, which typically consists of various marine worms.

Terebra subulata (Photo courtesy of Juliette Gorson).                Hastula hectica (Photo courtesy of Yves Terryn).
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The table below shows the cysteine frameworks (using the Conus nomenclature) that are found in this family of gastropods.
Cysteine framework number of Cys Cys pattern UniProtKB entries or reference
I 4 CC-C-C
VIII 10 C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C   
IX 6 C-C-C-C-C-C
Novel-8-cys 8 C-C-C-C-C-CCC
Novel-10-cys 10 C-CC-C-C-C-C-C-C-C
Novel-12-cys 12 C-CC-CC-C-C-C-C-C-C-C

The table below shows the classification of teretoxins based on similarities in precursor signal peptide sequences.
Protein family or
Superfamily in UniProtKB
UniProtKB entries or reference
Teretoxin A (TA) superfamily
Teretoxin B (TB) superfamily   
Teretoxin C (TC) superfamily
Teretoxin D (TD) superfamily   
Teretoxin E (TE) superfamily   
Teretoxin F (TF) superfamily   
Teretoxin G (TG) superfamily   
Teretoxin H (TH) superfamily
Teretoxin I (TI) superfamily   
Teretoxin J (TJ) superfamily
Teretoxin K (TK) superfamily   
Teretoxin L (TL) superfamily   
Teretoxin M (TM ) superfamily
Teretoxin N (TN) superfamily
Vasopressin/oxytocin family
Porin family

Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

45 entries grouped by species (browse by taxonomy, browse by keywords)

16 entries

Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) (Triplostephanus anilis)

ACTP1_CINAN Tereporin-Ca1 (Actinoporin-like protein) (Fragment) Actinoporin family, Conoidea ...
T11_CINAN Teretoxin Tan1.1 Teretoxin A (TA) superfamily
T61_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.1 Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily
T62_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.2 Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily
T68_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.8 Not in a family
T6E_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.14 Not in a family
T96_CINAN Teretoxin Tan9.6 Not in a family
TAC_CINAN Tan_10cys Teretoxin C (TC) superfamily
TB1_CINAN Teretoxin Tan11.1 Teretoxin H (TH) superfamily
TCC_CINAN Tan_12Cys Teretoxin C (TC) superfamily
TE1_CINAN Teretoxin Tan14.1 Teretoxin N (TN) superfamily
TESS_CINAN Terepressin/terephysin (Conopressin/Conophysin-like) [Cleaved ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
TF2_CINAN Teretoxin Tan15.2 Not in a family
TM5_CINAN Teretoxin Tan22.5 Teretoxin J (TJ) superfamily
TMC_CINAN Teretoxin Tan22.12 Teretoxin C (TC) superfamily
TMD_CINAN Teretoxin Tan22.13 Teretoxin C (TC) superfamily

15 entries

Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)

TE2_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx2 Not in a family
TE53_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe53 Not in a family
TE61_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.1 Not in a family
TE62_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.2 Not in a family
TE63_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.3 Not in a family
TE64_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.4 Not in a family
TE7A_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe7a Not in a family
TE92_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe9.2 Not in a family
TE9A_HASHE Augerpeptide Hhe9a (Hhe9.1) Not in a family
TE9_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe9 Not in a family
TED_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx3 Not in a family
TEF4_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx4 Not in a family
TEF5_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx5 Not in a family
TEG1_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx1 Not in a family
TEIA_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe1a Not in a family

13 entries

Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) (Buccinum subulatum)

ACTP1_TERSU Tereporin-Ts1 (Actinoporin-like protein) (Fragment) Actinoporin family, Conoidea ...
AX6A_TERSU Augerpeptide-s6a (Agx-s6a) Not in a family
AX7A_TERSU Augerpeptide-s7a (Agx-s7a) (Fragments) Not in a family
AXBA_TERSU Augerpeptide-s11a (Agx-s11a) Not in a family
T11_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu1.1 Teretoxin A (TA) superfamily
T64_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.4 Not in a family
T65_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.5 Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily
T68_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.8 Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily
T6F_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.15 Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily
T6G_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.16 Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily
TB2_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu11.2 Teretoxin H (TH) superfamily
TESS_TERSU Terepressin/terephysin (Conopressin/Conophysin-like) [Cleaved ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
TF4_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu15.4 Not in a family

1 entry

Terebra variegata (Variegate auger snail)

T3A_TERVA Venom peptide Tv1 (Teretoxin v3a) Not in a family