Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)

Venom composition There is no study that reports venom composition.
Clinical Effects, Treatment, Antivenoms See the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.
Lethal dose
LD(50) on white mice is
0.7 mg/kg by intramuscular injection
0.6 mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection
0.5 mg/kg by intravenous injection

LD(50) on Synbranchus marmoratus
(a fish) is

1.5 mg/kg by intramuscular injection
1.3 mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection

LD(50) on Gymnotus carapo
(a fish) is

1.4 mg/kg by intramuscular injection
1.2 mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection

LD(50) on Amphisbaena cunhai
(a squamate reptile) is

0.4 mg/kg by intramuscular injection
0.2 mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection

LD(50) on Liophis typhlus
(a colubrid snake) is

0.3 mg/kg by intramuscular injection
0.1 mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection

da Silva Jr. and Aird, 2001.

Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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12 entries grouped by species

12 entries

Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)

3S12B_MICPY Weak neurotoxin D2B Snake three-finger toxin family, ...
3S1D1_MICPY Short neurotoxin D1 Snake three-finger toxin family, ...
3S1E1_MICPY Short neurotoxin E1 Snake three-finger toxin family, ...
3S1E3_MICPY Weak neurotoxin E3 Snake three-finger toxin family, ...
3SO3_MICPY Short neurotoxin D2A Snake three-finger toxin family, ...
3SX_MICPY Venom protein E2 (Three-finger toxin) (3FTx) Snake three-finger toxin family, ...
NXLF1_MICPY Long neurotoxin F1 Not in a family
PA2B1_MICPY Phospholipase A2 B1 (svPLA2) (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
PA2D5_MICPY Phospholipase A2 D5 (svPLA2) (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group I ...
PA2D6_MICPY Phospholipase A2 D6 (svPLA2) (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group I ...
PA2H1_MICPY Phospholipase A2 homolog A1 (svPLA2 homolog) Phospholipase A2 family, Group I ...
VKTG1_MICPY Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor G1 Venom Kunitz-type family