Scorpion potassium channel toxin

Scorpion potassium channel toxins (KTxs) are 20–95 amino acid peptides stabilized by two, three or four disulfide bonds, which make their tertiary structure highly stable. KTxs have the highly conserved secondary structural arrangement α/β stabilized by cysteines (CSα/β) and, most of them, have conserved residues which are responsible for block of the ion conduction pore and promote a high affinity binding within the potassium channel pore vestibule, such as a lysine residue and an aromatic residue at 6.6 Angstroms from the ?carbon of that lysine, respectively (Dauplais et al.,1997 ).

Scorpion KTxs were originally classified into three families named α, β and γ (Tytgat et al., 1999 ), all of them have the above mentioned, highly conserved, α/β structural arrangement. Latter, scorpion KTxs presenting a different structural arrangement, with only two α–helices stabilized by two disulfide bonds, CSα/α, were described, and they were named κ–KTxs (Chagot et al., 2005, Srinivasan et al., 2002, Camargos et al., 2011 ). Among the almost 200 scorpion KTxs described until now, the α–KTx family contains about 120 peptides thus far, which are classified in 30 subfamilies, based on their amino acid homology (Rodriguez de la Vega et al., 2004, Tytgat et al., 1999, Zhu et al.,2010 ).

The table below lists all potassium channel–specific scorpion toxins classified until now. We would like to thank Dr. Ricardo C. Rodriguez de la Vega and Prof. Lourival D. Possani for their help in establishing this list.

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Entry name Systematic names Other names
  all α–KTx
  all α–KTx 1
(P13487) KAX11_LEIQH α–KTx 1.1 Charybdotoxin, ChTX, ChTX–Lq1, ChTx–a
(P45628) KAX12_LEIQH α–KTx 1.2 Charybdotoxin–2, ChTX–Lq2, Toxin 18–2, Lqh 18–2, ChTx–d
(P24663) KAX13_MESTA α–KTx 1.3 Iberiotoxin, IbTx
(P0C167) KAX14_CENLM α–KTx 1.4 Limbatotoxin, LbTx, Limbatustoxin
(Q9NII6) KAX15_MESMA α–KTx 1.5 Neurotoxin TX1, BmTX1
(Q9NII5) KAX16_MESMA α–KTx 1.6 Neurotoxin TX2, BmTX2
α–KTx 1.7 [Corresponds to P45660 reclassified as α–KTx 16.5]
α–KTx 1.8 [Corresponds to P0C173 reclassified as α–KTx 16.1]
(P59848) KAX19_CENLM α–KTx 1.9 Hongotoxin–2, HgTX2
(P83112) KAX1A_PARTR α–KTx 1.10 Parabutoxin–3, PBTx3
(P0C182) KAX1B_CENNO α–KTx 1.11 Slotoxin, SloTx
(P59943) KAX1C_LEIQH α–KTx 1.12 Charybdotoxin b, ChTx–b
(P59944) KAX1D_LEIQH α–KTx 1.13 Charybdotoxin c, ChTx–c
(H2ETQ6) KAX1E_MESMA α–KTx 1.14 Kcug1
(H2ER23) KAX1F_MESMA α–KTx 1.15 Kcug2
(C0HJQ8) KAX1G_MESEU α–KTx 1.16 Toxin MeKTx11–1
(C0HJQ7) KAX1H_MESEU α–KTx 1.17 Toxin MeKTx11–3
(C0HJS9) KAX1I_RHOJU α–KTx 1.18 Peptide Rj1m1
  all α–KTx 2
(P08815) KAX21_CENNO α–KTx 2.1 Noxiustoxin, NTx, Toxin II.11
(P40755) KAX22_CENMA α–KTx 2.2 Margatoxin, MgTX
(P45629) KAX23_CENLI α–KTx 2.3 Toxin–1, Toxin I, Toxin II.10.9.1, CllTx1
(Q9TXD1) KAX24_CENNO α–KTx 2.4 Noxiustoxin–2, NTx2, NTx–2
(P59847) KAX25_CENLM α–KTx 2.5 Hongotoxin–1, HgTX1
(P59849) KAX26_CENLM α–KTx 2.6 Hongotoxin–3, HgTX3
(P45630) KAX27_CENLI α–KTx 2.7 Toxin II, Toxin II.10.9.2, CllTx2
(P0C161) KAX28_CENEL α–KTx 2.8 Toxin Ce1
(P0C162) KAX29_CENEL α–KTx 2.9 Toxin Ce2
(P0C163) KAX2A_CENEL α–KTx 2.10 Toxin Ce3
(P0C164) KAX2B_CENEL α–KTx 2.11 Toxin Ce4
(P0C165) KAX2C_CENEL α–KTx 2.12 Toxin Ce5
(P85529) KAX2D_CENSU α–KTx 2.13 Toxin Css20
(P0DL43) KAX2E_RHOGI α–KTx 2.14
(C0HJW1) KAX2F_CENTE α–KTx 2.15 Toxin II.10.5
(C0HJW6) KAX2G_CENTE α–KTx 2.16 Toxin II.12.5
(C0HJW5) KAX2H_CENTE α–KTx 2.17 Toxin II.12.8
(P0DL70) KAX2I_CENLI α–KTx 2.18 CllTx5
(C0HJT0) KAX2J_RHOJU α–KTx 2.19 Rj1m2, alpha-KTx 2.15
  all α–KTx 3
(P24662) KAX31_ANDMA α–KTx 3.1 Kaliotoxin–1, KTX–1
(P46111) KAX32_LEIQH α–KTx 3.2 Agitoxin–2, AGTX–2, AgTx2
(P46112) KAX33_LEIQH α–KTx 3.3 Agitoxin–3, AGTX–3, AgTx3
(P46110) KAX34_LEIQH α–KTx 3.4 Agitoxin–1, AGTX–1, AgTx1, Leiurotoxin–2, Leiurotoxin II, LeTx II
(P45696) KAX35_ANDAU α–KTx 3.5 Kaliotoxin–2, KTX–2
(Q9NII7) KAX36_MESMA α–KTx 3.6 Kaliotoxin, BmKTX
(P55896) KAX37_ORTSC α–KTx 3.7 Toxin OsK1, OsK–1
(P59886) KAX38_HOTTS α–KTx 3.8 Charybdotoxin–like peptide Bs 6, Bs6
(P59290) KAX39_BUTOC α–KTx 3.9 Kaliotoxin–3, KTX–3
(P0C908) KAX3A_BUTOS α–KTx 3.10 BoiTx1
(P0C909) KAX3B_ODODO α–KTx 3.11 OdK2
(P0C8R1) KAX3C_ANDAM α–KTx 3.12 Kaliotoxin analog, Aam–KTX
(P86396) KAX3D_MESEU α–KTx 3.13 MeuKTx–3
α–KTx 3.14 Synthetic peptide (see Takacs et al., 2009 )
(B3EWY0) KAX3F_MESGB α–KTx 3.15 MegKTx1
(K7XFK5) KAX3G_MESGB α–KTx 3.16 MegKTx4, Tx4
(P0DL44) KAX3H_BUTPA α–KTx 3.17 Toxin BoPKTX
(C0HJQ4) KAX3I_MESEU α–KTx 3.18 Toxin MeKTx13–2
(C0HJQ6) KAX3J_MESEU α–KTx 3.19 Toxin MeKTx13–3
  all α–KTx 4
(P46114) KAX41_TITSE α–KTx 4.1 Tityustoxin K–α, TsTX–K–α, TSK4, Toxin II–9, Ts7
(P56219) KAX42_TITSE α–KTx 4.2 Neurotoxin Ts–κ, TsKapa, TsK
(P59925) KAX43_TITDI α–KTx 4.3 Toxin TdK1
(P60210) KAX44_TITOB α–KTx 4.4 Toxin Tc30
(Q5G8B6) KAX45_TITCO α–KTx 4.5
(P0CB56) KAX46_TITST α–KTx 4.6 Tst23
(P0DPT4) KAX47_TITST α–KTx 4.7
  all α–KTx 5
(P16341) KAX51_LEIQH α–KTx 5.1 Leiurotoxin–1, Leiurotoxin I, LeTx I, Scyllatoxin, ScyTx
(P31719) KAX52_ANDMA α–KTx 5.2 Leiurotoxin I–like toxin P05, AmP05
(Q9TVX3) KAX53_MESMA α–KTx 5.3 Neurotoxin BmP05, Potassium ion channel blocker P05
(P59869) KAX54_MESTA α–KTx 5.4 Tamapin
(P59870) KAX55_MESTA α–KTx 5.5 Tamapin–2
  all α–KTx 6
(Q10726) KAX61_PANIM α–KTx 6.1 Potassium channel–blocking toxin 1, Pi1, Pi–1, PiTX–K–γ
(P80719) KAX62_SCOMA α–KTx 6.2 Maurotoxin, MTX
(P59867) KAX63_HETSP α–KTx 6.3 Neurotoxin HsTX1
(P58498) KAX64_PANIM α–KTx 6.4 Potassium channel–blocking toxin 4, Pi4, Pi–4
(P58490) KAX65_PANIM α–KTx 6.5 Pi7, Pi–7, Toxin–7
(Q6XLL9) KAX66_OPICA α–KTx 6.6 OcKTx1
(Q6XLL8) KAX67_OPICA α–KTx 6.7 OcKTx2
(Q6XLL7) KAX68_OPICA α–KTx 6.8 OcKTx3
(Q6XLL6) KAX69_OPICA α–KTx 6.9 OcKTx4
(Q6XLL5) KAX6A_OPICA α–KTx 6.10 OcKTx5
(P0C194) KAX6B_OPIMA α–KTx 6.11 Male–specific potassium channel inhibitor IsTX
(P0C166) KAX6C_ANUPH α–KTx 6.12 Anuroctoxin
(P84094) KAX6D_HETSP α–KTx 6.13 Spinoxin
(P84864) KAX6E_HADGE α–KTx 6.14 HgeTx1
(P85528) KAX6F_HEMLE α–KTx 6.15 Hemitoxin
(C5J896) KAX6G_OPICY α–KTx 6.16
(P86116) KAX6H_OPICY α–KTx 6.17 Toxin OcyKTx2
  all α–KTx 7
(P55927) KAX71_PANIM α–KTx 7.1 Toxin PiTX–K–α, Pandinotoxin–α, Potassium channel–blocking toxin 2, Pi2, Pi–2
(P55928) KAX72_PANIM α–KTx 7.2 Toxin PiTX–K–β, Pandinotoxin–β, Potassium channel–blocking toxin 3, Pi3, Pi–3
  all α–KTx 8
(P56215) KAX81_ANDMA α–KTx 8.1 Neurotoxin P01, AmP01
(Q9U8D2) KAX82_MESMA α–KTx 8.2 Neurotoxin BmP01, Potassium ion channel blocker P01
(P80670) KAX83_LEIQH α–KTx 8.3 Toxin GaTx2, Gating modifier of anion channels 2, Leiuropeptide II, LpII, Leiuropeptide–2
(P80671) KAX84_LEIQH α–KTx 8.4 Leiuropeptide–3, Leiuropeptide III, LpIII
(P0CC12) KAX85_ODODO α–KTx 8.5 OdK1
(P86400) KAX86_MESEU α–KTx 8.6 Toxin MeuKTx–1
(C0HJQ5) KAX87_MESEU α–KTx 8.7 Toxin MeKTx1–2
(A0A1L2FZD4) KAX88_ORTSC α–KTx 8.8 OSK3
  all α–KTx 9
(Q9NJP7) KAX91_MESMA α–KTx 9.1 Neurotoxin BmP02, K+ channel blocker P02, Toxin Kk6, BmKK6
(Q9U8D1) KAX92_MESMA α–KTx 9.2 Neurotoxin BmP03, Potassium ion channel blocker P03
(P80669) KAX93_LEIQH α–KTx 9.3 Leiuropeptide–1, Leiuropeptide I, LpI
(P60209) KAX94_MESTA α–KTx 9.4 Toxin BTK–2, Bt BTK–2
(P84744) KAX95_BUTOC α–KTx 9.5 Neurotoxin Kbot1
(P83405) KAX96_HOTJU α–KTx 9.6 Neurotoxin Tx–1, BjTx–1
(P83406) KAX97_HOTJU α–KTx 9.7 Neurotoxin Tx–2, BjTx–2
(B8XH46) KAX98_BUTOS α–KTx 9.8 Toxin Tx784
(B8XH33) KAX99_BUTOS α–KTx 9.9 Toxin Tx549
(P86398) KAX9A_MESEU α–KTx 9.10 Toxin MeuKTx–5
(B3EWX9) KAX9B_MESGB α–KTx 9.11 Toxin MegKTx2
  all α–KTx 10
(O46028) KA101_CENNO α–KTx 10.1 Cobatoxin–1, CoTx1, gtIX
(P58504) KA102_CENNO α–KTx 10.2 Cobatoxin–2, CoTx2
(C0HJW2) KA104_CENTE α–KTx 10.4
  all α–KTx 11
(P60164) KA111_PARVI α–KTx 11.1 Parabutoxin–1, PBTx1
(P60165) KA112_PARVI α–KTx 11.2 Parabutoxin–2, PBTx2
(Q6WGI9) KA113_PARGR α–KTx 11.3 Parabutoxin–10, PBTx10
  all α–KTx 12
(P59936) KA121_TITSE α–KTx 12.1 Butantoxin, BuTX, TsTX–IV, Ts6
(P0C168) KA122_TITTR α–KTx 12.2 Butantoxin, BuTX, TtBut
(P0C185) KA123_TITCO α–KTx 12.3 Butantoxin–like peptide, Tco30
(P0C8L1) KA124_TITST α–KTx 12.4 Butantoxin, BuTX, TstBut
(P0CH12) KA125_LYCMC α–KTx 12.5 Neurotoxin KTx10
(P0CI47) KA126_LYCMC α–KTx 12.6
(P0CI48) KA127_LYCMC α–KTx 12.7
  all α–KTx 13
(P83243) KA131_TITOB α–KTx 13.1 Toxin Tc1
(P83244) KA132_ORTSC α–KTx 13.2 Toxin OsK2, OsK–2
(P84630) KA133_TITPA α–KTx 13.3 Toxin Tpa1
(P0C8L2) KA134_TITST α–KTx 13.4 Toxin Tst–17
  all α–KTx 14
(Q967F9) KA141_MESMA α–KTx 14.1 Toxin Kk1, BmKK1
(Q95NK7) KA142_MESMA α–KTx 14.2 Toxin Kk2, BmKK2, BmTXKS3, Neurotoxin BmP07, KK1
(Q9BJX2) KA143_MESMA α–KTx 14.3 Toxin Kk3, BmKK3, Neurotoxin SKTx2
(Q9BKB4) KA144_MESMA α–KTx 14.4 Neurotoxin SKTx1, BmSKTx1
(A0A059U906) KA145_MESGB α–KTx 14.5 Toxin Mgib29
  all α–KTx 15
(P60233) KA151_ANDAU α–KTx 15.1 Peptide Aa1
(Q8I0L5) KA152_MESMA α–KTx 15.2 Toxin BmTX3, Neurotoxin TX3, BmTX3A
(P60208) KA153_ANDMA α–KTx 15.3 Toxin AmmTX3
(Q867F4) KA154_ANDAU α–KTx 15.4 Toxin AaTX1, Toxin Aa1
(Q86SD8) KA155_ANDAU α–KTx 15.5 Toxin AaTX2
(P84777) KA156_TITDI α–KTx 15.6 Discrepin
(Q5K0E0) KA157_ANDAM α–KTx 15.7 Neurotoxin AamTX
(Q86BX0) KA158_MESMA α–KTx 15.8 Neurotoxin Kk4, BmKKx1
(D9U2A8) KA159_LYCMC α–KTx 15.9 Neurotoxin KTx9
  all α–KTx 16
(P0C173) KA161_MESTA α–KTx 16.1 Tamulotoxin, TmTX
(Q9NBG9) KA162_MESMA α–KTx 16.2 Martentoxin, BmK 622, BmTx3B
(Q8MQL0) KA163_MESMA α–KTx 16.3 Charybdotoxin–like toxin 1, Kchtx1, KTX1
(D3JXM1) KA164_MESEU α–KTx 16.4 α–KTx MeuTx3B, MeuKTx–4
(P45660) KA165_LEIQH α–KTx 16.5 α–KTx 1.7, Lqh 15–1, Toxin 15–1
(B8XH42) KA166_BUTOS α–KTx 16.6 Toxin Tx608
(B3EWY1) KA167_MESGB α–KTx 16.7 α–KTx 16.5, MegKTx3
(P0DL45) KA168_BUTPA α–KTx 16.8 Toxin BoP1
(P0DL46) KA169_BUTPA α–KTx 16.9 Toxin BoP2
  all α–KTx 17
(Q95NJ8) KA171_MESMA α–KTx 17.1 Toxin Kk4, BmKK4, Toxin TXKs4
(P0CI46) KA172_LYCMC α–KTx 17.2
  all α–KTx 18
(P60211) KA181_TITOB α–KTx 18.1 Toxin Tc32
(P0C1X5) KA182_TITDI α–KTx 18.2 Toxin TdK2
(P0C1X6) KA183_TITDI α–KTx 18.3 Toxin TdK3
  all α–KTx 19
(P83407) KA191_MESMA α–KTx 19.1 Neurotoxin BmBKTx1, BmK37
  all α–KTx 20
(P0C183) KA201_TITTR α–KTx 20.1 Toxin Tt28
  all α–KTx 21
(P86270) KA211_TITSE α–KTx 21.1 Tityustoxin–15, TS15
  all α–KTx 22
(Q8MUB1) KA221_MESMA α–KTx 22.1 Toxin Kcugx, Neurotoxin BmK38
  all α–KTx 23
(P0DJ31) KA231_VAEMS α–KTx 23.1 Toxin Vm24, Toxin α–KTx 21.1
(P0DJ32) KA232_VAEMS α–KTx 23.2 Toxin Vm23, Toxin α–KTx 21.2
(P0DP36) KA233_SCOTI α–KTx 23.3 Toxin St20
  all α–KTx 24
(C0HKB2) KA241_PANIM α–KTx 24.1 Potassium channel-blocking toxin 5, Pi5
  all α–KTx 26
(A7KJJ7) KA261_MESMA α–KTx 26.1 Neurotoxin BmK86
(D9U2B2) KA262_LYCMC α–KTx 26.2
(A0A059UI21) KA263_MESGB α–KTx 26.3 Toxin Mgib2
  all α–KTx 27
(B8XH44) KA271_BUTOS α–KTx 27.1 Toxin BoiTx771, Toxin Tx771
(P0CI83) KA272_LYCMC α–KTx 27.2 Putative neurotoxin–B
(P0CI84) KA273_LYCMC α–KTx 27.3 Putative neurotoxin–C
(A0A059UEE4) KA274_MESGI α–KTx 27.4 Toxin Mgib23
  all α–KTx 28
(R4GUQ3) KA281_ISOMC α–KTx 28.1 Toxin ImKTx104
  all α–KTx 29
(D9U2A6) KA291_LYCMC α–KTx 29.1 Neurotoxin–F, Toxin LmKTx2
(R4GUQ1) KA292_LYCMC α–KTx 29.2 Neurotoxin KTx3, Toxin LmKTx71
(P0CI86) KA293_LYCMC α–KTx 29.3 Neurotoxin–E, Neurotoxin LmKTx95
  all α–KTx 30
(P0DL33) KA301_SCOR α–KTx 30.1 Toxin StKTx23
(P0DL34) KA302_SCOJE α–KTx 30.2 Toxin SjKTx32
(P0DL35) KA303_SCOJE α–KTx 30.3 Toxin SjKTx51
  all α–KTx 31
(P0DL62) KA311_BUTOC α–KTx 31.1 Toxin Kbot55
  all β–KTx
  all class 1 subfamily proteins
(P69939) KBX1_ANDAU AaTXK–β, AaTXKβ, β–KTx 2
(B8XH40) KBX1_BUTOS BuTXK–β, BuTXKβ, Tx690
(Q9N661) KBX1_MESMA BmTXK–β–2, BmTX K–β2, BmTXKβ2, BmTX K β2', β–KTx 4
(Q5G8A6) KBX1_TITCO Tco–β–KTx, TcoβKTx, Tco 41.46–2, Tco 42.14
(Q0GY44) KBX1_TITDI Tdi–β–KTx, TdiβKTx
(P69940) KBX1_TITSE TsTXK–β, Tityustoxin K–β, TsTX–K β, TsTX K β, TsTXKβ, TSK2, β–KTx 1
(P0C2F3) KBX1_TITST Tst–β–KTx, TstβKTx
(Q0GY46) KBX1_TITTR Ttr–β–KTx, TtrβKTx
(P0CI49) KBX11_LYCMC Neurotoxin β–KTx 31.1
(A9XE60) KBX11_MESEU MeuTXK–β–1, MeuTXKβ1
(A9XE59) KBX12_MESEU MeuTXK–β–2, MeuTXKβ2
(D9U2A7) KBX17_LYCMC Neurotoxin β–KTx 7
(A0A059UI30) KBX1_MESGB Meg–beta–KTx1, MegbetaKTx1, Beta potassium channel toxin 1
  all class 2 subfamily proteins
(Q0GY41) KBX2_HADGE Hge–β–KTx, HgeβKTx
(P0CH57) NDB51_MESEU MeuTXKβ3, BeL–5, BeL–69, Meucin–24, MeuTXKβ3
(Q9NJC6) KBX2_MESMA BmTXK–β, BmTX K–β, BmTXKβ, BmKLK, β–KTx 3
(P0C8W4) KBX2_TITST TstKMK, Toxin 5536
(P86822) KBX2_TITSE β–Ktx 2, Ts19
(P0CJ45) KBX21_LYCMC Neurotoxin β–KTx 52.1
(D9U2B1) KBX22_LYCMC Neurotoxin β–KTx 12
(P0CI42) KBX23_LYCMC Neurotoxin β–KTx 14.3
(C6ZH27) KBX27_LYCMC Neurotoxin β–KTx 17
(C7G3K3) KBX2_LIOAU Beta–KTx–like peptide LaIT2
  all class 3 subfamily proteins
(Q0GY40) KBX3_HADGE Hge–scorpine, Hg–scorpine–like 1, Hgscplike1, HgeScplp1, Hge36
(P0C2F4) KBX3_HETLA Heteroscorpine–1, HS–1
(C5J891) KBX3_OPICY Scorpine–like, OcyC7
(P56972) KBX3_PANIM Scorpine, Scorpin, Panscorpine
(P86121) KBX3L_OPICY Scorpine–like
(Q5WR03) KBX31_OPICA Opiscorpine–1
(P0C8W5) KBX32_HADGE Hg–scorpine–like 2, Hgscplike2, HgeScplp2
(Q5WR01) KBX32_OPICA Opiscorpine–2
(Q5WQZ7) KBX33_OPICA Opiscorpine–3
(Q5WQZ9) KBX34_OPICA Opiscorpine–4
(L0G8Z0) KBX31_UROYA Antimicrobial peptide scorpine–like–1, SCl1
(L0GCW2) KBX32_UROYA Antimicrobial peptide scorpine–like–2, SCl2
(P0DL47) KBX3_EUSVA Scorpine–like peptide Ev37
  all γ–KTx
  all γ–KTx 1
(Q86QT3) KGX11_CENNO γ–KTx 1.1 Ergtoxin, ErgTx, Ergtoxin–like protein 1, ErgTx1, CnErg1, CnErgTx1
(Q86QV6) KGX12_CENEL γ–KTx 1.2 Ergtoxin–like protein 1, ErgTx1, CeErg1, CeErgTx1
(Q86QV3) KGX13_CENGR γ–KTx 1.3 Ergtoxin–like protein 1, ErgTx1, CgErg1, CgErgTx1
(Q86QU6) KGX14_CENSC γ–KTx 1.4 Ergtoxin–like protein 1, ErgTx1, CsErg1, CsErgTx1
(Q86QV0) KGX15_CENLI γ–KTx 1.5 Ergtoxin–like protein 1, ErgTx1, CllErg1, CllErgTx1
(Q86QU1) KGX16_CENEX γ–KTx 1.6 Ergtoxin–like protein 1, ErgTx1, CexErg1, CexErgTx1
(P0C892) KGX17_CENEL γ–KTx 1.7 CeErg4
(P0C893) KGX18_CENEL γ–KTx 1.8 CeErg5
(C0HJW3) KGX19_CENTE γ–KTx 1.9
  all γ–KTx 2
(Q9BKB7) KGX21_MESEU γ–KTx 2.1 Neurotoxin BeKm–1
(P59938) KGX22_MESMA γ–KTx 2.2 Neurotoxin Kk7, BmKK7, BmKKx2
  all γ–KTx 3
(P59939) KGX31_CENNO γ–KTx 3.1 Ergtoxin–like protein 2, ErgTx2, CnErg2, CnErgTx2
(Q86QV5) KGX32_CENEL γ–KTx 3.2 Ergtoxin–like protein 2, ErgTx2, CeErg2, CeErgTx2
(Q86QU5) KGX33_CENSC γ–KTx 3.3 Ergtoxin–like protein 2, ErgTx2, CsErg2, CsErgTx2
(Q86QV2) KGX34_CENGR γ–KTx 3.4 Ergtoxin–like protein 2, ErgTx2, CgErg2, CgErgTx2
  all γ–KTx 4
(Q86QU9) KGX41_CENLI γ–KTx 4.1 Ergtoxin–like protein 2, ErgTx2, CllErg2, CllErgTx2
(Q86QV7) KGX42_CENNO γ–KTx 4.2 Ergtoxin–like protein 5, ErgTx5, CnErg5, CnErgTx5
(Q86QU0) KGX43_CENEX γ–KTx 4.3 Ergtoxin–like protein 2, ErgTx2, CexErg2, CexErgTx2
(Q86QT9) KGX44_CENEX γ–KTx 4.4 Ergtoxin–like protein 3, ErgTx3, CexErg3, CexErgTx3
(Q86QT8) KGX45_CENEX γ–KTx 4.5 Ergtoxin–like protein 4, ErgTx4, CexErg4, CexErgTx4
(Q86QU8) KGX46_CENLI γ–KTx 4.6 Ergtoxin–like protein 3, ErgTx3, CllErg3, CllErgTx3
(Q86QU7) KGX47_CENLI γ–KTx 4.7 Ergtoxin–like protein 4, ErgTx4, CllErg4, CllErgTx4
(Q86QV4) KGX48_CENEL γ–KTx 4.8 Ergtoxin–like protein 3, ErgTx3, CeErg3, CeErgTx3
(Q86QU4) KGX49_CENSC γ–KTx 4.9 Ergtoxin–like protein 3, ErgTx3, CsErg3, CsErgTx3
(Q86QU3) KGX4A_CENSC γ–KTx 4.10 Ergtoxin–like protein 4, ErgTx4, CsErg4, CsErgTx4
(Q86QV8) KGX4B_CENNO γ–KTx 4.11 Ergtoxin–like protein 4, ErgTx4, CnErg4, CnErgTx4
(P59940) KGX4C_CENSC γ–KTx 4.12 Neurotoxin CsEKerg1
(Q86QV9) KGX4D_CENNO γ–KTx 4.13 Ergtoxin–like protein 3, ErgTx3, CnErg3, CnErgTx3
  all γ–KTx 5
(Q86QU2) KGX51_CENSC γ–KTx 5.1 Ergtoxin–like protein 5, ErgTx5, CsErg5, CsErgTx5
(Q86QV1) KGX52_CENGR γ–KTx 5.2 Ergtoxin–like protein 3, ErgTx3, CgErg3, CgErgTx3
  all δ–KTx
  all δ–KTx 1
(P0C8W3) VKT11_HADGE δ–KTx 1.1 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor Hg1
(P0DJ47) VKT12_MESMA δ–KTx 1.2 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor BmKTT–3
  all δ–KTx 2
(P0DJ46) VKT21_LYCMC δ–KTx 2.1 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor LmKTT–1a, SdPII
(P0DJ45) VKT22_LYCMC δ–KTx 2.2 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor LmKTT–1b, SdPI
(P0DJ48) VKT23_LYCMC δ–KTx 2.3 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor LmKTT–1c
(P0DJ49) VKT24_MESMA δ–KTx 2.4 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor BmKTT–1
  all δ–KTx 3
(P0DJ50) VKT31_MESMA δ–KTx 3.1 Kunitz–type serine protease inhibitor BmKTT–2
  all ε–KTx
(P0C174) KEX11_TITSE ε–KTx 1.1 TsPep1, Ts11
(P0C175) KEX12_TITSE ε–KTx 1.2 TsPep2, Ts12
  all κ–KTx
  all κ–KTx 1
(P82850) KKX11_HETFU κ–KTx 1.1 κ–hefutoxin–1, κ–HfTx1
(P82850) κ–KTx 1.2 κ–hefutoxin–2, κ–HfTx2
(P83655) KKX13_HETSP κ–KTx 1.3
(P0DJ33) KKX14_HETPE κ–KTx 1.4 HSP009C
  all κ–KTx 2
(P0C1Z3) KKX21_OPIMA κ–KTx 2.1 Toxin OmTx1
(P0C1Z3) KKX21_OPIMA κ–KTx 2.2 Toxin OmTx2
(P0C1Z4) KKX23_OPIMA κ–KTx 2.3 Toxin OmTx3
(P0C1Z3) KKX21_OPIMA κ–KTx 2.4 Toxin OmTx4
(P86110) KKX25_OPICY κ–KTx 2.5 OcyC8, OcyKTx6
(C5J893) KKX26_OPICY κ–KTx 2.6 OcyC9
(P0DJ34) KKX27_HETPE κ–KTx 2.7 HSP053C.1, Toxin HeTx203, Toxin κ–KTx 2.6
(P0DJ35) KKX28_HETPE κ–KTx 2.8 HSP053C.2, Toxin HeTx204, Toxin κ–KTx 2.7
  all κ–KTx 3
(P0DJ36) KKX31_HETPE κ–KTx 3.1 HSP040C.1
(P0DJ37) KKX32_HETPE κ–KTx 3.2 HSP040C.3
(P0DJ38) KKX33_HETPE κ–KTx 3.3 HSP040C.4
(P0DJ39) KKX34_HETPE κ–KTx 3.4 HSP040C.5
  all κ–KTx 4
(P0DJ40) KKX41_HETPE κ–KTx 4.1 HSP040C.2
  all κ–KTx 5
(P0DJ41) KKX51_HETLA κ–KTx 5.1 HelaTx1
(All peptides)