Bitis arietans (puff adder) (taxid:8692)

Venom composition image
Composition of B.arietans venom, studied at the proteomic level (Juarez et al., 2006). This venom contains the following families: disintegrin, kunitz-type inhibitor (venom Kunitz-type), PLA2 (phospholipase A2) , cystatin, serine proteinase (peptidase S1), C-type lectin-like (snaclec), venom metalloproteinase.
Clinical Effects, Treatment, Antivenoms See the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.
Lethal dose LD(50) is 285 μg/kg by intravenous injection, and
LD(50) is 870 μg/kg by intraperitoneal injection (Oukkache et al., 2014).

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Bitis arietans (African puff adder)

CYT_BITAR Cystatin Cystatin family
HYAL1_BITAR Hyaluronidase-1 (Hy-1) (EC ... Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family
HYAL2_BITAR Hyaluronidase-2 (Hy-2) (EC ... Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family
LECG_BITAR C-type lectin PAL (CTL) (BaL) (Galactose-specific lectin) True venom lectin family
LECM2_BITAR C-type lectin 2 (CTL-2) True venom lectin family
PA2B_BITAR Phospholipase A2 bitanarin (svPLA2) (EC (Bitis arietans ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
SL1_BITAR Snaclec 1 (C-type lectin 1) Snaclec family
SL2_BITAR Snaclec bitiscetin-2 Snaclec family
SL5_BITAR Snaclec 5 (C-type lectin 5) (CTL-5) Snaclec family
SL6_BITAR Snaclec 6 (C-type lectin 6) (CTL-6) Snaclec family
SL8_BITAR Snaclec 8 (C-type lectin 8) (CTL-8) Snaclec family
SLA_BITAR Snaclec bitiscetin subunit alpha Snaclec family
SLB_BITAR Snaclec bitiscetin subunit beta Snaclec family
TXVE_BITAR Snake venom vascular endothelial growth factor toxin barietin ... PDGF/VEGF growth factor family, ...
VM25A_BITAR Zinc metalloproteinase-disintegrin BA-5A (EC 3.4.24.-) (Snake ... Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) ...
VM2D2_BITAR Disintegrin isoform D-2 Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) ...
VM2D3_BITAR Disintegrin isoform D-3 Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) ...
VM2_BITAR Disintegrin bitistatin (Arietin) (Bitan-alpha) (Bitistatin D1) ... Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) ...
VSP_BITAR Snake venom serine proteinase (SVSP) (Kallidin-releasing enzyme) ... Peptidase S1 family, Snake venom ...