TCTP family

General The TCTP protein (translationally controlled tumor protein) is a highly conserved eukaryotic protein. It is involved in a variety of cellular activities, including microtubule stabilization, calcium-binding, and apoptosis (Bommer and Thiele, 2004). TCTP has been found to be preferentially synthesized in cells during the early growth phase of some types of tumor (Chitpatima et al., 1988, Boehm et al., 1989), but is also expressed in normal cells. In essence, TCTP functions as a molecule that prevents cell death.

In venom, only a few members of this family have been found in spider and snake species. One of them has been described to cause edema, to enhance vascular permeability and to be likely related to the venom's inflammatory activity (Sade et al., 2012).