Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (broad-banded copperhead)

Venom composition image
Figure 1: Composition of contortrix laticinctus venom, studied at proteomic level (Lomonte, et al., 2014). This venom contains the following families: SVMP (venom metalloproteinase), serine protease (peptidase S1), peptides (include tripeptide SVMP inhibitors and bradykinin-potentiating and bradykinin-inhibitory peptides), LAAO (L-amino-acid oxidase (flavin monoamine oxidase) ), disintegrin, snaclec) (also known as C-type lectin-like), NGF (-beta) , PA2 (phospholipase A2).
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Lethal dose LD(50) of A.contortrix is
9.17 mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection and
10.17 mg/kg by intravenous injection (Arce et al., 2003).

Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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Flavin monoamine oxidase family, FIG1 subfamily

"Flavin monoamine oxidase family" VenomZone page
OXLA_AGKCL L-amino-acid oxidase (ACL-LAO) (LAAO) (EC ... Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded ...

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group II subfamily, K49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2H1_AGKCL Basic phospholipase A2 homolog MT1 (svPLA2 ... Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded ...

2 entries

Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) family, P-I subfamily

Select_allDeselect_all "Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) family" VenomZone page
VM1AH_AGKCL Snake venom metalloproteinase ACLH (SVMP) (EC ... Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded ...
VM1A_AGKCL Snake venom metalloproteinase ACLF (SVMP) (EC ... Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded ...

1 entry

Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) family, P-III subfamily, P-IIIa sub-subfamily

"Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) family" VenomZone page
VM3AD_AGKCL Zinc metalloproteinase-disintegrin-like ACLD (EC ... Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded ...