Conus consors (Singed cone) (taxid:101297)

Species information Diet: piscivorus
Region: Indo-Pacific
Clinical Effects, Treatment, Antivenoms See the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.

Conus consors (Image from Wikimedia / licensed under Creative Commons)

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Conus consors (Singed cone)

ACTP_CONCN Conoporin-Cn1 Actinoporin family, Conoidea ...
CA1A_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIA [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin CnIB; ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIC [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin CnIF; ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1D_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnID ([Hyp4]-CnID) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1E_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIJ [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin CnIE] Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1G_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIG Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1L_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIL Conotoxin A superfamily
CEX_CONCN Conotoxin CcTx (Excitotoxin CcTx) Not in a family
CM3A_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIB Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3D_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIID Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3E_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIE Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3F_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIF Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3G_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIG Conotoxin M superfamily
CT5A_CONCN Tau-conotoxin CnVA (Tau-CnVA) Conotoxin T superfamily
CXL_CONCN Linear conopeptide [Cleaved into: Linear conopeptide-Cn1; Linear ... Not in a family
GM3C_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC Conotoxin M superfamily
HYAL_CONCN Hyaluronidase conohyal-Cn1 (Hya) (EC ... Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family
M7E_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIE [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M7F_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIF [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M7G_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIG [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M7J_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIJ Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIA (Delta-CnVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIB (Delta-CnVIB) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIC (Delta-CnVIC) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVID (Delta-CnVID) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17H_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIH [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily