Vipera anatolica (taxid:1296988)

Venom composition image
Figure 1: Composition of the Turkish Vipera anatolica, studied at the proteomic level (Gocmen et al., 2015); quantified by the snake venomics approach (C18-RP-HPLC 214nm + 1D SDS PAGE densiometry)

The venom contains the following families:
svMP (metalloproteinase), Cysteine-rich secretory proteins (CRISP), PLA2 (phospholipase A2), DI (disintegrin), svSP (serine protease), CTL/Snaclec (C-type lectin related protein), KUN (Kunitz-type inhibitor), svMP-i (tripeptic svMP inhibitors of pHpG), as well as further peptides and not annotated proteins.

The venom composition of Vipera anatolica anatolica (subspecies) is presented on this page dedicated to Vipera anatolica (species). For technical reasons, it is unfortunately impossible to do otherwise for the moment.
Further venom compositions of subspecies are available, see taxonomic sidebar.