Vipera orlovi (taxid:1296989)

Venom composition image
Figure 1: Composition of the Russian Vipera orlovi, studied at the proteomic level (Kovalchuk et al., 2016); quantified by the whole venom in-solution shotgun approach (MaxLFQ)

The venom contains the following families:
PLA2 (phospholipase A2), svSP (serine protease), svMP (metalloproteinase), Cysteine-rich secretory proteins (CRISP), CTL/Snaclec (C-type lectin related protein), LAAO (L-amino acid oxidase), VEGF, PDE (phosphodiesterase), DI (disintegrin) and KUN (Kunitz-type inhibitor).
Additionally, as "other" labeled families: NGF, 5NUC (5'-nucleotidase), HYAL (hyaluronidase), PLB (phospholipase B), glutaminyl cylcase and amino peptidase; as well as NP (natriuretic peptide).