Vipera ammodytes meridionalis (Eastern sand viper) (taxid:73841)

Venom composition There is no proteomic quantification available. However, one proteomic study on the venom of the Bulgarian Vipera ammodytes meridionalis (Georgieva et al., 2008) determined that this venom contains the following families:
metalloproteinase, phospholipase A2, serine protease, disintegrin, L-amino acid oxidase, Cysteine-rich secretory proteins (CRISP), VEGF and NGF.

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Vipera ammodytes meridionalis (Eastern sand viper)

PA2B_VIPAE Basic phospholipase A2 vipoxin B chain (svPLA2) (EC ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
PA2HA_VIPAE Acidic phospholipase A2 homolog vipoxin A chain (svPLA2 homolog) ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...