Naja philippinensis (Philippine cobra)

Venom composition image
Figure 1: Composition of Naja philippinensis, venom, studied at proteomic level (Tan C.H., et al., 2019).

This venom contains the following families: 3FTXs (three-finger toxin), PA2 (phospholipase A2), SVMP (venom metalloproteinase), CVF (cobra venom factor), CRISP, GPX (glutathione peroxidase), 5'-NUC (5'-nucleotidase), PDE (phosphodiesterase), LAAO (flavin monoamine oxidase (L-amino acid oxidase)), SVSP (snake venom serine protease), NGF, VES (ohanin/vespryn). In this study, this three-finger toxin family is composed of 44.55% of short-chain neurotoxin, 21.31% of cytotoxin, 0.77% of muscarinic toxin-like protein, and 0.01% of weak toxin.

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Naja philippinensis (Philippine cobra)

3S11_NAJPH Short neurotoxin 1 (NTX I) Snake three-finger toxin family, ...