Insecta (true insects) (taxid:50557)

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Envenomation The venom of Hymenoptera insects is a complex mixture of biogenic amines (histamine, dopamine, etc.), enzymes (phospholipases, hyaluronidases, etc.) and peptides. Some of these peptides induce mast cell degranulation and several antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) have been found in venom from ants, and wasps, but have also been isolated from the hemolymph and the royal jelly of social bees (Stocklin et al., 2010).

Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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AB hydrolase superfamily, Lipase family

PA11_DOLMA Phospholipase A1 1 (PLA1) (EC ... Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced hornet) ...
PA11_POLDO Phospholipase A1 1 (PLA1 1) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA11_VESAF Phospholipase A1 1 (PLA1) (EC ... Vespa affinis (Lesser banded hornet)
PA11_VESVE Phospholipase A1 verutoxin-1 (PLA1) (VT-1) (EC ... Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA12A_VESVE Phospholipase A1 verutoxin-2a (PLA1) (VT-2a) (EC ... Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA12B_VESVE Phospholipase A1 verutoxin-2b (PLA1) (VT-2b) (EC ... Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA12_DOLMA Phospholipase A1 2 (PLA1 2) (EC ... Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced hornet) ...
PA12_POLDO Phospholipase A1 2 (PLA1 2) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA12_VESAF Phospholipase A1 2 (PLA1) (EC ... Vespa affinis (Lesser banded hornet)
PA13_POLDO Phospholipase A1 3 (PLA1 3) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA14_POLDO Phospholipase A1 4 (PLA1 4) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA1_DINQU Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Venom ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
PA1_POLAN Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Polistes annularis (Paper wasp)
PA1_POLGA Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Polistes gallicus (Paper wasp)
PA1_POLPI Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
PA1_SOLIN Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Allergen ... Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant) ...
PA1_VESBA Phospholipase A1 (vPLA1) (EC Vespa basalis (Hornet)
PA1_VESCR Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Vespa crabro (European hornet)
PA1_VESGE Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Vespula germanica (German yellow jacket) ...
PA1_VESMC Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Allergen ... Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
PA1_VESMG Probable phospholipase A1 magnifin (PLA1) (EC ... Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
PA1_VESSQ Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Vespula squamosa (Southern yellow jacket) (Wasp)
PA1_VESVE Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Vesp v 1) Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA1_VESVU Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Allergen ... Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
VEST1_VESTR Phospholipase A1 VesT1.02 (EC Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...

2 entries

Ant myrmeciitoxin-01 family

TX14A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg4a (MIITX(01)-Mg4a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX14B_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg4b (MIITX(01)-Mg4b) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)

5 entries

Ant venom allergen 2/4 family

VA2_SOLIN Venom allergen 2 (Allergen Sol i II) (Venom ... Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant) ...
VA2_SOLRI Venom allergen 2 (Allergen Sol r II) (Venom ... Solenopsis richteri (Black imported fire ant)
VA2_SOLSV Venom allergen 2 (allergen Sol s 2) Solenopsis saevissima (Fire ant) (Myrmecia ...
VA4_SOLGE Venom allergen 4 (Venom allergen IV) (allergen ... Solenopsis geminata (Tropical fire ant)
VA4_SOLIN Venom allergen 4 (Allergen Sol i IV) (Venom ... Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant) ...

5 entries

Asilidin-1 family

AS1C_DOLGE U-Asilidin(1)-Dg12 Dolopus genitalis (Giant Australian assassin ...
ASI1A_EUTRU U-Asilidin(1)-Eru1a Eutolmus rufibarbis (Golden-tabbed robberfly) ...
ASI1A_MACAT U-Asilidin(1)-Mar1a Machimus arthriticus (Breck robberfly) (Asilus ...
ASI2A_MACAT U-Asilidin(1)-Mar2a Machimus arthriticus (Breck robberfly) (Asilus ...
ASI3A_MACAT U-Asilidin(1)-Mar3a Machimus arthriticus (Breck robberfly) (Asilus ...

2 entries

Asilidin-12 family

ASC3A_DOLGE U-Asilidin(12)-Dg3a Dolopus genitalis (Giant Australian assassin ...
ASC3B_DOLGE U-Asilidin(12)-Dg3b Dolopus genitalis (Giant Australian assassin ...

15 entries

Bradykinin-related peptide family

ANNU_CAMAN Annulatin (Linear alpha-helical peptide) Campsomeriella annulata (Wasp) (Campsomeris ...
BRK1_PROEX Protopolybiakinin-1 (Bradykinin-related peptide) ... Protopolybia exigua (Neotropical social wasp)
BRK2_PROEX Protopolybiakinin-2 (Bradykinin-related peptide) ... Protopolybia exigua (Neotropical social wasp)
BRK6_CYPDO Bradykinin-related peptide Cd-146 Cyphononyx dorsalis (Spider wasp) (Cyphononyx ...
BRKC_CYPDO Cyphokinin (Bradykinin-related peptide) [Cleaved ... Cyphononyx dorsalis (Spider wasp) (Cyphononyx ...
BRKF_CYPDO Fulvonin (Bradykinin-related peptide) Cyphononyx dorsalis (Spider wasp) (Cyphononyx ...
BRK_MEGFL Megascoliakinin (MBK) (Thr6-bradykinin-Lys-Ala) ... Megascolia flavifrons (Garden dagger wasp) ...
BRK_PARID Waspkinin (Bradykinin-related peptide) Parapolybia indica (Lesser paper wasp)
BRK_POLMJ Wasp kinin PMM1 (Bradykinin-related peptide) Polistes major (Neotropical social wasp)
BRK_POLOC Thr6-bradykinin (Bradykinin-related peptide) Polybia occidentalis (Paper wasp)
BRK_VESMA Vespakinin-M (Bradykinin-related peptide) Vespa mandarinia (Asian giant hornet)
BRK_VESMC Vespulakinin-1 [Cleaved into: Vespulakinin-2 ... Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
BRK_VESXA Vespakinin-X (Bradykinin-related peptide) Vespa xanthoptera (Japanese yellow hornet) ...
CAMP_CAMAN Beta-campsomerin (Bradykinin-related peptide) ... Campsomeriella annulata (Wasp) (Campsomeris ...
NBRKB_SCODV Beta-scoliidine [Cleaved into: Alpha-scoliidine] Scolia decorata ventralis (Solitary wasp)

4 entries

CRISP family

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VA3_DINQU Venom allergen 3 homolog (Cysteine-rich venom ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
VA3_SOLIN Venom allergen 3 (Allergen Sol i III) (Antigen ... Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant) ...
VA3_SOLRI Venom allergen 3 (Allergen Sol r III) ... Solenopsis richteri (Black imported fire ant)
VA5_VESVE Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (allergen Vesp v 5) Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)

26 entries

CRISP family, Venom allergen 5-like subfamily

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VA51_VESCR Venom allergen 5.01 (Allergen Vesp c V.01) ... Vespa crabro (European hornet)
VA52_DOLMA Venom allergen 5.01 (Allergen Dol m V-A) ... Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced hornet) ...
VA52_POLPI Venom allergen 5 2 (Antigen 5) (Cysteine-rich ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
VA52_VESCR Venom allergen 5.02 (Allergen Vesp c V.02) ... Vespa crabro (European hornet)
VA53_DOLMA Venom allergen 5.02 (Allergen Dol m V-B) ... Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced hornet) ...
VA5_BRACH Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Cysteine-rich ... Brachyponera chinensis (Asian needle ant) ...
VA5_DOLAR Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Dol a V) (Antigen 5) ... Dolichovespula arenaria (Yellow hornet) (Aerial ...
VA5_MICHY Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Cysteine-rich ... Microctonus hyperodae (Parasitoid wasp)
VA5_POLAN Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Pol a V) (Antigen 5) ... Polistes annularis (Paper wasp)
VA5_POLDO Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Ag5) ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
VA5_POLEX Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Pol e V) (Antigen 5) ... Polistes exclamans (Paper wasp)
VA5_POLFU Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Pol f V) (Antigen 5) ... Polistes fuscatus (Paper wasp)
VA5_POLGA Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Ag5) ... Polistes gallicus (Paper wasp)
VA5_POLPI Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Ag5) ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
VA5_POLSR Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Pol s V) (Antigen 5) ... Polybia scutellaris rioplatensis (Camoati)
VA5_RHYBR Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Cysteine-rich ... Rhynchium brunneum (Potter wasp)
VA5_VESFL Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves f V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula flavopilosa (Downy yellowjacket)
VA5_VESGE Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves g V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula germanica (German yellow jacket) ...
VA5_VESMA Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Ag5) ... Vespa mandarinia (Asian giant hornet)
VA5_VESMC Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves m V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
VA5_VESMG Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Ag5) ... Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
VA5_VESPE Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves p V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula pensylvanica (Western yellow jacket) ...
VA5_VESSQ Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves s V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula squamosa (Southern yellow jacket) (Wasp)
VA5_VESVI Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves vi V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula vidua (Ground hornet)
VA5_VESVU Venom allergen 5 (Allergen Ves v V) (Antigen 5) ... Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
VAL5_VESMC Venom allergen 5 (Antigen 5) (Cysteine-rich ... Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...

2 entries

Cystatin family

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CYS15_PLARH Cystatin Pr15a (Venom cystatin domain peptide ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
CYS17_PLARH Cystatin Pr17a (Venom cystatin domain peptide ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)

1 entry

Damage-control phosphatase family, Sugar phosphate phosphatase III subfamily

ARMT1_PIMHY Damage-control phosphatase ARMT1 (EC 3.1.3.-) ... Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)

1 entry

Diuretic hormone class 2 family

U866_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(8)-Dv66 (U-LCTX(8)-Dv66) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

3 entries

Ectatomin family, Ectatomin-Eq subfamily

TX1AA_ECTBR U1-ectatotoxin-Eb1a subunit A (U1-ECTX-Eb1a ... Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)
TX1AB_ECTBR U1-ectatotoxin-Eb1a subunit B (U1-ECTX-Eb1a ... Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)
TX1B_ECTBR U1-ectatotoxin-Eb1b (U1-ECTX-Eb1b) ... Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)

4 entries

Ectatomin family, Ectatomin-Et subfamily

TX1AA_ECTTU Omega/M-ectatotoxin-Et1a subunit A ... Ectatomma tuberculatum (Selva ant)
TX1AB_ECTTU Omega/M-ectatotoxin-Et1a subunit B ... Ectatomma tuberculatum (Selva ant)
TX1BA_ECTTU U1-ectatotoxin-Et1b subunit A (U1-ECTX-Et1b ... Ectatomma tuberculatum (Selva ant)
TX1BB_ECTTU U1-ectatotoxin-Et1b subunit B (U1-ECTX-Et1b ... Ectatomma tuberculatum (Selva ant)

8 entries

EGF domain peptide family

TX18A_MANRB U18-myrmicitoxin-Mri1a (U18-MYRTX-Mri1a) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX21A_MYRCH OMEGA-myrmeciitoxin(02)-Mc1a (MIITX2-Mc1a) ... Myrmecia chrysogaster (Golden-tailed bull ant) ...
TX21A_MYRGU OMEGA-myrmeciitoxin(02)-Mg1a (MIITX2-Mg1a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX21A_RHYMT OMEGA-ectatommitoxin(02)-Rm1a (ECTX2-Rm1a) ... Rhytidoponera metallica (Australian green-headed ...
TX21B_RHYMT OMEGA-ectatommitoxin(02)-Rm1b (ECTX2-Rm1b) ... Rhytidoponera metallica (Australian green-headed ...
TX21C_RHYMT OMEGA-ectatommitoxin(02)-Rm1c (ECTX2-Rm1c) ... Rhytidoponera metallica (Australian green-headed ...
TX21D_RHYMT OMEGA-ectatommitoxin(02)-Rm1d (ECTX2-Rm1d) ... Rhytidoponera metallica (Australian green-headed ...
TX21E_RHYMT OMEGA-ectatommitoxin(02)-Rm1e (ECTX2-Rm1e) ... Rhytidoponera metallica (Australian green-headed ...

2 entries

FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) family

FLP12_SPHAA FMRFamide-like peptide Sa12b (Sa-12) (Sa12b) ... Sphex argentatus argentatus (Black digger wasp)
FLP5_ISOHA FMRFamide-like peptide Sh5a (FMRFamide-like ... Isodontia harmandi (Grass-carrying wasp)

32 entries

Formicidae venom precursor-01 superfamily

B11A_TETBN M-myrmicitoxin(01)-Tb1a (M-MYRTX(01)-Tb1a) (Ant ... Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
B12A_TETBN U-myrmicitoxin(01)-Tb2a (MYRTX(01)-Tb2) ... Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
B13A_TETBN U-myrmicitoxin(01)-Tb3a (MYRTX(01)-Tb3) ... Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
B14A_TETBN U-myrmicitoxin(01)-Tb4a (MYRTX(01)-Tb4) ... Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
B15A_TETBN U-myrmicitoxin(01)-Tb5a (MYRTX(01)-Tb5) ... Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
TX06A_MANRB U6-myrmicitoxin-Mri1a (U6-MYRTX-Mri1a) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX10A_MANRB U10-myrmicitoxin-Mri1a (U10-MYRTX-Mri1a) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX10B_MANRB U10-myrmicitoxin-Mri1b (U10-MYRTX-Mri1b) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX10C_MANRB U10-myrmicitoxin-Mri1c (U10-MYRTX-Mri1c) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX11A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg1a (MIITX(01)-Mg1a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX11A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om1a (U-PONTX(01)-Om1a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX11A_TETBN U11-myrmicitoxin-Tb1a (U11-MYRTX-Tb1a) Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
TX12A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg2a (MIITX(01)-Mg2a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX12A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om2a (U-PONTX(01)-Om2a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX13A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg3a (MIITX(01)-Mg3a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX13A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om3a (U-PONTX(01)-Om3a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX14A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om4a (U-PONTX(01)-Om4a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX15A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg5a (MIITX(01)-Mg5a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX15A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om5a (U-PONTX(01)-Om5a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX15B_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg5b (MIITX(01)-Mg5b) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX16A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg6a (MIITX(01)-Mg6a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX16A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om6a (PONTX(01)-Om6) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX17A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg7a (MIITX(01)-Mg7a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX17A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om4b (U-PONTX(01)-Om4b) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX17B_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg7b (MIITX(01)-Mg7b) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX17C_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg7c (MIITX(01)-Mg7c) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX18A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg8a (MIITX(01)-Mg8a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX18A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om5b (U-PONTX(01)-Om5b) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX18B_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg8b (MIITX(01)-Mg8b) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX19A_MYRGU U-myrmeciitoxin(01)-Mg9a (MIITX(01)-Mg9a) ... Myrmecia gulosa (Red bulldog ant)
TX19A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om7a (U-PONTX(01)-Om7a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX20A_MANRB U20-myrmicitoxin-Mri1a (U20-MYRTX-Mri1a) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)

6 entries

Formicidae venom precursor-01 superfamily, Ant pilosulin family

TX1AB_MYRPI M-myrmeciitoxin-Mp1 (M-MIITX-Mp1) (Allergen Myr ... Myrmecia pilosula (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX1A_MYRBA M-myrmeciitoxin-Mb1a (M-MIITX-Mb1a) ... Myrmecia banksi (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX2A_MYRBA M-myrmeciitoxin-Mb2a (M-MIITX-Mb2a) ... Myrmecia banksi (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX2A_MYRPI M-myrmeciitoxin-Mp2a (M-MIITX-Mp2a) (Allergen ... Myrmecia pilosula (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX2B_MYRPI M-myrmeciitoxin-Mp2b (M-MIITX-Mp2b) ... Myrmecia pilosula (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX3A_MYRBA M-myrmeciitoxin-Mb3a (M-MIITX-Mb3a) ... Myrmecia banksi (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...

1 entry

Glycosyl hydrolase 37 family

TREA_PIMHY Trehalase (EC (Alpha,alpha-trehalase) ... Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)

8 entries

Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family

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HUGAA_VESVU Hyaluronidase A (Hya A) (EC (Allergen ... Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
HUGAB_VESVE Hyaluronidase B (EC (Vesp v 2B) Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
HUGAB_VESVU Inactive hyaluronidase B (Hya B) ... Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
HUGA_APIME Hyaluronidase (Hya) (EC (Allergen Api ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
HUGA_DOLMA Hyaluronidase (Hya) (EC (Allergen Dol ... Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced hornet) ...
HUGA_POLPI Hyaluronidase (Hya) (EC ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
HUGA_VESMC Hyaluronidase (Hya) (EC ... Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
HUGA_VESVE Hyaluronidase A (EC (Vesp v 2A) Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)

1 entry

Histidine acid phosphatase family

ACPH1_APIME Venom acid phosphatase Acph-1 (EC ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)

2 entries

Insect vpf1 family

F1P1_PLARH Venom protein family 1 protein 1 (f1p1) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
F1P2_PLARH Venom protein family 1 protein 2 (f1p2) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)

6 entries

Lasioglossin-like family

HAL1_HALST Halictine-1 (HAL-1) (Halictin 1) (Halictine I) Halictus sexcinctus (Six-banded furrow bee) ...
HAL2_HALST Halictine-2 (HAL-2) (Halictin 2) (Halictine II) Halictus sexcinctus (Six-banded furrow bee) ...
LL1_LASLA Lasioglossin-1 (LL-I) Lasioglossum laticeps (Bee)
LL2_LASLA Lasioglossin-2 (LL-II) Lasioglossum laticeps (Bee)
LL3_LASLA Lasioglossin-3 (LL-III) Lasioglossum laticeps (Bee)
MAC1_MACFV Macropin (MAC-1) Macropis fulvipes (Solitary bee) (Megilla ...

3 entries

Limacoditoxin-1 (ACP-like) family

U15_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(1)-Dv5 (U-LCTX(1)-Dv5) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)
Z11_DORVU Z-limacoditoxin(1)-Dv1 (Z-LCTX(1)-Dv1) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)
Z14_DORVU Z-limacoditoxin(1)-Dv4 (Z-LCTX(1)-Dv4) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

1 entry

Limacoditoxin-12 family

UC72_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(12)-Dv72 (U-LCTX(12)-Dv72) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

2 entries

Limacoditoxin-13 family

UD73_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(13)-Dv73 (U-LCTX(13)-Dv73) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)
UE74_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(14)-Dv74 (U-LCTX(14)-Dv74) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

2 entries

Limacoditoxin-2 (cecropin-like) family

D211_DORVU DELTA-limacoditoxin(2)-Dv11 (DELTA-LCTX(2)-Dv11) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)
D212_DORVU DELTA-limacoditoxin(2)-Dv12 (DELTA-LCTX(2)-Dv12) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

1 entry

Limacoditoxin-22 family

U321_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(3)-Dv21 (U-LCTX(3)-Dv21) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

2 entries

Limacoditoxin-3 family

U332_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(3)-Dv32a (U-LCTX(3)-Dv32a) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)
U333_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(3)-Dv33 (U-LCTX(3)-Dv33) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

1 entry

Limacoditoxin-59 family

U5928_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(59)-Dv128 (U-LCTX(59)-Dv128) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

1 entry

Limacoditoxin-6 family

U661_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(6)-Dv61 (U-LCTX(6)-Dv61) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

1 entry

Limacoditoxin-7 family

U763_DORVU U-limacoditoxin(7)-Dv63 (U-LCTX(7)-Dv63) ... Doratifera vulnerans (Mottled cup moth)

3 entries

MCD family

PROT6_EUMPO Venom peptide 6 (EpVP6) (VP6) (Protonectin VP6) Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
VP3_ORADR Venom peptide 3 (OdVP3) (VP3) Orancistrocerus drewseni (Solitary wasp)
VP4_ORADR Venom peptide 4 (OdVP4) (VP4) Orancistrocerus drewseni (Solitary wasp)

8 entries

MCD family, Bombolitin subfamily

BOL1_BOMPE Bombolitin-1 (Bombolitin I) Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL2_BOMPE Bombolitin-2 (Bombolitin II) Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL3_BOMPE Bombolitin-3 (Bombolitin III) Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL4_BOMPE Bombolitin-4 (Bombolitin IV) Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL5_BOMPE Bombolitin-5 (Bombolitin V) Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL6_BOMLA Bombolitin-6 Bombus lapidarius (Red-tailed bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL7_BOMLA Bombolitin-7 Bombus lapidarius (Red-tailed bumblebee) (Apis ...
BOL8_BOMLA Bombolitin-8 Bombus lapidarius (Red-tailed bumblebee) (Apis ...

12 entries

MCD family, Crabrolin subfamily

CRBLE_VESMG Vespid chemotactic peptide 5e (VCP 5e) Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
CRBLF_VESMG Vespid chemotactic peptide 5f (VCP 5f) Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
CRBLG_VESMG Vespid chemotactic peptide 5g (VCP 5g) Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
CRBLH_VESMG Vespid chemotactic peptide 5h (VCP 5h) Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
CRBL_VESAN Vespid chemotactic peptide A (VESCP-A) Vespa analis (Yellow-vented hornet)
CRBL_VESCR Crabrolin Vespa crabro (European hornet)
CRBL_VESLE Vespid chemotactic peptide L (VESCP-L) ... Vespula lewisii (Korean yellow-jacket wasp) ...
CRBL_VESMA Vespid chemotactic peptide M (VESCP-M) ... Vespa mandarinia (Asian giant hornet)
CRBL_VESOR Histamine-releasing peptide 2 (HR-2) (HR2) ... Vespa orientalis (Oriental hornet)
CRBL_VESTR Vespid chemotactic peptide T (VESCP-T) ... Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
CRBL_VESXA Vespid chemotactic peptide X (VESCP-X) ... Vespa xanthoptera (Japanese yellow hornet) ...
VCP1_VESTR Vespid chemotactic peptide VT1 (VCP-VT1) ... Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...

4 entries

MCD family, Eumenitin subfamily

EUME1_EUMPO Eumenitin VP1 (Venom peptide 1) (EpVP1) (VP1) Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
EUMEF_EUMFR Eumenitin-F Eumenes fraterculus (Solitary wasp)
EUMER_EUMRB Eumenitin-R Eumenes rubrofemoratus (Solitary wasp)
EUME_EUMRU Eumenitin (Er-12) Eumenes rubronotatus (Solitary wasp)

58 entries

MCD family, Mastoparan subfamily

MAST1_AGEPP Agelaia-MPI (Agelaia-MP) Agelaia pallipes pallipes (Neotropical social ...
MAST1_EUMMI Eumenine mastoparan-EM1 (EMP-EM1) Eumenes micado (Potter wasp)
MAST1_PARFA Agelaia-MPI Parachartergus fraternus (Artistic wasp) ...
MAST1_POLRT Polistes mastoparan-R1 (Pm-R1) Polistes rothneyi (Rothney's paper wasp)
MAST1_PROEX Protopolybia-mastoparan-I (Protopolybia-MP-I) ... Protopolybia exigua (Neotropical social wasp)
MAST1_VESBI Mastoparan-VB1 (MP-VB1) Vespa bicolor (Black shield wasp)
MAST1_VESTR Mastoparan-VT1 [Cleaved into: Mastoparan-VT2] Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MAST1_VESVU Mastoparan-V1 (MP-V1) Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
MAST2_EUMMI Eumenine mastoparan-EM2 (EMP-EM2) Eumenes micado (Potter wasp)
MAST2_PARVS Polybia-MP-II (Polybia-MPII) Parachartergus vespiceps testaceus (Wasp)
MAST2_POLPI Polybia-MP-II (Polybia-MPII) (Venom protein 13a) ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
MAST2_PROEX Protopolybia-mastoparan-II (Protopolybia-MP-II) ... Protopolybia exigua (Neotropical social wasp)
MAST2_VESBI Mastoparan-VB2 (MP-VB2) Vespa bicolor (Black shield wasp)
MAST2_VESVU Mastoparan-V2 Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
MAST3_EUMMI Eumenine mastoparan-EM3 (EMP-EM3) Eumenes micado (Potter wasp)
MAST3_POLPI Polybia-mastoparan-III (Polybia-MP-III) ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
MAST3_PROEX Protopolybia-mastoparan-III ... Protopolybia exigua (Neotropical social wasp)
MAST3_VESTR Mastoparan-VT3 Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MAST4_EUMMI Eumenine mastoparan-EM4 (EMP-EM4) Eumenes micado (Potter wasp)
MAST4_VESTR Mastoparan-VT4 Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MAST5_VESTR Mastoparan-VT5 Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MAST6_VESTR Mastoparan-VT6 Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MAST7_VESTR Mastoparan-VT7 Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MASTA_EUMPO Venom peptide 2a (EpVP2a) (VP2a) (Eumenine ... Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
MASTA_POLDO Dominulin-A Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
MASTA_POLDR Mastoparan PDD-A Polistes dorsalis (Paper wasp)
MASTA_VESMG Mastoparan-like peptide 12a Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
MASTB_EUMPO Venom peptide 2b (EpVP2b) (VP2b) (Eumenine ... Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
MASTB_POLDO Dominulin-B Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
MASTB_POLDR Mastoparan PDD-B Polistes dorsalis (Paper wasp)
MASTB_VESMG Mastoparan-like peptide 12b Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
MASTC_VESMG Mastoparan-like peptide 12c Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
MASTD_VESMG Mastoparan-like peptide 12d Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
MASTE_EUMFR Eumenine mastoparan-EF (EMP-EF) Eumenes fraterculus (Solitary wasp)
MASTE_EUMRB Eumenine mastoparan-ER (EMP-ER) Eumenes rubrofemoratus (Solitary wasp)
MASTI_POLPI Polybia-mastoparan-I (Polybia-MP-I) ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
MASTP_PROSY Protonectarina mastoparan (Protonectarina-MP) Protonectarina sylveirae (Brazilian wasp)
MAST_ANTFM Eumenine mastoparan-AF (EMP-AF) (Af-113) Anterhynchium flavomarginatum micado (Solitary ...
MAST_CHACK Communis-AAAA [Cleaved into: Communis] Chartergellus communis (Wasp)
MAST_MISPH Mastoparan MP Mischocyttarus phthisicus (Paper wasp) (Vespa ...
MAST_ORADR Eumenine mastoparan-OD (EMP-OD) (Venom peptide ... Orancistrocerus drewseni (Solitary wasp)
MAST_PARID Parapolybia-mastoparan (Parapolybia-MP) Parapolybia indica (Lesser paper wasp)
MAST_POLJO Mastoparan-J (Polistes mastoparan) (P-MP) Polistes jokahamae (Dark-waist paper wasp) ...
MAST_POLMJ Mastoparan-like PMM (Mastoparan-like peptide ... Polistes major (Neotropical social wasp)
MAST_VESAF Mastoparan-AF (MP-AF) Vespa affinis (Lesser banded hornet)
MAST_VESAN Mastoparan-A (MP-A) Vespa analis (Yellow-vented hornet)
MAST_VESBA Mastoparan-B (MP-B) Vespa basalis (Hornet)
MAST_VESCR Mastoparan-C (MP-C) Vespa crabro (European hornet)
MAST_VESDU Mastoparan-D (MP-D) Vespa ducalis (Black-tailed hornet)
MAST_VESLE Mastoparan-L (MP-L) (Mast-L) Vespula lewisii (Korean yellow-jacket wasp) ...
MAST_VESMA Mastoparan-M (MP-M) (Mast cell-degranulating ... Vespa mandarinia (Asian giant hornet)
MAST_VESOR Mastoparan (Histamine-releasing peptide I) ... Vespa orientalis (Oriental hornet)
MAST_VESTR Mastoparan-VT (MpVT) (Mastoparan-T) Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...
MAST_VESVF Mastoparan-V (MP-V) Vespa velutina flavitarsus (Asian hornet)
MAST_VESXA Mastoparan-X (MP-X) (MPX) Vespa xanthoptera (Japanese yellow hornet) ...
PROT_POLRT Polistes-protonectin Polistes rothneyi (Rothney's paper wasp)
VESP1_VESBI VESP-VB1 Vespa bicolor (Black shield wasp)
VESP2_VESBI VESP-VB2 Vespa bicolor (Black shield wasp)

5 entries

MCD family, Protonectin subfamily

PROTO_AGEPP Protonectin (PTN) (Agelaia-chemotactic peptide) ... Agelaia pallipes pallipes (Neotropical social ...
PROTO_ICASP Chemotactic peptide (I-CP) Icaria sp. (Ropalidian wasp)
PROTO_ORADR Venom peptide 2-long (OdVP2L) [Cleaved into: ... Orancistrocerus drewseni (Solitary wasp)
PROTO_POLPI Polybia-CP (Pol-CP-NH2) (Polybia chemotactic ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
PROTO_PROSY Protonectin (PTN) Protonectarina sylveirae (Brazilian wasp)

10 entries

Melittin family

MELN_APICE Melittin-N (MEL-N) (MLT) Apis cerana (Indian honeybee)
MELS_APICE Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis cerana (Indian honeybee)
MEL_APICC Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis cerana cerana (Oriental honeybee)
MEL_APIDO Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis dorsata (Giant honeybee)
MEL_APIFL Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis florea (Dwarf honeybee)
MEL_APIME Melittin (MEL) (MLT) (Allergen Api m 3) ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
MEL_POLHE Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Polistes hebraeus (Paper wasp)
MEL_VESMC Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
MEL_VESMG Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
MEL_VESVN Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Vespa velutina nigrithorax (Hornet)

5 entries

Myrmexin family

TXLS1_PSETR U1-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pt1 subunit LS1 ... Pseudomyrmex triplarinus (Ant)
TXLS2_PSETR U1-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pt1 subunit LS2 ... Pseudomyrmex triplarinus (Ant)
TXSS1_PSETR U1-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pt1 subunit SS1 ... Pseudomyrmex triplarinus (Ant)
TXSS2_PSETR U1-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pt1 subunit SS2 ... Pseudomyrmex triplarinus (Ant)
TXSS3_PSETR U1-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pt1 subunit SS3 ... Pseudomyrmex triplarinus (Ant)

13 entries

Non-disulfide-bridged peptide (NDBP) superfamily, Medium-length antimicrobial peptide (group 3) family, Ponericin-W subfamily

TX3AB_DINAS U1-poneritoxin-Da3b (U1-PONTX-Da3b) ... Dinoponera australis (Giant neotropical hunting ...
TXM3A_DINQU M-poneratoxin-Dq3a (M-PONTX-Dq3a) ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
WTX1A_NEOAP U1-poneritoxin-Na1a (U1-PONTX-Na1a) ... Neoponera apicalis (Ant) (Pachycondyla apicalis)
WTX1A_NEOCU M-poneritoxin-Nc1a (M-PONTX-Nc1a) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera commutata (Large hunting ant) ...
WTX1A_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1a (M-PONTX-Ng1a) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1A_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni1a (U1-PONTX-Ni1a) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
WTX1B_NEOAP M-poneritoxin-Na1b (M-PONTX-Na1b) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera apicalis (Ant) (Pachycondyla apicalis)
WTX1B_NEOGO U1-poneritoxin-Ng1b (U1-PONTX-Ng1b) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1B_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni1b (U1-PONTX-Ni1b) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
WTX1C_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1c (M-PONTX-Ng1c) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1D_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1d (M-PONTX-Ng1d) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1E_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1e (M-PONTX-Ng1e) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1F_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1f (M-PONTX-Ng1f) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...

72 entries

Not in a family

33VP_CHENC 33kDa venom protein Chelonus sp. nr. curvimaculatus (Parasitic wasp)
AMPU1_AMPCP Ampulexin 1 (Axn1) Ampulex compressa (Emerald cockroach wasp)
AMPU2_AMPCP Ampulexin 2 (Axn2) Ampulex compressa (Emerald cockroach wasp)
AMPU3_AMPCP Ampulexin 3 (Axn3) Ampulex compressa (Emerald cockroach wasp)
ANOP_ANOSM Anoplin (ANP) (As-183) Anoplius samariensis (Solitary wasp)
APAM_APICC Apamin Apis cerana cerana (Oriental honeybee)
APAM_APIME Apamin (APM) (Apamine) Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
AS126_ANOSM As-peptide 126 (As-126) (As126) Anoplius samariensis (Solitary wasp)
BM10_BATMC Peptide Bm-10 Batozonellus maculifrons (Solitary wasp)
C125_CYPDO Peptide Cd-125 Cyphononyx dorsalis (Spider wasp) (Cyphononyx ...
CF4_COTFL H-bracotoxin-Cf4 (H-BCTX-Cf4) Cotesia flavipes (Parasitic wasp) (Apanteles ...
CHEP_PARID Chemotactic peptide Parapolybia indica (Lesser paper wasp)
CVP3_PIMHY Cysteine-rich venom protein 3 (cvp3) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
CVP5_PIMHY Cysteine-rich venom protein 5 (cvp5) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
CVP7_PIMHY Cysteine-rich venom protein 7 (cvp7) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
DCRLN_OREDC Decoralin (DEC) Oreumenes decoratus (Potter wasp)
F16P1_PLARH Venom protein family 16 protein 1 (f16p1) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
GELS1_PLARH Actin depolymerising venom protein gelsolin 1 Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
HLP1_PLARH Venom hemolysin-like protein 1 Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
HR3_VESOR Venom protein HR-3 Vespa orientalis (Oriental hornet)
ICA_APICA Icarapin (Venom protein 2) (allergen Api m 10) Apis mellifera carnica (Carniolan honeybee)
ICA_APIME Icarapin-like (Venom carbohydrate-rich protein) Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
KAZL2_DOLGE U-Kazal-Dg21.2 Dolopus genitalis (Giant Australian assassin ...
MCDP_APICC Mast cell degranulating peptide Apis cerana cerana (Oriental honeybee)
MCDP_APIME Mast cell degranulating peptide (MCD peptide) ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
MCDP_BOMPE Mast cell degranulating peptide (MCD peptide) ... Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
PAO1_VESOR Orientotoxin-1 (EC (Lysophospholipase) ... Vespa orientalis (Oriental hornet)
PAO2_VESOR Orientotoxin-2 (EC (Orientotoxin II) ... Vespa orientalis (Oriental hornet)
PLD_POLDI Polydim-I Polybia dimorpha (Neotropical wasp)
PLYB1_POLPI Polybine-1 (Polybine-I) Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
PLYB2_POLPI Polybine-2 (Polybine-II) Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
PMTXA_ANOSM Alpha-pompilidotoxin (Alpha-PMTX) Anoplius samariensis (Solitary wasp)
PMTXB_BATMC Beta-pompilidotoxin (Beta-PMTX) Batozonellus maculifrons (Solitary wasp)
PP1AA_PSEPY DELTA-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pp1a subunit A ... Pseudomyrmex penetrator (Ant)
PP1AB_PSEPY DELTA-pseudomyrmecitoxin-Pp1a subunit B ... Pseudomyrmex penetrator (Ant)
PR13A_PLARH Kazal peptide Pr13a (Venom Kazal domain peptide ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PR8A_PLARH Venom family 8-like peptide Pr8a Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PR9A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr9a (U-RDTX-Pr9a) (Venom peptide ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
SVIPA_EUMPO Venom peptide 4a (EpVP4a) (VP4a) Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
SVIPB_EUMPO Venom peptide 4b (EpVP4b) (VP4b) Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
SVP1_PIMHY Small venom protein 1 (svp1) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
SVP2_PIMHY Small venom protein 2 (svp2) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
SYLV_PROSY Sylverin Protonectarina sylveirae (Brazilian wasp)
TERT_APIME Tertiapin (TPN) Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
TLP1_POLLN Tachykinin-like peptide-I (PllTkP-I) Polistes lanio (Wasp)
TLP2_POLLN Tachykinin-like peptide-II (PllTkP-II) Polistes lanio (Wasp)
TX12A_MANRB U12-myrmicitoxin-Mri1a (U12-MYRTX-Mri1a) ... Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX13A_MANRB U13-myrmicitoxin-Mri1a (U13-MYRTX-Mri1a) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX14A_TETBN U14-myrmicitoxin-Tb1a (U14-MYRTX-Tb1a) Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
TX17B_MANRB U17-myrmicitoxin-Mri1b (U17-MYRTX-Mri1b) Manica rubida (European giant red ant)
TX17F_TETBN U17-myrmicitoxin-Tb1f (U17-MYRTX-Tb1f) Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
TX1AB_DINQU U1-poneritoxin-Dq1b (U1-PONTX-Dq1b) (Peptide ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX1A_DINAS U1-poneritoxin-Da1a (U1-PONTX-Da1a) ... Dinoponera australis (Giant neotropical hunting ...
TX1A_MYRRB U1-myrmicitoxin-Mr1a (U1-MYRTX-Mr1a) ... Myrmica rubra (European fire ant)
TX1A_PARCV Delta-paraponeritoxin-Pc1a (Delta-PPOTX-Pc1a) ... Paraponera clavata (Bullet ant) (Izuela)
TX1C_DINQU U1-poneritoxin-Dq1c (U1-PONTX-Dq1c) (Peptide ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX2AC_DINQU U1-poneritoxin-Dq2c (U1-PONTX-Dq2c) (Peptide ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX2A_DINAS U1-poneritoxin-Da2a (U1-PONTX-Da2a) ... Dinoponera australis (Giant neotropical hunting ...
TX2A_NEOAP U1-poneritoxin-Na2a (U1-PONTX-Na2a) ... Neoponera apicalis (Ant) (Pachycondyla apicalis)
TX2B_DINQU U1-poneritoxin-Dq2b (U1-PONTX-Dq2b) (Peptide ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX3AB_DINQU Poneritoxin (Poneratoxin) (Venom peptides) ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX4A_DINAS U1-poneritoxin-Da4a (U1-PONTX-Da4a) ... Dinoponera australis (Giant neotropical hunting ...
TX4A_DINQU M-poneritoxin-Dq4a (M-PONTX-Dq4a) ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX4BC_DINQU ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TX4B_DINAS M-poneritoxin-Da4b (M-PONTX-Da4b) ... Dinoponera australis (Giant neotropical hunting ...
TX5A_DINQU U1-poneritoxin-Dq5a (U1-PONTX-Dq5a) (Dinoponera ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
TXM4E_DINQU M-poneratoxin-Dq4e (M-PONTX-Dq4e) (Peptide ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
VESPI_VESMG Vespin Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
VN46_COTRU Venom protein Vn4.6 Cotesia rubecula (Cabbage white butterfly ...
VP3_EUMPO Venom peptide 3 (EpVP3) (VP3) Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...
VP3_POLMJ Venom peptide PPM3 Polistes major (Neotropical social wasp)
VP5_EUMPO Venom peptide 5 (EpVP5) (VP5) Eumenes pomiformis (Potter wasp) (Vespa ...

1 entry

Ntn-hydrolase family

ASPG_ASOTA N(4)-(beta-N-acetylglucosaminyl)-L-asparaginase ... Asobara tabida (Parasitic wasp)

4 entries

Peptidase S1 family

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SP34_APIME Venom serine protease 34 (SP34) (EC 3.4.21.-) ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
SP4_BOMPE Venom protease (EC 3.4.21.-) (allergen Bom p 4) Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
SP4_BOMTE Venom protease (EC 3.4.21.-) (allergen Bom t 4) Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed bumblebee) (Apis ...
SP4_POLDO Venom serine protease (EC 3.4.21.-) (allergen ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...

1 entry

Peptidase S1 family, CLIP subfamily

"Peptidase S1 family" VenomZone page
VSP_BOMIG Venom serine protease Bi-VSP (EC 3.4.21.-) ... Bombus ignitus (Bumblebee)

1 entry

Peptidase S10 family

VCP_APIME Venom serine carboxypeptidase (EC ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)

2 entries

Peptidase S9B family, DPPIV subfamily

VDDP4_VESVU Venom dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (EC ... Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp)
VDPP4_APIME Venom dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (Allergen C) (Venom ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)

2 entries

Phospholipase A2 family

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PA2_BOMPE Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) (EC ... Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumblebee) (Apis ...
PA2_BOMTE Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) (EC ... Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed bumblebee) (Apis ...

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group II subfamily, K49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2H_POLOC Basic phospholipase A2 homolog PocTX (Lys49 ... Polybia occidentalis (Paper wasp)

4 entries

Phospholipase A2 family, Group III subfamily

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PA2_APICC Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) (EC ... Apis cerana cerana (Oriental honeybee)
PA2_APIDO Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) (EC ... Apis dorsata (Giant honeybee)
PA2_APIME Phospholipase A2 (bvPLA2) (EC (Allergen ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
PA2_XYLAI Phospholipase A(2) (EC ... Xylocopa appendiculata circumvolans (Japanese ...

15 entries

Ponericin-G family

GTX3A_NEOAP U1-poneritoxin-Na3a (U1-PONTX-Na3a) ... Neoponera apicalis (Ant) (Pachycondyla apicalis)
GTX3A_NEOCU M-poneritoxin-Nc3a (M-PONTX-Nc3a) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera commutata (Large hunting ant) ...
GTX3A_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng3a (M-PONTX-Ng3a) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
GTX3A_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni3a (U1-PONTX-Ni3a) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
GTX3B_NEOAP U1-poneritoxin-Na3b (U1-PONTX-Na3b) ... Neoponera apicalis (Ant) (Pachycondyla apicalis)
GTX3B_NEOCU M-poneritoxin-Nc3b (M-PONTX-Nc3b) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera commutata (Large hunting ant) ...
GTX3B_NEOGO U1-poneritoxin-Ng3b (U1-PONTX-Ng3b) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
GTX3B_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni3b (U1-PONTX-Ni3b) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
GTX3C_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng3c (M-PONTX-Ng3c) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
GTX3C_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni3c (U1-PONTX-Ni3c) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
GTX3D_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng3d (M-PONTX-Ng3d) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
GTX3D_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni3d (U1-PONTX-Ni3d) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
GTX3E_NEOGO U1-poneritoxin-Ng3e (U1-PONTX-Ng3e) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
GTX3F_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng3f (M-PONTX-Ng3f) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
GTX3G_NEOGO U1-poneritoxin-Ng3g (U1-PONTX-Ng3g) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...

4 entries

Ponericin-L family

LTX2A_NEOCU M-poneritoxin-Nc2a (M-PONTX-Nc2a) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera commutata (Large hunting ant) ...
LTX2A_NEOGO U1-poneritoxin-Ng2a (U1-PONTX-Ng2a) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
LTX2A_NEOIV U1-poneritoxin-Ni2a (U1-PONTX-Ni2a) ... Neoponera inversa (Ant) (Ponera inversa)
LTX2B_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng2b (M-PONTX-Ng2b) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...

3 entries

Ponericin-Q family

LTX2A_ECTBR M-ectatotoxin-Eb2a (M-ECTX-Eb2a) (Ponericin-Q42) Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)
LTX2B_ECTBR M-ectatotoxin-Eb2b (M-ECTX-Eb2b) (Ponericin-Q49) Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)
LTX2C_ECTBR M-ectatotoxin-Eb2c (M-ECTX-Eb2c) (Ponericin-Q50) Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)

7 entries

Poneritoxin-Ae1 family

PON1A_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1a (U1-PONTX-Ae1a) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...
PON1B_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1b (U1-PONTX-Ae1b) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...
PON1C_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1c (U1-PONTX-Ae1c) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...
PON1D_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1d (U1-PONTX-Ae1d) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...
PON1E_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1e (U1-PONTX-Ae1e) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...
PON1F_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1f (U1-PONTX-Ae1f) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...
PON1G_ANOEM U1-poneritoxin-Ae1g (U1-PONTX-Ae1g) ... Anochetus emarginatus (Ant) (Stenomyrmex ...

6 entries

Protease inhibitor I19 family

CVP4_PIMHY Pacifastin-like protease inhibitor cvp4 ... Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
PI10A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr10a (U-RDTX-Pr10a) (Venom ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PI11A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr11a (U-RDTX-Pr11a) (Venom ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PI12A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr12a (U-RDTX-Pr12a) (Venom ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PI21_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr21 (U-RDTX-Pr21) (Protease ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PISP_NASVI Small pacifastin protease inhibitor (NvSPPI) ... Nasonia vitripennis (Parasitic wasp)

3 entries

Redulysin-like family

RED1_PLARH Venom redulysin 1 (Red1) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
RED2_PLARH Venom redulysin 2 (Red2) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
REDPL_PLABI Venom platylysin Platymeris biguttatus (Two-spotted assassin bug)

4 entries

SA81-like family

VP10_SPHAA Venom peptide Sa10 Sphex argentatus argentatus (Black digger wasp)
VP41_ISOHA Venom peptide Sh41 Isodontia harmandi (Grass-carrying wasp)
VP42_ISOHA Venom peptide Sh42 Isodontia harmandi (Grass-carrying wasp)
VP81_SPHAA Venom peptide Sa81 Sphex argentatus argentatus (Black digger wasp)

10 entries

Secapin family

SECP1_APIME Secapin-1 Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
SECP2_APIME Secapin-2 Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
SECP_APICC Secapin Apis cerana cerana (Oriental honeybee)
SECP_APICE Secapin (AcSecapin-1) Apis cerana (Indian honeybee)
SECP_APIME Secapin Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
SECP_POLHE Secapin Polistes hebraeus (Paper wasp)
SECP_TETBN Secapin (U17-myrmicitoxin-Tb1a) (U17-MYRTX-Tb1a) Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)
SECP_VESMC Secapin Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
SECP_VESMG Secapin Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
SECP_VESVN Secapin Vespa velutina nigrithorax (Hornet)

4 entries

Serine protease inhibitor-like (TIL domain-containing) family

ALL6_APICE Venom serine protease inhibitor (AcVSPI) (VSPI) ... Apis cerana (Indian honeybee)
ALL6_APIME Allergen Api m 6.03 / Api m 6.04 (allergen Api m ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
CVP1_PIMHY Cysteine-rich venom protein 1 (cvp1) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
CVP6_PIMHY Cysteine-rich venom protein 6 (cvp6) Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)

2 entries

Type-B carboxylesterase/lipase family

ACES_BOMIG Carboxylic ester hydrolase (EC (Venom ... Bombus ignitus (Bumblebee)
EST6_APIME Venom carboxylesterase-6 (EC (allergen ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)

3 entries

Venom CUB family

CUB1_PLARH Venom CUB domain-containing protein 1 Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
CUB2_PLARH Venom CUB domain-containing protein 2 Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
CUBT_TRIIF Triatox (Venom CUB domain-containing protein 1) Triatoma infestans (Assassin bug)

5 entries

Venom Kunitz-type family

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VKT19_ANOSM Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor As-fr-19 ... Anoplius samariensis (Solitary wasp)
VKT2_PIMHY Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor cvp2 ... Pimpla hypochondriaca (Parasitoid wasp)
VKT_BOMIG Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor Bi-KTI Bombus ignitus (Bumblebee)
VKT_BOMTE Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor Bt-KTI Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed bumblebee) (Apis ...
VKT_VESBI Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor bicolin Vespa bicolor (Black shield wasp)

3 entries

Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) family

Select_allDeselect_all "Venom metalloproteinase (M12B) family" VenomZone page
VMP01_EULPE Venom metalloproteinase 1 (EpMP1) Eulophus pennicornis (Parasitoid wasp)
VMP02_EULPE Venom metalloproteinase 2 (EpMP2) Eulophus pennicornis (Parasitoid wasp)
VMP03_EULPE Venom metalloproteinase 3 (EpMP3) Eulophus pennicornis (Parasitoid wasp)

8 entries

Venom Ptu1-like knottin family

PLK1A_PLABI U-reduvitoxin-Pbi1a (U-RDTX-Pbi1a) (Pbi1a) Platymeris biguttatus (Two-spotted assassin bug)
PLK1A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr1a (U-RDTX-Pr1a) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PLK2A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr2a (U-RDTX-Pr2a) [Cleaved into: ... Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PLK3A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr3a (U-RDTX-Pr3a) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PLK4A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr4a (U-RDTX-Pr4a) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PLK5A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr5a (U-RDTX-Pr5a) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PLK6A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr6a (U-RDTX-Pr6a) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)
PLK7A_PLARH U-reduvitoxin-Pr7a (U-RDTX-Pr7a) Platymeris rhadamanthus (Red spot assassin bug)

2 entries

Venom waprin family, Cys-rich waprin subfamily

WAP_APIME Waprin-Thr1 Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
WAP_TETBN Waprin-like protein Tetramorium bicarinatum (Tramp ant)

7 entries

Xylopin-like family

COD_COLDA Codesane (COD) (Codesan) Colletes daviesanus (Plasterer bee)
MEP_MELAF Melectin (MEP) Melecta albifrons (Cuckoo bee) (Melecta ...
OSM_OSMRU Osmin Osmia rufa (Red mason bee)
XAC1_XYLAI Antimicrobial peptide Xac-1 (Xac1) (Xylopin) Xylocopa appendiculata circumvolans (Japanese ...
XAC2_XYLAI Antimicrobial peptide Xac-2 (Xac2) (Xylopinin) Xylocopa appendiculata circumvolans (Japanese ...
XAC3_XYLVO Antimicrobial peptide Xac-3 (Xac3) Xylocopa violacea (Violet carpenter bee) (Apis ...
XAC4_XYLVO Antimicrobial peptide Xac-4 (Xac4) Xylocopa violacea (Violet carpenter bee) (Apis ...