Cardiotoxins are components that are specifically toxic to the heart. They cause heart electrophysiology dysfunction or/and muscle damage.

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Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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Endothelin/sarafotoxin family

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SRTX1_ATRIR Sarafotoxin-i1 (SRTX-i1) (Sarafotoxin-i3) ... Atractaspis irregularis (Variable burrowing asp) ...
SRTX2_ATRIR Sarafotoxin-i2 (SRTX-i2) Atractaspis irregularis (Variable burrowing asp) ...
SRTXB_ATRBI Bibrotoxin (BTX) Atractaspis bibronii (Bibron's mole viper) ...
SRTXD_ATREN Sarafotoxin-D (SRTX-D) (S6D) Atractaspis engaddensis (Israeli burrowing asp) ...
SRTXL_ATRMM Long-sarafotoxin (L-SRTX) [Cleaved into: ... Atractaspis microlepidota microlepidota
SRTX_ATREN Sarafotoxin [Cleaved into: Sarafotoxin-A, ... Atractaspis engaddensis (Israeli burrowing asp) ...

1 entry

Long (4 C-C) scorpion toxin superfamily, Sodium channel inhibitor family

SCB1_LEIHE Beta-mammal/insect toxin Lqhb1 (Lqh-beta-1) Leiurus hebraeus (Deathstalker scorpion) ...

3 entries

Long (4 C-C) scorpion toxin superfamily, Sodium channel inhibitor family, Alpha subfamily

KURT1_PARGR Alpha-toxin PgKL1 (Kurtoxin-like 1) ... Parabuthus granulatus (Granulated thick-tailed ...
KURT2_PARGR Toxin PgKL2 (Kurtoxin-like 2) (Kurtoxin-like II) ... Parabuthus granulatus (Granulated thick-tailed ...
SCM1_MESMA Alpha-like toxin BmK M1 (BmK-M1) (BmKM1) (BmK-I) ... Mesobuthus martensii (Manchurian scorpion) ...

2 entries

Neurotoxin 10 (Hwtx-1) family, 39 (Jztx-34) subfamily

HM1A_PHLSP Mu-theraphotoxin-Phlo1a (Mu-TRTX-Phlo1a) Phlogius sp. (Tarantula spider)
HM1B_PHLSP Mu-theraphotoxin-Phlo1b (Mu-TRTX-Phlo1b) Phlogius sp. (Tarantula spider)

1 entry

Neurotoxin 30 (phrixotoxin) family

PM2A_PHLSP Mu-theraphotoxin-Phlo2a (Mu-TRTX-Phlo2a) ... Phlogius sp. (Tarantula spider)

2 entries

Not in a family

BENG_HETBN Bengalin (Fragment) Heterometrus bengalensis (Indian black scorpion)
CCAP_CONVL ConoCAP [Cleaved into: ConoCAP-a (CCAP-vil); ... Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group I subfamily, D49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2A1_OPHHA Acidic phospholipase A2 1 (svPLA2) (EC ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)

2 entries

Scorpion calcin-like family

CL1A_HOTJU Phi-buthitoxin-Hj1a (Phi-BUTX-Hj1a) Hottentotta judaicus (Black scorpion) (Buthotus ...
CLCPP_TITSE Intracellular calcium channel modulator CCP-Ts ... Tityus serrulatus (Brazilian scorpion)

18 entries

Sea anemone sodium channel inhibitory toxin family, Type I subfamily

NA116_ANTS7 Delta-actitoxin-Aspp1d (Delta-AITX-Aspp1d) ... Anthopleura sp. (strain 'Zhanjiang') (Sea ...
NA11_ANTEL Delta-actitoxin-Ael1b (Delta-AITX-Ael1b) (Toxin ... Anthopleura elegantissima (Green aggregating ...
NA11_ANTFU Delta-actitoxin-Afv1a (Delta-AITX-Afv1a) (Toxin ... Anthopleura fuscoviridis (Sea anemone)
NA122_ANTEL Delta-actitoxin-Ael1d (Delta-AITX-Ael1d) (Toxin ... Anthopleura elegantissima (Green aggregating ...
NA12A_ANTS7 Delta-actitoxin-Aspp1a (Delta-AITX-Aspp1a) ... Anthopleura sp. (strain 'Zhanjiang') (Sea ...
NA12_ANTFU Delta-actitoxin-Afv1b (Delta-AITX-Afv1b) ... Anthopleura fuscoviridis (Sea anemone)
NA12_ANTXA Delta-actitoxin-Axm1e (Delta-AITX-Axm1e) ... Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant green sea ...
NA12_BUNGR Delta-actitoxin-Bgr2a (Delta-AITX-Bgr2a) (Bg II) ... Bunodosoma granuliferum (Red warty sea anemone)
NA13_ANTEL Delta-actitoxin-Ael1c (Delta-AITX-Ael1c) (Toxin ... Anthopleura elegantissima (Green aggregating ...
NA13_ANTXA Delta-actitoxin-Axm1d (Delta-AITX-Axm1d) ... Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant green sea ...
NA13_BUNGR Delta-actitoxin-Bgr2b (Delta-AITX-Bgr2b) (Bg ... Bunodosoma granuliferum (Red warty sea anemone)
NA14_ANTXA Delta-actitoxin-Axm1f (Delta-AITX-Axm1f) ... Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant green sea ...
NA16_ANTXA Delta-actitoxin-Axm1h (Delta-AITX-Axm1h) ... Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant green sea ...
NA17A_ANTS7 Delta-actitoxin-Aspp1b (Delta-AITX-Aspp1b) ... Anthopleura sp. (strain 'Zhanjiang') (Sea ...
NA18A_ANTS7 Delta-actitoxin-Aspp1c (Delta-AITX-Aspp1c) ... Anthopleura sp. (strain 'Zhanjiang') (Sea ...
NA1A_ANTXA Delta-actitoxin-Axm1a (Delta-AITX-Axm1a) ... Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant green sea ...
NA1B_ANTXA Delta-actitoxin-Axm1b (Delta-AITX-Axm1b) ... Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant green sea ...
NA1C_ANTEL Delta-actitoxin-Ael1a (Delta-AITX-Ael1a) (APE ... Anthopleura elegantissima (Green aggregating ...

1 entry

Snake three-finger toxin family, Non-conventional subfamily, Orphan group II sub-subfamily

"Snake three-finger toxin family" VenomZone page
3NO2_NAJKA Tryptophan-containing weak neurotoxin (WTX) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)

6 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Aminergic toxin sub-subfamily

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3SDC1_OPHHA Beta-cardiotoxin CTX21 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SDC3_OPHHA Beta-cardiotoxin CTX23 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SDC4_OPHHA Beta-cardiotoxin CTX14 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SDC5_OPHHA Beta-cardiotoxin CTX15 (OH-84) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SDC7_OPHHA Beta-cardiotoxin CTX27 (OH-27) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SDC9_OPHHA Beta-cardiotoxin CTX9 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)

4 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, L-type calcium blocker sub-subfamily

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3SL2_DENAN Toxin C10S2C2 Dendroaspis angusticeps (Eastern green mamba) ...
3SL2_DENPO Toxin FS-2 (FS2) Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)
3SL8_DENJA Toxin S4C8 Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae (Eastern Jameson's ...
3SLS_DENPO Calciseptin (Calciseptine) (CaS) (L-type calcium ... Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)

1 entry

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Orphan group XIV sub-subfamily

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3SOE_HEMHA Cytotoxin homolog (Toxin 9B/9BB) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...

1 entry

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Orphan group XV sub-subfamily

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3SOF7_NAJAT Cytotoxin 7 (Cardiotoxin-7) (CTX7) (Ctx-7) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)

84 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Type IA cytotoxin sub-subfamily

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3SA0_NAJSP Cytotoxin (CTX) (Cardiotoxin) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA1A_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1a (Cardiotoxin-1a) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1B_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1b (Cardiotoxin-1b) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1C_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1c (Cardiotoxin-1c) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1D_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1d/1e (Cardiotoxin-1d/1e) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1F_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1f (Cardiotoxin 1f) (Fragment) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1_DABRR Cytotoxin drCT-1 (drCT-I) (Fragment) Daboia russelii (Russel's viper) (Vipera ...
3SA1_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1 (CX1) (Cardiotoxin 1) (CTX-1) (CTX1) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1_NAJHA Cytotoxin 1 (Toxin V(II)1) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA1_NAJKA Cytotoxin 1 (NK-CT1) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA1_NAJME Cytotoxin 1 (Cytotoxin V(II)1) Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) (Black-lipped ...
3SA1_NAJMO Cytotoxin 1 (CTX M1) (Cardiotoxin IIB) (CTX-IIB) ... Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3SA1_NAJNA Cytotoxin 1 (Cobramine-A) (Cytotoxin I) ... Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA1_NAJNI Cytotoxin 1 (Toxin V(II)1) Naja nivea (Cape cobra) (Coluber niveus)
3SA1_NAJOX Cytotoxin 1 (Cytotoxin I) (CTI) Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
3SA1_NAJPA Cytotoxin 1 (CTX-1) (Cardiotoxin gamma) Naja pallida (Red spitting cobra)
3SA1_NAJSP Cytotoxin 1 (Cardiotoxin-1) (CTX-1) (Ctx1) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA2A_NAJNA Cytotoxin 2a (CTX2a) (Cytotoxin 2) (CTX2) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA2A_NAJSP Cytotoxin 2a (Cardiotoxin 2a) (CTX-2a) (Ctx2a) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA2B_NAJSP Cytotoxin 2b (Cardiotoxin-2b) (CTX-2b) (Ctx2b) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA2C_NAJSP Cytotoxin 2c (Cardiotoxin-2c) (CTX-2c) (Ctx2c) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA2_NAJAT Cytotoxin 2 (Cardiotoxin 1A) (Cardiotoxin 2) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA2_NAJHA Cytotoxin 2 (Toxin V(II)2/V(II)2A) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA2_NAJKA Cytotoxin 2 Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA2_NAJMO Cytotoxin 2 (CTX M2) (Cardiotoxin IIA) (CTX IIA) ... Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3SA2_NAJNA Cytotoxin 2 (Cobramine-B) (Cytotoxin II) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA2_NAJNI Cytotoxin 2 (Toxin V(II)2) Naja nivea (Cape cobra) (Coluber niveus)
3SA2_NAJOX Cytotoxin 2 (Cytotoxin II) (CTII) Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
3SA3A_NAJAT Cytotoxin 3a (Cardiotoxin-31) (Ctx-31) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA3A_NAJNA Cytotoxin 3a (CTX3a) (Fragment) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA3B_NAJAT Cytotoxin 3b (Cardiotoxin 3b) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA3D_NAJAT Cytotoxin 3d (Cardiotoxin 3d) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA3_NAJAT Cytotoxin 3 (Cardiotoxin 3) (CTX-3) (CTX3) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA3_NAJHA Cytotoxin 3 (Toxin CM-8/CM-8A) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA3_NAJKA Cytotoxin 3 (CX3) (Toxin CM-7) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA3_NAJMO Cytotoxin 3 (CTX M4) (Cytotoxin V(II)3) Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3SA3_NAJNA Cytotoxin 3 (Cytotoxin IIa) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA3_NAJNI Cytotoxin 3 (Toxin V(II)3) Naja nivea (Cape cobra) (Coluber niveus)
3SA3_NAJSP Cytotoxin 3 (Cardiotoxin-3) (CTX-3) (Ctx3) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA4A_NAJSP Cytotoxin 4a (Cardiotoxin-4a) (CTX-4a) (Ctx4a) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA4B_NAJSP Cytotoxin 4b (Cardiotoxin-4b) (CTX-4b) (Ctx4b) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA4N_NAJAT Cytotoxin 4N (Cardiotoxin-4N) (CTX-4N) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA4_NAJAT Cytotoxin 4 (CTX-4M) (CTX4) (Cardiotoxin A4) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA4_NAJHA Cytotoxin 4 (Toxin CM-11) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA4_NAJKA Cytotoxin 4 (Cytotoxin IV) (Siamextin) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA4_NAJMO Cytotoxin 4 (CTX M3) (Cardiotoxin VII4) ... Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3SA5A_NAJSP Cytotoxin 5a (Cardiotoxin 5a) (CTX-5a) (Ctx5a) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA5B_NAJSP Cytotoxin 5b (Cardiotoxin 5b) (CTX-5b) (Ctx5b) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA5_NAJAT Cytotoxin 5 (Cardiotoxin 5) (CTX5) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA5_NAJHA Cytotoxin 5 (Toxin CM-6) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA5_NAJHH Cytotoxin 5 (Toxin CM-8) Naja haje haje (Egyptian cobra)
3SA5_NAJKA Cytotoxin 5 (Cytotoxin II) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA5_NAJMO Cytotoxin 5 (CTX M5) (CTX V) Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3SA5_NAJOX Cytotoxin Vc-5 Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
3SA6_NAJAT Cytotoxin 6 (Cardiotoxin-6) (CTX6) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA6_NAJHA Cytotoxin 6 (Toxin CM-2H) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA6_NAJSP Cytotoxin 6 (Cardiotoxin-6) (CTX-6) (Ctx6) ... Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA7A_NAJKA Cytotoxin 2 (CX2) (Toxin CM-7A) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA7_NAJHA Cytotoxin 7 (Toxin CM-4B) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA7_NAJNA Cytotoxin 7 (CTX7) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA7_NAJSP Cytotoxin 7 (Cardiotoxin-7) (CTX-7) (Ctx7) ... Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SA8A_NAJAT Cytotoxin 8 (Cardiotoxin-8) (CTX8) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA8B_NAJAT Cytotoxin 8 (Cardiotoxin VIII) (Cardiotoxin-8) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA8_NAJHA Cytotoxin 8 (Toxin CM-7) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA8_NAJKA Cytotoxin 1 (CTX1) (CX1) (Cardiotoxin F8) ... Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3SA8_NAJNA Cytotoxin 8 (CTX8) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SA9_NAJHA Cytotoxin 9 (Toxin CM-2e) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SA9_NAJNA Cytotoxin 9 (CTX9) (Fragment) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SAA_NAJAT Cytotoxin 10 (Cardiotoxin-10) (CTX10) (Ctx-10) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAA_NAJHA Cytotoxin 10 (Toxin CM-4a) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3SAA_NAJNA Cytotoxin 10 (CTX10) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SAC3_NAJSP Cytotoxin KJC3 Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3SADB_NAJAT Cytotoxin SP13b Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAFA_NAJAT Cytotoxin SP15a Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAFC_NAJAT Cytotoxin SP15c Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAFD_NAJAT Cytotoxin SP15d Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAG_NAJAT Cytotoxin najalgesin (Fragment) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAN_NAJAT Cytotoxin 6 (Cardiotoxin 6) (CTX6) (Cardiotoxin ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAN_NAJNG Naniproin Naja nigricollis (Black-necked spitting cobra)
3SAPF_NAJAT Cytotoxin I-like P-15 (Cardiotoxin I-like P-15) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAS_NAJSG Cytotoxin sagitoxin (Cardiotoxin sagitoxin) Naja sagittifera (Andaman cobra)
3SATF_NAJAT Cytotoxin I-like T-15 (Cardiotoxin I-like T-15) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAT_NAJAT Cytotoxin 5 (Cardiotoxin A4b) (CTX-A4b) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAW_NAJNA Cytotoxin NN-32 (Fragment) Naja naja (Indian cobra)

4 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Type IB cytotoxin sub-subfamily

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3SB1_HEMHA Cytotoxin 1 (Hemolytic protein 12B) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3SB2_HEMHA Cytotoxin 2 (Toxin 12A) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3SB3_HEMHA Cytotoxin 3 (Toxin 11/11A) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3SBH_HEMHA Three-finger hemachatoxin Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...

1 entry

Venom Kunitz-type family

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VKTHC_DENAN Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor homolog ... Dendroaspis angusticeps (Eastern green mamba) ...