Acetylcholine receptor inhibiting toxin (nAChR inhibitor)

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) are postsynaptic membrane proteins that undergo an extensive conformational change upon binding to acetylcholine, leading to opening of an ion-conducting channel across the plasma membrane.

Nicotinic receptors, with a molecular mass of 290 kDa, are made up of five subunits, arranged symmetrically around a central pore. Each subunit comprises four transmembrane domains with both the N- and C-terminus located extracellularly.

In vertebrates, nicotinic receptors are broadly classified into two subtypes based on their primary sites of expression: muscle-type nicotinic receptors and neuronal-type nicotinic receptors.
Figure 1: Schematic representation of the fetal muscle subtype nAChR (a) and the adult muscle subtype nAChR (b).

In the muscle-type receptors, found at the neuromuscular junction, receptors are either the embryonic form, composed of α1, β1, δ and γ subunits in a 2:1:1:1 ratio (Fig.1a), or the adult form composed of α1, β1, δ and ε subunits in a 2:1:1:1 ratio (Fig.1b). The neuronal subtypes are various homomeric or heteromeric combinations of twelve different nicotinic receptor subunits: α2 through α10 and β2 through β4. Examples of the neuronal subtypes include: (α4)3(β2)2, (α4)2(β2)3 and (α7)5. In both muscle-type and neuronal-type receptors the subunits are somewhat similar to one another, especially in the hydrophobic regions.
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Muscle AChR
α1β1δε (adult)
image image - image - - - - image
α1β1γδ (fetal)
image image - image - - - - image

Neuronal AChR
α2β2 / CHRNA2-CHRNB2 image - - image - - - - image
α2β4 / CHRNA2-CHRNB4 image - - image - - - - image
α3β2 / CHRNA3-CHRNB2 image image - image - - - - image
α3β4 / CHRNA3-CHRNB4 image - - image - - - - image
α4β2 / CHRNA4-CHRNB2 image image - image - - - - image
α4β4 / CHRNA4-CHRNB4 image - - image - - - - image
α6β4 / CHRNA6-CHRNB4 image - - image - - - - image
α6/α3β2 1
image - - image - - - - image
α6/α3β2β3 1
image - - image - - - - image
α6/α3β4 1
image - - image - - - - image
α7 / CHRNA7 image image - image - - - - image
α9α10 / CHRNA9-CHRNA10 image - - image - - - - image
All image image - image - - - - image

1 : The α6/α3 subunit is a chimera containing the N-terminal extracellular ligand-binding portion of the α6 subunit with the remaining α3 subunit (Kuryatov et al., 2000).

Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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495 entries grouped by family

149 entries

Conotoxin A superfamily

CA112_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin Li1.12 (Livi_23) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CA11A_CONAH Alpha-conotoxin-like Ac1.1a Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA11A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1a Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA11B_CONAH Alpha-conotoxin-like Ac1.1b Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA11B_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1b (Qc1.3) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA11C_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1c Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA11_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like Ai1.1 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CA11_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin BnIA (Alpha-BnIA) ... Conus bandanus (Banded marble cone)
CA11_CONBU Alpha-conotoxin-like Bu1.1 (Bu18) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA11_CONCB Alpha-conotoxin-like Ca1.1 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CA11_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin Lp1.1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA11_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt1a (Alpha-conotoxin Lt1.1) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA11_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin Mr1.1 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA11_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CA11_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.1 [Cleaved into: ... Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA11_CONST Alpha-conotoxin-like S1.1 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA11_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA127_CONPO Alpha-conotoxin Vt1.27 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CA12A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIIA Conus ermineus (Agate cone) (Chelyconus ...
CA12A_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin-like ImIIA (Conopeptide im003) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CA12A_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin RegIIA (Reg2a) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA12_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.2 Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
CA12_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like Ai1.2 (Alpha-conotoxin-like ... Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CA12_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin-like Bn1.2 Conus bandanus (Banded marble cone)
CA12_CONCB Alpha-conotoxin-like Ca1.2 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CA12_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GII Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA12_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin ImII (Alpha-CTx ImII) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CA12_CONKI Alpha-conotoxin-like Kn1.2 Conus kinoshitai (Kinoshita's cone)
CA12_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.2 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA12_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.2 (Lt1b) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA12_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin MII (Alpha-Ctx MII) (Alpha-MII) Conus magus (Magical cone)
CA12_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin-like Mr1.2 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA12_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin Pn1.2 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CA12_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.2 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CA12_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.2 (Qu-3) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA12_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.2 Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA12_CONVC Alpha-conotoxin Vc1.2 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CA13B_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt1.3 b Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA13_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.3 Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
CA13_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.3 (Lt1c) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA13_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin-like Mr1.3 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA13_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.3 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CA13_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.3 Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA14A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.4a (Qu-5) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA14B_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.4b Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA14_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.4 Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
CA14_CONBR Alpha-conotoxin-like Br1.4 Conus brunneus (Wood's brown cone)
CA14_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin Lp1.4 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA14_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin-like Lv1.4 (Conotoxin Lv1d) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CA14_CONMN Alpha-conotoxin-like Mn1.4 Conus monachus (Cone snail)
CA14_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.4 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CA14_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.4 Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA15_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.5 Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
CA15_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.5 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CA15_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.5 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA16A_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.6a Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA16B_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.6b Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA16_CONAA Alpha-conotoxin-like Am1.6 Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
CA16_CONEB Omega-conotoxin Eu1.6 (Alpha-conopeptide Eu1.6) ... Conus eburneus (Ivory cone)
CA16_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.6 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CA16_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.6 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA17_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.7 (Alpha-conotoxin-like ... Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA189_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like 289 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CA18_CONBE Conotoxin Bt1.8 Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CA18_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.8 (Alpha-conotoxin-like ... Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA18_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin Mr1.7a (Conotoxin Mr1.8) ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA19_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.9 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA1A1_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Leo-A1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA1AB_CONAN Alpha-conotoxin AnIB [Cleaved into: ... Conus anemone (Anemone cone)
CA1AB_CONSP Alpha-conotoxin SrIA/SrIB Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CA1A_CONAE Alpha-conotoxin ArIA [Cleaved into: ... Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CA1A_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIA Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CA1A_CONAV Alpha-conotoxin AusIA Conus australis (Austral cone) (Asprella ...
CA1A_CONBU Alpha-conotoxin BuIA (Conotoxin Bu1.3) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA1A_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIA [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1A_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin CIA (Cl) Conus catus (Cat cone)
CA1A_CONEP Alpha-conotoxin EpI Conus episcopatus (Bishop's cone)
CA1A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EI Conus ermineus (Agate cone) (Chelyconus ...
CA1A_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.10 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA1A_CONLG Alpha-conotoxin Lo1a Conasprella longurionis (Cone snail) (Conus ...
CA1A_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin LvIA (Alpha-CTx LvIA) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CA1A_CONLM Alpha-conotoxin LsIA Conus limpusi (Cone snail)
CA1A_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin-like MIA Conus magus (Magical cone)
CA1A_CONMD Alpha-conotoxin MilIA Conus milneedwardsi (Glory of India cone snail)
CA1A_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OI (Alpha-conotoxin OIA) Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)
CA1A_CONOM Alpha-conotoxin OmIA Conus omaria (Omaria cone)
CA1A_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin PnIA (Alpha-PnIA) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CA1A_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIA Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)
CA1A_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIA Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA1A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin QcIA (A superfamily conotoxin ... Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA1A_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin RgIA Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1A_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SIA (S1A) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA1A_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIA (Conotoxin tx1a) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1A_CONTI Alpha-conotoxin TiIA Conus tinianus (Variable cone)
CA1A_CONTU Rho-conotoxin TIA (Rho-TIA) Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CA1A_CONVC Alpha-conotoxin Vc1a (Alpha-Vc1a) (ACV1) (Vc1.1) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CA1A_CONVE Alpha-conotoxin-like Vn (Vn1A) Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CA1A_CONVR Alpha-conotoxin ViIA (ViIA-II) Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CA1B_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIB Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CA1B_CONBR Alpha-conotoxin BruIB Conus brunneus (Wood's brown cone)
CA1B_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin CIB (C1.2) Conus catus (Cat cone)
CA1B_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin-like MIB Conus magus (Magical cone)
CA1B_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIB (Alpha-conotoxin SI-like) Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)
CA1B_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin PnIB Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CA1B_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIB Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA1B_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1b/Reg1c Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1B_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIB Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1B_CONVE Alpha-conotoxin VnIB Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CA1CB_CONTE Conotoxin TxIC Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1C_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIC Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CA1C_CONAN Alpha-conotoxin-like AnIC Conus anemone (Anemone cone)
CA1C_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIC [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1C_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin CIC (C1.1) (Ca001) Conus catus (Cat cone)
CA1C_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIC Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA1C_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin LvIC Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CA1C_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIC Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA1C_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin Tx1C (Alpha-conotoxin-like 1) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1D_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GID Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA1D_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1d Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1D_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxID (Alpha-conotoxin TxIC) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1E_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1e Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1F_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1f Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1LB_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like RgIB (Alpha-RGIB) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1Z_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1.2 (Conotoxin Tx1.1) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GI (G1) Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA1_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin ImI (Alpha-CTx ImI) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CA1_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin MI (Alpha-MI) (CtxMI) (M1) Conus magus (Magical cone)
CA1_CONQU Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-1 (QcaL-1) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA1_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SI Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA2B_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIIB (E1.2) Conus ermineus (Agate cone) (Chelyconus ...
CA2_CONQU Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-2 (QcaL-2) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA2_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx2 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA4A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIVA Conus ermineus (Agate cone) (Chelyconus ...
CA4A_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIVA (Alpha-A-O4a) ... Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)
CA4A_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIVA Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)
CA4A_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIVA (Alpha-A-conotoxin PIVA) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA4B_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIVB Conus ermineus (Agate cone) (Chelyconus ...
CA4B_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIVB (Alpha-A-O4b) ... Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)
CA4B_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIVB Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)
CA761_CONIN Alpha-conotoxin In1761 Conus inscriptus (Engraved cone)
CA878_CONIN Alpha-conotoxin In1878 Conus inscriptus (Engraved cone)
CA907_CONIN Alpha-conotoxin In1907 (Alpha-conotoxin In1857) ... Conus inscriptus (Engraved cone)
CAE1_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin Pu14.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)
CAEA_CONTS Alpha-conotoxin-like ts14a Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CAI15_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin G1.5 Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CAIA_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIA Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CAIB_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIB Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CAL12_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin-like PnMGMR-02 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CAS2_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SII Conus striatus (Striated cone)

1 entry

Conotoxin B superfamily

CBOA_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXIVA (AlphaB-conotoxin ... Conus vexillum (Flag cone)

25 entries

Conotoxin D superfamily

CDK3_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin Cp20.3 (Conopeptide alpha-D-Cp) Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CDK3_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin Ms20.3 (Conopeptide alpha-D Ms) Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CDKA1_CONFE Alpha-conotoxin FrXXA (Toxin 1) Conus fergusoni (Ferguson's cone)
CDKA2_CONFE Alpha-conotoxin FrXXA 2 (Toxin 2) Conus fergusoni (Ferguson's cone)
CDKA_CONGR Alpha-conotoxin GeXXA (Alpha-D-conotoxin GeXXA) ... Conus generalis (General cone)
CDKA_CONPG Alpha-conotoxin PiXXA Conus princeps (Prince cone)
CDKA_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXA (Vx20.1) (VxXIIA) Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CDKB_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXB (Alpha-D-conotoxin VxXXB) ... Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CDKC_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXC (VxXIIC) Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CDS1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt28.1 (Conotoxin Lt15.2) ... Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CXAT1_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.1 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT1_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.1 (Alpha-D-conotoxin ... Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT1_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.1 (MsXXA) Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CXAT1_CONPO Alpha-conotoxin-like Vt20.1 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CXAT1_CONRT Alpha-conotoxin-like Rt20.1 Conus rattus (Rat cone)
CXAT2_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.2 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT2_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.2 ... Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT2_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.2 Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CXAT2_CONRT Alpha-conotoxin-like Rt20.2 Conus rattus (Rat cone)
CXAT3_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.3 ... Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT4_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.4 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT4_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.4 ... Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT4_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.4 Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CXAT5_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.5 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT5_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.5 Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)

7 entries

Conotoxin J superfamily

CJE1_CONFR Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like fe14.1 Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)
CJE1_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.1 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CJE28_CONBU Conotoxin Bu28 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CJE2_CONFR Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like fe14.2 Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)
CJE2_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.2 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CJE3_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.3 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CJEA_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin pl14a (Conotoxin PlXIVA) Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)

1 entry

Conotoxin L superfamily

CLE1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt14.1 (Alpha-L-conotoxin Lt14a) ... Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)

7 entries

Conotoxin M superfamily

CM3A_CONAC Conotoxin ArchIIIA (F27-1) Conus archon (Magistrate cone)
CM3D_CONST Conotoxin SIIID (S3-G02) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CM3E_CONPI Psi-conotoxin PrIIIE (Psi-conotoxin Pr3.5) ... Conus parius (Cone snail)
CM3E_CONPU Psi-conotoxin PIIIE (Psi-conotoxin P3.8) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CM3F_CONPU Psi-conotoxin PIIIF Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CM3J_CONMA Conotoxin MIIIJ (AlphaM-MIIIJ) Conus magus (Magical cone)
GM3C_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC Conus consors (Singed cone)

2 entries

Conotoxin O1 superfamily

CO1EA_CONGR Alpha-conotoxin GeXIVA (Alpha-O-conotoxin ... Conus generalis (General cone)
O1VA_CONGR O-conotoxin GeXXXIA (O-conotoxin GeXXVIIA) ... Conus generalis (General cone)

2 entries

Conotoxin S superfamily

CSA8A_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GVIIIB (AlphaS-conotoxin GVIIIB) Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CSA8A_CONRA Alpha-conotoxin RVIIIA (AlphaS-conotoxin RVIIIA) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)

2 entries

FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) family

CRF1_CONCF Conorfamide-As1 (Conorfamide-As1a) (CNF-As1a) ... Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus ...
CRF2_CONCF Conorfamide-As2 (Conorfamide-As2a) (CNF-As2a) ... Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus ...

5 entries

Not in a family

AON_AZEFE Azemiopsin Azemiops feae (Fea's viper)
CCAA_CONPI Alpha-conotoxin PrXA (Alpha-C-PrXA) Conus parius (Cone snail)
CX07_CONZO Conotoxin Czon1107 Conus zonatus (Zoned cone)
T3A_TERVA Venom peptide Tv1 (Teretoxin v3a) Terebra variegata (Variegate auger snail)
TUL2_POLNO Turritoxin F21-2 (Turripeptide F21-2) Polystira nobilis (Sea snail) (Pleurotoma ...

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group I subfamily, D49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2A1_NAJKA Acidic phospholipase A2 CM-II (CM 2) (svPLA2) ... Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group II subfamily, D49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2B_VIPRE Basic phospholipase A2 vurtoxin (svPLA2) (EC ... Vipera renardi (Steppe viper) (Vipera ursinii ...

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group II subfamily, S49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2HS_VIPRE Basic phospholipase A2 homolog Vur-S49 (svPLA2 ... Vipera renardi (Steppe viper) (Vipera ursinii ...

1 entry

Sea anemone type 3 (BDS) potassium channel toxin family

5BPIA_HETMG Pi/alpha-stichotoxin-Hmg5b (Pi/Alpha-SHTX-Hmg5b) ... Heteractis magnifica (Magnificent sea anemone) ...

1 entry

Short scorpion toxin superfamily, Potassium channel inhibitor kappa-KTx family, Kappa-KTx 5 subfamily

KKX51_HETLA Potassium channel toxin kappa-KTx 5.1 (HelaTx1) Heterometrus laoticus (Thai giant scorpion)

5 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Ancestral subfamily

Select_allDeselect_all "Snake three-finger toxin family" VenomZone page
3NX2_MICSU Long neurotoxin MS2 Micrurus surinamensis (Surinam coral snake)
3NX4_MICFR Frontoxin IV (FTx IV) Micrurus frontalis (Coral snake)
3NX4_MICSU Long neurotoxin MS4 Micrurus surinamensis (Surinam coral snake)
3NX5_MICFR Frontoxin V (FTx V) Micrurus frontalis (Coral snake)
3NX5_MICSU Long neurotoxin MS5 Micrurus surinamensis (Surinam coral snake)

8 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Ancestral subfamily, Boigatoxin sub-subfamily

Select_allDeselect_all "Snake three-finger toxin family" VenomZone page
3NB2_TRIBI Toxin 3FTx-Tri2 Trimorphodon biscutatus (Western lyre snake)
3NB3_TRIBI Toxin 3FTx-Tri3 Trimorphodon biscutatus (Western lyre snake)
3NB4_TELDH Toxin 3FTx-Tel4 Telescopus dhara (Egyptian catsnake)
3NBA_BOIDE Boigatoxin-A Boiga dendrophila (Mangrove snake) (Gold-ringed ...
3NBA_BOIIR Irditoxin subunit A (IrTxA) Boiga irregularis (Brown tree snake)
3NBB_BOIIR Irditoxin subunit B (IrTxB) Boiga irregularis (Brown tree snake)
3NBB_COERA Alpha-colubritoxin Coelognathus radiatus (Radiated ratsnake) ...
3NB_BOIDE Denmotoxin Boiga dendrophila (Mangrove snake) (Gold-ringed ...

23 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Ancestral subfamily, Orphan group II sub-subfamily

Select_allDeselect_all "Snake three-finger toxin family" VenomZone page
3NO21_BUNCA Weak toxin 1 Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3NO21_NAJAT Probable weak neurotoxin NNAM1 Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3NO22_BUNCA Weak toxin 2 Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3NO22_MICCO Three-finger toxin 3FTx-2 (3FTx) Micrurus corallinus (Brazilian coral snake)
3NO22_NAJAT Probable weak neurotoxin NNAM2 (TA-N9) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3NO23_BUNCA Weak toxin 3 Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3NO23_NAJAT Probable weak neurotoxin NNAM3 Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3NO24_BUNCA Neurotoxin Ntx4 Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3NO24_OPHHA Weak neurotoxin WNTX34 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3NO25_NAJSP Weak neurotoxin 5 (Wntx-5) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3NO25_WALAE Three finger toxin W-V Walterinnesia aegyptia (Desert black snake)
3NO26_NAJNA Weak neurotoxin 6 Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3NO26_NAJSP Weak neurotoxin 6 (Wntx-6) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3NO28_BUNFA Neurotoxin 3FTx-8a (3FTx-VIIIa) Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait) (Pseudoboa ...
3NO28_NAJSP Weak neurotoxin 8 (Wntx-8) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3NO29_NAJSP Weak neurotoxin 9 (Wntx-9) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3NO2A_NAJSP Weak neurotoxin 10 (Wntx-10) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3NO2H_NAJAT Long neurotoxin homolog (Kappa-cobrotoxin) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3NO2I_NAJAT Probable weak neurotoxin NNAM2I Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3NO2N_NAJKA Weak toxin NWT Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3NO2_BUNFA Neurotoxin 3FTx-LT Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait) (Pseudoboa ...
3NO2_NAJOX Oxiana weak toxin (OWT) Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
3NO2_OPHHA Weak neurotoxin OH-72 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)

4 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Ancestral subfamily, Orphan group IV sub-subfamily

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3NO41_BUNMU Neurotoxin BM10-1-like (BM10-1l) Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3NO48_MICCO Alpha-neurotoxin homolog 8 (NXH8) Micrurus corallinus (Brazilian coral snake)
3NO4H_BUNMU Long neurotoxin homolog (BM10-1) Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3NO4_BUNCA Candoxin Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)

1 entry

Snake three-finger toxin family, Ancestral subfamily, Orphan group XVII sub-subfamily

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3NOH_BUNMU Toxin BMLCL (BM8) Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)

9 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Long-chain subfamily, Kappa-neurotoxin sub-subfamily

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3LK2_BUNMU Kappa-2-bungarotoxin (Kappa-neurotoxin CB1) Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3LK3_BUNMU Kappa-3-bungarotoxin (K3Bgt) (Kappa-neurotoxin) ... Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3LK4_BUNMU Kappa-4-bungarotoxin Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3LK5_BUNMU Kappa-5-bungarotoxin Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3LK6_BUNMU Kappa-6-bungarotoxin (K-6 bungarotoxin) Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3LKA_BUNCA Kappa 1a-bungarotoxin Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3LKB_BUNCA Kappa 1b-bungarotoxin Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3LKB_BUNMU Kappa-bungarotoxin (Kappa-bgt) ... Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3LKF_BUNFL Kappa-flavitoxin (Kappa-ftx) (Kappa-fvt) (Long ... Bungarus flaviceps flaviceps (Red-headed krait)

91 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Long-chain subfamily, Type II alpha-neurotoxin sub-subfamily

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3L213_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 13 (LNTX-13) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L217_OPHHA Long neurotoxin OH-17 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L21A_BUNMU Alpha-bungarotoxin (Alpha-Bgtx) (Alpha-Btx) ... Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3L21V_BUNMU Alpha-bungarotoxin isoform V31 (Alpha-BTX V31) ... Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
3L21_ACAAN Alpha-elapitoxin-Aa2b (Alpha-EPTX-Aa2b) (Long ... Acanthophis antarcticus (Common death adder)
3L21_ASPSC Long neurotoxin 1 (Toxin S4C6) Aspidelaps scutatus (Shield-nose snake)
3L21_AUSLA Alpha-elapitoxin-Al2b (Alpha-EPTX-Al2b) Austrelaps labialis (Pygmy copperhead) ...
3L21_AUSSU Long neurotoxin 1 (LNTX-1) Austrelaps superbus (Lowland copperhead snake) ...
3L21_BUNCA Alpha-elapitoxin-Bc2a (Alpha-EPTX-Bc2a) ... Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3L21_DEMVE Long neurotoxin LNTX-1 Demansia vestigiata (Lesser black whip snake) ...
3L21_DENJA Alpha-elapitoxin-Djk2a (Alpha-EPTX-Djk2a) (Long ... Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae (Eastern Jameson's ...
3L21_DENPO Alpha-elapitoxin-Dpp2a (Alpha-EPTX-Dpp2a) (Long ... Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)
3L21_DENVI Alpha-elapitoxin-Dv2b (Alpha-EPTX-Dv2b) (Long ... Dendroaspis viridis (Western green mamba)
3L21_HYDHA Long neurotoxin 1 Hydrophis hardwickii (Hardwick's spine-bellied ...
3L21_HYDST Alpha-elapitoxin-Ast2a (Alpha-EPTX-Ast2a) (Long ... Hydrophis stokesii (Stokes's sea snake) ...
3L21_LATCO Alpha-elapitoxin-Lc2c (Alpha-EPTX-Lc2c) (Long ... Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3L21_LATSE Alpha-elapitoxin-Ls2a (Alpha-EPTX-Ls2a) (Long ... Laticauda semifasciata (Black-banded sea krait) ...
3L21_NAJAC Long neurotoxin 1 (Toxin III) Naja anchietae (Anchieta's cobra) (Naja haje ...
3L21_NAJHH Long neurotoxin 1 (Toxin CM-5) Naja haje haje (Egyptian cobra)
3L21_NAJKA Alpha-cobratoxin (Alpha-CT) (Alpha-CbT) ... Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3L21_NAJME Long neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin 3.9.4) Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) (Black-lipped ...
3L21_NAJNA Long neurotoxin 1 (Toxin A) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3L21_NAJNI Long neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin alpha) Naja nivea (Cape cobra) (Coluber niveus)
3L21_NAJOX Alpha-elapitoxin-Nno2a (Alpha-EPTX-Nno2a) (Long ... Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
3L21_NOTSC Alpha-elapitoxin-Nss2a (Alpha-EPTX-Nss2a) (Long ... Notechis scutatus scutatus (Mainland tiger ...
3L21_OPHHA Long neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin A) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L21_OXYMI Long neurotoxin 1 (LNTX-1) Oxyuranus microlepidotus (Inland taipan) ...
3L21_OXYSC Long neurotoxin 1 (LNTX-1) Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus (Australian ...
3L21_PSETE Long neurotoxin 1 (LNTX-1) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3L21_TROCA Long neurotoxin 1 (LNTX-1) Tropidechis carinatus (Australian rough-scaled ...
3L220_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 20 (LNTX-20) (Long neurotoxin ... Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L221_NAJAN Long neurotoxin 1 (NXL1) Naja annulata annulata (Banded water cobra) ...
3L222_OPHHA Long neurotoxin LNTX22 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L228_OPHHA Long neurotoxin LNTX28 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L22A_AUSLA Alpha-elapitoxin-Al2a (Alpha-EPTX-Al2a) ... Austrelaps labialis (Pygmy copperhead) ...
3L22A_OPHHA Alpha-elapitoxin-Oh2a (Alpha-EPTX-Oh2a) (Long ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L22E_ACAAN Alpha-elapitoxin-Aa2e (Alpha-EPTX-Aa2e) (Aa ... Acanthophis antarcticus (Common death adder)
3L22H_OPHHA Long neurotoxin LNTX-2 homolog Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L22_AUSSU Alpha-elapitoxin-As2a (Alpha-EPTX-As2a) (Long ... Austrelaps superbus (Lowland copperhead snake) ...
3L22_BUNCA Alpha-elapitoxin-Bc2b (Alpha-EPTX-Bc2b) ... Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3L22_DEMVE Long neurotoxin LNTX-2 Demansia vestigiata (Lesser black whip snake) ...
3L22_DENPO Alpha-elapitoxin-Dpp2c (Alpha-EPTX-Dpp2c) (Long ... Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)
3L22_DENVI Alpha-elapitoxin-Dv2a (Alpha-EPTX-Dv2a) (Long ... Dendroaspis viridis (Western green mamba)
3L22_HYDHA Long neurotoxin 2 Hydrophis hardwickii (Hardwick's spine-bellied ...
3L22_HYDST Alpha-elapitoxin-Ast2b (Alpha-EPTX-Ast2b) (Long ... Hydrophis stokesii (Stokes's sea snake) ...
3L22_NAJME Long neurotoxin 2 (Neurotoxin B) (Tx-NM4) Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) (Black-lipped ...
3L22_NAJNA Long neurotoxin 2 (Toxin B) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3L22_OPHHA Long neurotoxin 2 (Neurotoxin B) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L22_OXYMI Long neurotoxin 2 (LNTX-2) Oxyuranus microlepidotus (Inland taipan) ...
3L231_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 31 (LNTX-31) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L231_OPHHA Long neurotoxin-like OH-31 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L234_OPHHA Long neurotoxin OH-34 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L237_OPHHA Long neurotoxin OH-37 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L23X_OPHHA Long neurotoxin LNTX37 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L23_BUNCA Alpha-elapitoxin-Bc2c (Alpha-EPTX-Bc2c) ... Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3L23_DENPO Alpha-elapitoxin-Dpp2b (Alpha-EPTX-Dpp2b) (Long ... Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)
3L23_HYDHA Alpha-elapitoxin-Lh2a (Alpha-EPTX-Lh2a) (Long ... Hydrophis hardwickii (Hardwick's spine-bellied ...
3L23_NAJME Long neurotoxin Tx-NM2 Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) (Black-lipped ...
3L23_NAJNA Long neurotoxin 3 (Toxin C) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3L23_OPHHA Long neurotoxin 3 (Neurotoxin CM-9) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L243_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 43 (LNTX-43) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L246_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 469 (LNTX-469) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L24_DENPO Alpha-elapitoxin-Dpp2d (Alpha-EPTX-Dpp2d) Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)
3L24_NAJME Long neurotoxin Tx-NM3-1 Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) (Black-lipped ...
3L24_NAJNA Long neurotoxin 4 (Toxin D) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3L24_OPHHA Long neurotoxin 4 (Alpha-neurotoxin) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L255_OPHHA Alpha-elapitoxin-Oh3a (CM-11) (Long neurotoxin ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L256_OPHHA Long neurotoxin OH-56 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L257_OPHHA Long neurotoxin OH-57 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L25_NAJNA Long neurotoxin 5 (Toxin E) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3L25_OPHHA Long neurotoxin OH-5 (Alpha-neurotoxin) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L26_OPHHA Alpha-elapitoxin-Oh2b (Alpha-EPTX-Oh2b) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L273_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 73 (LNTX-73) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L277_DRYCN Long neurotoxin 77 (LNTX-77) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3L27_NAJNA Alpha-elapitoxin-Nn3a (Long neurotoxin 7) ... Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3L27_NAJSP Long neurotoxin 7 (LNTX7) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3L2A2_ACAAN Alpha-elapitoxin-Aa2a (Alpha-EPTX-Aa2a) Acanthophis antarcticus (Common death adder)
3L2A_BUNCA Alpha-bungarotoxin, isoform A31 (Alpha-BgTx ... Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3L2A_BUNCE Alpha-delta-bungarotoxin-4 (Alpha-delta-Bgt-4) Bungarus caeruleus (Indian krait)
3L2A_LATCO Toxin Lc a Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3L2B_LATCO Toxin Lc b Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3L2B_PSETE Pseudonajatoxin b (Long neurotoxin B) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3L2D_ACAAN Alpha-elapitoxin-Aa2d (Alpha-EPTX-Aa2d) ... Acanthophis antarcticus (Common death adder)
3L2H_PSEAU Long neurotoxin homolog Pa ID (LNTX-ID) Pseudechis australis (Mulga snake) (King brown ...
3L2L_LATLA Long neurotoxin LlLong Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3L2N3_BUNCA Alpha-bungarotoxin N3 (AlphaN3) Bungarus candidus (Malayan krait)
3L2O1_OXYMI Long neurotoxin 3FTx-Oxy1 Oxyuranus microlepidotus (Inland taipan) ...
3L2O2_OXYMI Long neurotoxin 3FTx-Oxy2 Oxyuranus microlepidotus (Inland taipan) ...
3L2P_PSETE Pseudonajatoxin b homolog (Pt-bp) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3L2X1_OPHHA Long neurotoxin LNTX1 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3L2X8_OPHHA Long neurotoxin LNTX8 Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)

23 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily

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3SX1A_MICMP Mipartoxin-1A (Mipartoxin-IA) (Three-finger ... Micrurus mipartitus (Red-tailed coral snake)
3SX1_MICMP Mipartoxin-1 (Mipartoxin-I) (Three-finger toxin) ... Micrurus mipartitus (Red-tailed coral snake)
3SX1_MICNI Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-binding protein ... Micrurus nigrocinctus (Central American coral ...
3SX1_OPHHA Neurotoxin Oh9-1 (OMEGA-neurotoxin Oh9-1) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SX2_MICFR Frontoxin II (FTx II) (Three-finger toxin) ... Micrurus frontalis (Coral snake)
3SX2_MICMP Mipartoxin-2 (Mipartoxin-II) (Three-finger ... Micrurus mipartitus (Red-tailed coral snake)
3SX2_OPHHA Short neurotoxin OH-32 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SX3_MICMP Mipartoxin-3 (Mipartoxin-III) (Three-finger ... Micrurus mipartitus (Red-tailed coral snake)
3SX3_MICNI Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-binding protein ... Micrurus nigrocinctus (Central American coral ...
3SX4_MICMP Mipartoxin-4 (Mipartoxin-IV) (Three-finger ... Micrurus mipartitus (Red-tailed coral snake)
3SX4_MICNI Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-binding protein ... Micrurus nigrocinctus (Central American coral ...
3SX5_OPHHA Short neurotoxin OH-5 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SX6_OPHHA Short neurotoxin SNTX6 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SX7_OPHHA Short neurotoxin OH-46 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SX9_MICAT Three-finger toxin MALT0059C (3FTx MALT0059C) Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3SXA_MICFL Fulditoxin (Micrurus fulvius dimeric neurotoxin) ... Micrurus fulvius (Eastern coral snake) (Coluber ...
3SXB_MICFL Three-finger toxin 3b (3FTx 3b) (Micrurus ... Micrurus fulvius (Eastern coral snake) (Coluber ...
3SXB_OPHHA Short neurotoxin SNTX11 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SXE_OPHHA Short neurotoxin SNTX14 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SXQ_OPHHA Short neurotoxin SNTX26 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SXZ_OPHHA Short neurotoxin OH-26 (Three-finger toxin) ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3SX_MICPY Venom protein E2 (Three-finger toxin) (3FTx) Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)
3SX_MICSU Short neurotoxin MS11 (Three-finger toxin) ... Micrurus surinamensis (Surinam coral snake)

1 entry

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Orphan group VIII (haditoxin) sub-subfamily

"Snake three-finger toxin family" VenomZone page
3SO8_OPHHA Haditoxin (Muscarinic toxin-like protein 3 ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)

114 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Type I alpha-neurotoxin sub-subfamily

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3S110_DENJA Toxin S5C10 Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae (Eastern Jameson's ...
3S110_LATLA Short neurotoxin OKI-10 Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S116_HYDHA Short neurotoxin SN160 Hydrophis hardwickii (Hardwick's spine-bellied ...
3S11B_BUNFA Alpha-elapitoxin-Bf1b (Alpha-EPTX-Bf1b) Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait) (Pseudoboa ...
3S11H_OPHHA Weak toxin DE-1 homolog 1 (WTX DE-1 homolog 1) Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
3S11_ACAAN Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin Aa c) Acanthophis antarcticus (Common death adder)
3S11_AIPLA Short neurotoxin A Aipysurus laevis (Olive sea snake)
3S11_AUSSU Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) Austrelaps superbus (Lowland copperhead snake) ...
3S11_BUNFA Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin V-II-1) Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait) (Pseudoboa ...
3S11_CRYNI Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) Cryptophis nigrescens (Eastern small-eyed snake) ...
3S11_DEMVE Short neurotoxin SNTX-1 Demansia vestigiata (Lesser black whip snake) ...
3S11_DENJA Short neurotoxin 1 Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae (Eastern Jameson's ...
3S11_DENPO Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin alpha) Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis (Black mamba)
3S11_DENVI Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin 4.11.3) Dendroaspis viridis (Western green mamba)
3S11_HEMHA Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin II) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3S11_HOPST Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) Hoplocephalus stephensii (Stephens' banded ...
3S11_HYDCY Short neurotoxin 1 (Hydrophitoxin a) Hydrophis cyanocinctus (Asian annulated sea ...
3S11_HYDHA Short neurotoxin 1 (SN12) (Toxin 4) Hydrophis hardwickii (Hardwick's spine-bellied ...
3S11_HYDLA Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin A) Hydrophis lapemoides (Persian gulf sea snake) ...
3S11_HYDOR Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin A) Hydrophis ornatus (Ornate reef seasnake)
3S11_HYDPR Short neurotoxin 1 (Major/minor neurotoxin) Hydrophis peronii (Spiny-headed seasnake) ...
3S11_HYDSC Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin 4) Hydrophis schistosus (Beaked sea snake) ...
3S11_HYDST Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin A) Hydrophis stokesii (Stokes's sea snake) ...
3S11_LATLA Short neurotoxin OKI-17/NCA-06 Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S11_MICFR Frontoxin I (FTx I) Micrurus frontalis (Coral snake)
3S11_MICLL Three-finger toxin A1 (MlatA1) (Short chain ... Micrurus laticollaris (Balsas coral snake)
3S11_MICNI Three-finger toxin Mnn I (Neurotoxin alpha) ... Micrurus nigrocinctus (Central American coral ...
3S11_MICSU Three-finger toxin MS1 (Short neurotoxin MS1) Micrurus surinamensis (Surinam coral snake)
3S11_MICTC Three-finger toxin Tschuditoxin-I Micrurus tschudii (Desert coral snake)
3S11_NAJAN Short neurotoxin 1 Naja annulata annulata (Banded water cobra) ...
3S11_NAJCH Short neurotoxin 1 Naja christyi (Christy's water cobra) ...
3S11_NAJHA Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin alpha) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3S11_NAJHH Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin CM-6) Naja haje haje (Egyptian cobra)
3S11_NAJME Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin D) Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) (Black-lipped ...
3S11_NAJMO Short neurotoxin 1 (NMM I) (Neurotoxin I) Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3S11_NAJNI Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin delta) Naja nivea (Cape cobra) (Coluber niveus)
3S11_NAJOX Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin II) (NT II) ... Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
3S11_NAJPA Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin alpha) (Toxin ... Naja pallida (Red spitting cobra)
3S11_NAJPH Short neurotoxin 1 (NTX I) Naja philippinensis (Philippine cobra)
3S11_NAJSA Short neurotoxin 1 (NTX I) Naja samarensis (Peters' cobra)
3S11_NOTSC Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) Notechis scutatus scutatus (Mainland tiger ...
3S11_OXYSC Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) (Toxin 3) Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus (Australian ...
3S11_PSEAU Short neurotoxin 1 (Neurotoxin PA A) Pseudechis australis (Mulga snake) (King brown ...
3S11_PSEPO Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) Pseudechis porphyriacus (Red-bellied black ...
3S11_TROCA Short neurotoxin 1 (SNTX-1) Tropidechis carinatus (Australian rough-scaled ...
3S12A_DRYCN Short neurotoxin 2 (SNTX-2) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3S12B_MICPY Weak neurotoxin D2B Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)
3S12_AIPLA Short neurotoxin B Aipysurus laevis (Olive sea snake)
3S12_CRYNI Short neurotoxin 2 (SNTX-2) Cryptophis nigrescens (Eastern small-eyed snake) ...
3S12_HEMHA Short neurotoxin 2 (Toxin IV) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3S12_HYDCY Short neurotoxin 2 (Hydrophitoxin b) Hydrophis cyanocinctus (Asian annulated sea ...
3S12_HYDHA Short neurotoxin 2 (SN36) Hydrophis hardwickii (Hardwick's spine-bellied ...
3S12_HYDPR Short neurotoxin 2 Hydrophis peronii (Spiny-headed seasnake) ...
3S12_LATCO Short neurotoxin II Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3S12_LATLA Short neurotoxin VAN-10 Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S12_NAJHA Short neurotoxin 2 (Toxin CM-14) (Toxin V-N-I2) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3S12_NAJHH Short neurotoxin 2 (Toxin CM-10a) Naja haje haje (Egyptian cobra)
3S12_NAJNA Alpha-elapitoxin-Nn2a (Short neurotoxin 2) ... Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3S12_NAJNI Short neurotoxin 2 (Neurotoxin beta) Naja nivea (Cape cobra) (Coluber niveus)
3S12_OXYSC Short neurotoxin 2 (SNTX-2) Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus (Australian ...
3S12_TROCA Short neurotoxin 2 (SNTX-2) Tropidechis carinatus (Australian rough-scaled ...
3S134_DRYCN Short neurotoxin 342 (SNTX-342) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...
3S13_AIPLA Short neurotoxin C Aipysurus laevis (Olive sea snake)
3S13_LATLA Short neurotoxin OKI-01/OKI-19 Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S13_MICFR Frontoxin III (FTx III) Micrurus frontalis (Coral snake)
3S13_MICSU Three-finger toxin MS3 (Short neurotoxin MS3) Micrurus surinamensis (Surinam coral snake)
3S13_NAJHA Short neurotoxin 3 (Toxin CM-10) (Toxin V-NH-I1) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3S13_NAJMO Short neurotoxin 3 (NMM III) (Neurotoxin III) Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)
3S13_NAJSP Neurotoxin 3 (Toxin 3) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3S13_OXYMI Short neurotoxin 3FTx-Oxy3 Oxyuranus microlepidotus (Inland taipan) ...
3S13_WALAE Three-finger toxin W-III Walterinnesia aegyptia (Desert black snake)
3S14_AIPLA Short neurotoxin D Aipysurus laevis (Olive sea snake)
3S14_LATCO Short neurotoxin NCA-04 Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3S14_LATLA Short neurotoxin VAN-29 Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S14_NAJHA Short neurotoxin 4 (Toxin CM-12) (Toxin V-NH-I2) Naja annulifera (Banded Egyptian cobra) (Naja ...
3S14_OXYMI Short neurotoxin 3FTx-Oxy4 Oxyuranus microlepidotus (Inland taipan) ...
3S14_WALAE Three-finger toxin W-IV Walterinnesia aegyptia (Desert black snake)
3S151_MICAT Three finger toxin MALT0051C (MALT0051C) Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3S152_MICAT Three finger toxin MALT0052C (MALT0052C) Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3S154_MICAT Three finger toxin MALT0054C (MALT0054C) Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3S157_MICAT Three finger toxin MALT0057C (MALT0057C) Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3S158_MICAT Three finger toxin MALT0058C Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3S15_HYDSC Toxin 5 Hydrophis schistosus (Beaked sea snake) ...
3S15_LATCO Short neurotoxin NCA-02/NCA-05/UER-05 Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3S15_NAJSP Neurotoxin 5 (Toxin 5) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3S166_MICAT Three finger toxin MALT0066C (MALT0066C) Micrurus altirostris (Uruguayan coral snake) ...
3S16_MICFR Frontoxin VI (FTx VI) Micrurus frontalis (Coral snake)
3S1A1_NAJSP Alpha-neurotoxin NTX-1 (NTX1) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3S1A2_NAJSP Alpha-neurotoxin NTX-2 (NTX2) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3S1A3_NAJSP Alpha-neurotoxin NTX-3 (NTX3) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3S1A4_NAJSP Alpha-neurotoxin NTX-4 (NTX4) Naja sputatrix (Malayan spitting cobra) (Naja ...
3S1A_HYDPL Pelamitoxin a Hydrophis platurus (Yellow-bellied sea snake) ...
3S1A_HYDTO Toxin aagardi Hydrophis torquatus (West Coast black-headed sea ...
3S1A_LATCR Short neurotoxin A Laticauda crockeri (Crocker's sea snake) ...
3S1B1_NAJKA Short neurotoxin 1 (Toxin C-6) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3S1B2_NAJKA Cobrotoxin II (CBT II) (CBT2) (Short neurotoxin ... Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3S1B_LATCR Short neurotoxin B Laticauda crockeri (Crocker's sea snake) ...
3S1B_LATLA Short neurotoxin B Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S1CB_NAJAT Cobrotoxin (CBT) (CBTX) (CTX) (Atratoxin) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3S1CB_NAJKA Cobrotoxin (CBT) (Short neurotoxin I) (NT1) Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
3S1CB_NAJNA Cobrotoxin homolog (Short neurotoxin) Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3S1CC_NAJAT Cobrotoxin-b (CBT-b) (Atratoxin-b) (Cobrotoxin ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3S1C_LATCO Short neurotoxin C Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3S1C_LATCR Short neurotoxin C Laticauda crockeri (Crocker's sea snake) ...
3S1C_LATLA Short neurotoxin C Laticauda laticaudata (Blue-ringed sea krait) ...
3S1D1_MICPY Short neurotoxin D1 Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)
3S1D_LATCO Short neurotoxin D Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea krait) ...
3S1E1_MICPY Short neurotoxin E1 Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)
3S1E3_MICPY Weak neurotoxin E3 Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)
3S1EA_LATSE Erabutoxin a (ETXA) (Ea) (Short neurotoxin 1a) Laticauda semifasciata (Black-banded sea krait) ...
3S1EB_LATSE Erabutoxin b (ETXB) (Eb) (Short neurotoxin 1b) Laticauda semifasciata (Black-banded sea krait) ...
3S1EC_LATSE Erabutoxin c (ETXC) (Ec) (Short neurotoxin 1c) Laticauda semifasciata (Black-banded sea krait) ...
3S1ED_LATSE Short neurotoxin OKI-Ed Laticauda semifasciata (Black-banded sea krait) ...
3S1RI_BUNFA Neurotoxin 3FTx-RI Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait) (Pseudoboa ...

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Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Type III alpha-neurotoxin sub-subfamily

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3S31_PSETE Short neurotoxin 1/5 (SNTX1) (SNTX5) ... Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S32_PSETE Short neurotoxin 2 (SNTX2) (Alpha-neurotoxin 2) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S331_PSETE Short neurotoxin N1 (Alpha-neurotoxin) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S332_PSETE Short neurotoxin N2 (Alpha-neurotoxin) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S33_PSETE Short neurotoxin 3 (SNTX3) (Alpha-neurotoxin 3) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S34_PSETE Short neurotoxin 4 (SNTX4) (Alpha-neurotoxin 4) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S36_PSETE Short neurotoxin 6 (SNTX6) (Alpha-neurotoxin 6) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S37_PSETE Short neurotoxin 7 (SNTX7) (Alpha-neurotoxin 7) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)
3S38_PSETE Short neurotoxin 8 (SNTX8) Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)

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Waglerin family

WAG13_TROWA Waglerin-3 (SL-Waglerin-1) (SL-I) [Cleaved into: ... Tropidolaemus wagleri (Wagler's pit viper) ...