Hemolysis (Haemolysis)

Hemolysis is the rupture of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and the release of their contents (hemoglobin) into surrounding fluid.

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Venom protein entries in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

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433 entries grouped by family

18 entries

AB hydrolase superfamily, Lipase family

PA11_POLDO Phospholipase A1 1 (PLA1 1) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA11_VESAF Phospholipase A1 1 (PLA1) (EC ... Vespa affinis (Lesser banded hornet)
PA11_VESVE Phospholipase A1 verutoxin-1 (PLA1) (VT-1) (EC ... Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA12A_VESVE Phospholipase A1 verutoxin-2a (PLA1) (VT-2a) (EC ... Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA12B_VESVE Phospholipase A1 verutoxin-2b (PLA1) (VT-2b) (EC ... Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet)
PA12_POLDO Phospholipase A1 2 (PLA1 2) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA12_VESAF Phospholipase A1 2 (PLA1) (EC ... Vespa affinis (Lesser banded hornet)
PA13_POLDO Phospholipase A1 3 (PLA1 3) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA14_POLDO Phospholipase A1 4 (PLA1 4) (EC ... Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) (Vespa ...
PA1_DINQU Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Venom ... Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant)
PA1_POLAN Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Polistes annularis (Paper wasp)
PA1_POLGA Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Polistes gallicus (Paper wasp)
PA1_POLPI Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) ...
PA1_SOLIN Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (Allergen ... Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant) ...
PA1_VESBA Phospholipase A1 (vPLA1) (EC Vespa basalis (Hornet)
PA1_VESCR Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Vespa crabro (European hornet)
PA1_VESSQ Phospholipase A1 (PLA1) (EC (allergen ... Vespula squamosa (Southern yellow jacket) (Wasp)
VEST1_VESTR Phospholipase A1 VesT1.02 (EC Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex ...

3 entries

Actinoporin family, HALT subfamily

ACTL2_HYDVU Hydra actinoporin-like toxin 2 (HALT-2) ... Hydra vulgaris (Hydra) (Hydra attenuata)
ACTL3_HYDVU Hydra actinoporin-like toxin 3 (HALT-3) ... Hydra vulgaris (Hydra) (Hydra attenuata)
ACTL5_HYDVU Hydra actinoporin-like toxin 5 (HALT-5) ... Hydra vulgaris (Hydra) (Hydra attenuata)

3 entries

Arthropod phospholipase D family

BX3_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-beta-LOXN3 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
X5_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-LOXN5 (EC 4.6.1.-) ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
X6_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-LOXN6 (EC 4.6.1.-) ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)

14 entries

Arthropod phospholipase D family, Class I subfamily

A1H_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-alphaIA1 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
A311_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII1i (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A311_LOXS4 Dermonecrotic toxin Ls4SicTox-alphaIII1i (EC ... Loxosceles sp. (strain 4 GJB-2008) (Recluse ...
A312_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII1ii (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A312_LOXS4 Dermonecrotic toxin Ls4SicTox-alphaIII1ii (EC ... Loxosceles sp. (strain 4 GJB-2008) (Recluse ...
A31_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin (EC 4.6.1.-) (Phospholipase ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A32B_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin (EC 4.6.1.-) (Phospholipase ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A32_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII2 (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A331_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII3i (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A332_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII3ii (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A333_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII3iii (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A3X1_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIII-1 (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
AX1_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alpha-1 (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
B1R1_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE1i (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)

185 entries

Arthropod phospholipase D family, Class II subfamily

A1H1_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA1i (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1H1_LOXRE Dermonecrotic toxin LrSicTox-alphaIA1i (EC ... Loxosceles reclusa (Brown recluse spider)
A1H1_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA1i (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1H2_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA1ii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1H2_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA1ii (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1H3_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA1iii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1H3_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA1iii (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1H4_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA1iv (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1H_LOXSM Dermonecrotic toxin LsSicTox-alphaIA1 (EC ... Loxosceles similis (Brazilian brown spider) ...
A1I1_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA2i (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1I2_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA2ii (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1I3_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA2iii (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1I4_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaIA2iv (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A1IA1_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2ai (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA2_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2aii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA3_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2aiii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA3_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA2aiii (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1IA4_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2aiv (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA5_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2av (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA6_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2avi (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA7_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2avii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IA8_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2aviii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IB1_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2bi (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IB1_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA2bi (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1IB2_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2bii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IB2_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA2bii (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1IB3_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2biii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IB4_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2biv (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IB5_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2bv (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1IB6_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIA2bvi (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A1KA1_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1ai (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KA1_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB1ai (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1KA1_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1ai (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KA1_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1ai (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KA2_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1aii (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KA2_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB1aii (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1KA2_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1aii (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KA2_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1aii (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KA3_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1aiii (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KA3_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB1aiii (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1KA3_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1aiii (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KA3_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1aiii (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KA4_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1aiv (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KA4_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB1aiv (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1KA4_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1aiv (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KA4_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1aiv (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KA5_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1av (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KA5_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1av (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KA6_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1avi (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KA6_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1avi (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KB1_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1bi (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KB1_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1bi (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KB1_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1bi (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KB2_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1b2 (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KB2_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB1bii (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1KB2_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB1bii (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1KB3_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1b3 (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KB_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB1b (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1KB_LOXBO Dermonecrotic toxin LbSicTox-alphaIB1b (EC ... Loxosceles boneti (North American fiddleback ...
A1KC_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB1c (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1KC_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB1c (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1L1_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB2i (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1L2_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB2ii (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1L3_LOXSA Dermonecrotic toxin LsaSicTox-alphaIB2iii (EC ... Loxosceles sabina (Tucson recluse spider)
A1LA_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB2a (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1LB1_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB2bi (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1LB2_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB2bii (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1LC_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIB2c (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1L_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaIB2 (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A1L_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB2 (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MA1_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3ai (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MA2_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3aii (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MA3_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3aiii (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MA4_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3aiv (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MA5_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3av (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MA6_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3avi (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1MB_LOXDE Dermonecrotic toxin LdSicTox-alphaIB3b (EC ... Loxosceles deserta (Desert recluse spider)
A1OA1_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1ai (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OA2_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1aii (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OA3_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1aiii (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OA_LOXRU Dermonecrotic toxin LruSicTox-alphaIC1a (EC ... Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean recluse ...
A1OB1_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1bi (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OB2_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1bii (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OB3_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1biii (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OB4_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1biv (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OB5_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaIC1bv (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A1OB_LOXRU Dermonecrotic toxin LruSicTox-alphaIC1b (EC ... Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean recluse ...
A1OC_LOXRU Dermonecrotic toxin LruSicTox-alphaIC1c (EC ... Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean recluse ...
A1OD_LOXRU Dermonecrotic toxin LruSicTox-alphaIC1d (EC ... Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean recluse ...
A1O_LOXAM Dermonecrotic toxin LamSicTox-alphaIC1 (EC ... Loxosceles amazonica (Recluse spider)
A1O_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-alphaIC1 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
A1P_LOXRU Dermonecrotic toxin LruSicTox-alphaIC2 (EC ... Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean recluse ...
A1X1_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaI-1 (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A1X1_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-alphaI-1 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
A1X1_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaI-1 (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1X1_LOXRE Dermonecrotic toxin LrSicTox-alphaI-1 (EC ... Loxosceles reclusa (Brown recluse spider)
A1XA_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-alphaI-Loxn-A (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
A21_LOXAP Dermonecrotic toxin LapSicTox-alphaII1 (EC ... Loxosceles apachea (Apache recluse spider)
A21_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaII1 (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A21_LOXSP Dermonecrotic toxin LspaSicTox-alphaII1 (EC ... Loxosceles spadicea (Recluse spider)
A21_LOXVA Dermonecrotic toxin LvSicTox-alphaII1 (EC ... Loxosceles variegata (Recluse spider)
A22_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaII2 (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A31_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIII1 (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A411_LOXAM Dermonecrotic toxin LamSicTox-alphaIV1i (EC ... Loxosceles amazonica (Recluse spider)
A411_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIV1i (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A411_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV1i (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A412_LOXAM Dermonecrotic toxin LamSicTox-alphaIV1ii (EC ... Loxosceles amazonica (Recluse spider)
A412_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIV1ii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A412_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV1ii (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A413_LOXAM Dermonecrotic toxin LamSicTox-alphaIV1iii (EC ... Loxosceles amazonica (Recluse spider)
A413_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIV1iii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A41_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaIV1 (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
A41_LOXRU Dermonecrotic toxin LruSicTox-alphaIV1 (EC ... Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean recluse ...
A421_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV2i (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A422_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV2ii (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A423_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV2iii (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A424_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV2iv (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A42_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaIV2 (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A43_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-alphaIV3 (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
A611_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaVI1i (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A612_LOXHI Dermonecrotic toxin LhSicTox-alphaVI1ii (EC ... Loxosceles hirsuta (Recluse spider)
A71_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-alphaVII1 (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
B1D1_LOXAR Dermonecrotic toxin LarSicTox-betaID1 (EC ... Loxosceles arizonica (Arizona brown spider)
B1H2_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-betaIA1ii (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
B1KA_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIB1a (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1KB_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIB1b (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1LA_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIB2a (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1LB_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIB2b (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1M_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIB3 (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1N_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIB4 (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1O_LOXCS Dermonecrotic toxin LcsSicTox-betaIC1 (EC ... Loxosceles cf. spinulosa (strain GJB-2008) ...
B1R2_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE1ii (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1R_LOXAS Dermonecrotic toxin LafSicTox-betaIE1 (EC ... Loxosceles aff. spinulosa (strain GJB-2008) ...
B1S1_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE2i (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1S2_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE2ii (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1S3_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE2iii (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1S_LOXAS Dermonecrotic toxin LafSicTox-betaIE2 (EC ... Loxosceles aff. spinulosa (strain GJB-2008) ...
B1T1_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE3i (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1T2_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE3ii (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1U1_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE4i (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1U2_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIE4ii (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B1V_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIF1 (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B1V_SICPA Dermonecrotic toxin SpaSicTox-betaIF1 (EC ... Sicarius patagonicus (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1V_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIF1 (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B1V_SICTE Dermonecrotic toxin StSicTox-betaIF1 (EC ... Sicarius terrosus (Cave spider)
B2H_SICPA Dermonecrotic toxin SpaSicTox-betaIIA1 (EC ... Sicarius patagonicus (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2H_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA1 (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2I1_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA2i (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2I2_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA2ii (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2I3_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA2iii (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2I4_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA2iv (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2I5_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA2v (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2I_SICPA Dermonecrotic toxin SpaSicTox-betaIIA2 (EC ... Sicarius patagonicus (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2J1_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA3i (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2J2_SICPE Dermonecrotic toxin SpeSicTox-betaIIA3ii (EC ... Sicarius peruensis (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2J_SICPA Dermonecrotic toxin SpaSicTox-betaIIA3 (EC ... Sicarius patagonicus (Six-eyed sand spider)
B2KA1_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1ai (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KA2_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1aii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KA3_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1aiii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KA4_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1ai (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB1_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bi (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB2_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB3_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1biii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB4_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1biv (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB5_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bv (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB6_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bvi (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB7_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bvii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB8_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bviii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KB9_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bix (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KBA_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bx (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KBB_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bxi (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KBC_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bxii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KBD_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bxiii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2KBE_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB1bxiv (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2K_SICAL Dermonecrotic toxin SaSicTox-betaIIB1 (EC ... Sicarius albospinosus (Six-eyed crab spider)
B2L1_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB2i (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B2L2_SICCD Dermonecrotic toxin SdSicTox-betaIIB2ii (EC ... Sicarius cf. damarensis (strain GJB-2008) ...
B312_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIII1 (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B31_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIII1 (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
B32_LOXSN Dermonecrotic toxin LspiSicTox-betaIII2 (EC ... Loxosceles spinulosa (Recluse spider)
BX17_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-beta-LOXN1/LOXN7 ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
BX2_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-beta-LOXN2 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
BX4_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-beta-LOXN4 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
BX8_LOXGA Dermonecrotic toxin LgSicTox-beta-LOXN8 (EC ... Loxosceles gaucho (Spider)
DTPLD_HEMLE Dermonecrotic toxin Hl-PLD1 (EC 4.6.1.-) ... Hemiscorpius lepturus (Scorpion)

11 entries

Arthropod phospholipase D family, Class II subfamily, Class IIa sub-subfamily

A1H2_LOXRE Dermonecrotic toxin LrSicTox-alphaIA1ii (EC ... Loxosceles reclusa (Brown recluse spider)
A1HA_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA1a (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1HB1_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA1bi (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1HB2_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA1bii (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1IA1_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA2ai (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1IA2_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIA2aii (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A1KA_LOXBO Dermonecrotic toxin LbSicTox-alphaIB1a (EC ... Loxosceles boneti (North American fiddleback ...
A1K_LOXRE Dermonecrotic toxin LrSicTox-alphaIB1 (EC ... Loxosceles reclusa (Brown recluse spider)
A21_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaII1 (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A4A1_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaIVA1 (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
A51_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-alphaV1 (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)

4 entries

Arthropod phospholipase D family, Class II subfamily, Class IIb sub-subfamily

B1H_LOXLA Dermonecrotic toxin LlSicTox-betaIA1 (EC ... Loxosceles laeta (South American recluse spider) ...
B1O_SICTE Dermonecrotic toxin StSicTox-betaIC1 (EC ... Sicarius terrosus (Cave spider)
B1Q_LOXIN Dermonecrotic toxin LiSicTox-betaID1 (EC ... Loxosceles intermedia (Brown spider)
BIB11_SICTE Dermonecrotic toxin StSicTox-betaIB1i (EC ... Sicarius terrosus (Cave spider)

1 entry

Cathelicidin family

"Cathelicidin family" VenomZone page
CAMP1_PSETE Cathelicidin-related peptide Pt_CRAMP1 ... Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake)

5 entries

Cationic peptide 02 (oxyopinin-2) family

TOP1_OXYTA M-oxotoxin-Ot1a (M-OXTX-Ot1a) (Oxki1) ... Oxyopes takobius (Lynx spider) (Oxyopes ...
TOP2A_OXYTA M-oxotoxin-Ot2a (M-OXTX-Ot2a) (Oxki2a) ... Oxyopes takobius (Lynx spider) (Oxyopes ...
TOP2B_OXYTA M-oxotoxin-Ot2b (M-OXTX-Ot2b) (Oxki2b) ... Oxyopes takobius (Lynx spider) (Oxyopes ...
TOP2C_OXYTA M-oxotoxin-Ot2c (M-OXTX-Ot2c) (Oxki2c) ... Oxyopes takobius (Lynx spider) (Oxyopes ...
TOP2D_OXYTA M-oxotoxin-Ot2d (M-OXTX-Ot2d) (Oxki2d) ... Oxyopes takobius (Lynx spider) (Oxyopes ...

1 entry

Cationic peptide 03 (latarcin) family, 01 subfamily

LAT1_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt1a (M-ZDTX-Lt1a) (Latarcin-1) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)

2 entries

Cationic peptide 03 (latarcin) family, 02 subfamily

LAT2A_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt2a (M-ZDTX-Lt2a) (Latarcin-2a) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
LAT2B_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt2b (M-ZDTX-Lt2b) (Latarcin-2b) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)

1 entry

Cationic peptide 03 (latarcin) family, 05 subfamily

LAT5_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt5a (M-ZDTX-Lt5a) (Latarcin-5) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)

4 entries

Cationic peptide 04 (cupiennin) family, 01 subfamily

TXC1A_CUPSA Cupiennin-1a (Cu-1a) (M-ctenitoxin-Cs1a) ... Cupiennius salei (American wandering spider)
TXC1B_CUPSA Cupiennin-1b (Cu-1b) (M-ctenitoxin-Cs1b) ... Cupiennius salei (American wandering spider)
TXC1C_CUPSA Cupiennin-1c (Cu-1c) (M-ctenitoxin-Cs1c) ... Cupiennius salei (American wandering spider)
TXC1D_CUPSA Cupiennin-1d (Cu-1d) (M-ctenitoxin-Cs1d) ... Cupiennius salei (American wandering spider)

4 entries

Cationic peptide 04 (cupiennin) family, 05 subfamily

LYC3_LYCSI M-lycotoxin-Ls2a (M-LCTX-Ls2a) (Lycocitin-3) Lycosa singoriensis (Wolf spider) (Aranea ...
LYT1_HOGCA M-lycotoxin-Hc1a (M-LCTX-Hc1a) (Lycotoxin I) ... Hogna carolinensis (Carolina wolf spider) ...
LYT1_LYCER Toxin LyeTx 1 Lycosa erythrognatha (Wolf spider) (Scaptocosa ...
LYT2_HOGCA M-lycotoxin-Hc2a (M-LCTX-Hc2a) (Lycotoxin II) ... Hogna carolinensis (Carolina wolf spider) ...

16 entries

Cationic peptide 06 (cytoinsectotoxin) family

CT110_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8k (M-ZDTX-Lt8k) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CT111_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8h (M-ZDTX-Lt8h) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CT112_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8l (M-ZDTX-Lt8l) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CT113_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8m (M-ZDTX-Lt8m) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CT114_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8o (M-ZDTX-Lt8o) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CT115_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8p (M-ZDTX-Lt8p) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CT116_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8q (M-ZDTX-Lt8q) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX11_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8a (M-ZDTX-Lt8a) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX12_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8b (M-ZDTX-Lt8b) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX13_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8c (M-ZDTX-Lt8c) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX14_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8d (M-ZDTX-Lt8d) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX15_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8e (M-ZDTX-Lt8e) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX16_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8i (M-ZDTX-Lt8i) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX17_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8f (M-ZDTX-Lt8f) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX18_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8g (M-ZDTX-Lt8g) ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)
CTX19_LACTA M-zodatoxin-Lt8j (M-ZDTX-Lt8j) (Cytoinsectotoxin ... Lachesana tarabaevi (Spider)

48 entries

Flavin monoamine oxidase family, FIG1 subfamily

Select_allDeselect_all "Flavin monoamine oxidase family" VenomZone page
OXLA1_BOTJR L-amino-acid oxidase BjussuLAAO-I (BjsuLAAO) ... Bothrops jararacussu (Jararacussu)
OXLA1_DABRR L-amino-acid oxidase L1 (LAAO-L1) (LAO) (EC ... Daboia russelii (Russel's viper) (Vipera ...
OXLA2_BOTJR L-amino-acid oxidase BjussuLAAO-II (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops jararacussu (Jararacussu)
OXLA2_CROAD L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern diamondback ...
OXLA2_DABRR L-amino-acid oxidase L2 (LAAO-L2) (LAO) (EC ... Daboia russelii (Russel's viper) (Vipera ...
OXLA8_DEIAC L-amino-acid oxidase ACTX-8 (LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Deinagkistrodon acutus (Hundred-pace snake) ...
OXLAB_CERCE L-amino acid oxidase (CC-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Cerastes cerastes (Horned desert viper)
OXLA_AGKCL L-amino-acid oxidase (ACL-LAO) (LAAO) (EC ... Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded ...
OXLA_BITGA L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Bitis gabonica (Gaboon adder) (Gaboon viper)
OXLA_BOTAL L-amino-acid oxidase (Balt-LAAO-I) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops alternatus (Urutu) (Rhinocerophis ...
OXLA_BOTAT L-amino-acid oxidase (BatroxLAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops atrox (Barba amarilla) (Fer-de-lance)
OXLA_BOTCO L-amino-acid oxidase Bco23 (LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops cotiara (Cotiara) (Rhinocerophis ...
OXLA_BOTFO L-amino-acid oxidase Bfon20 (LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops fonsecai (Fonseca's lancehead) ...
OXLA_BOTIN L-amino-acid oxidase (BiLAO) (LAAO) (EC Bothrops insularis (Golden lancehead) (Lachesis ...
OXLA_BOTJA L-amino-acid oxidase (BjarLAAO-I) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops jararaca (Jararaca) (Bothrops jajaraca)
OXLA_BOTLC L-amino-acid oxidase (Bl-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops leucurus (Whitetail lancehead)
OXLA_BOTMA L-amino-acid oxidase (BmarLAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops marajoensis (Marajo lancehead)
OXLA_BOTMO L-amino-acid oxidase BmooLAAO-I (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops moojeni (Lance-headed viper) (Caissaca)
OXLA_BOTMT L-amino-acid oxidase (Bm-LAO) (LAAO) (EC ... Bothrops matogrossensis (Pitviper) (Bothrops ...
OXLA_BOTPA L-amino-acid oxidase (Bp-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops pauloensis (Neuwied's lancehead) ...
OXLA_BOTPI L-amino-acid oxidase (BpirLAAO-I) (LAO) (EC ... Bothrops pirajai (Piraja's lancehead)
OXLA_BUNFA L-amino-acid oxidase (Bf-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait) (Pseudoboa ...
OXLA_BUNMU L-amino-acid oxidase (Bm-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Bungarus multicinctus (Many-banded krait)
OXLA_CROAD L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern diamondback ...
OXLA_CROAT L-amino-acid oxidase apoxin-1 (LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Crotalus atrox (Western diamondback rattlesnake)
OXLA_CRODC L-amino-acid oxidase (Casca LAO) (LAAO) (EC ... Crotalus durissus cascavella (Northeastern ...
OXLA_DABRR L-amino-acid oxidase (DrLAO) (LAAO) (EC Daboia russelii (Russel's viper) (Vipera ...
OXLA_DABSI L-amino-acid oxidase (DRS-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Daboia siamensis (Eastern Russel's viper) ...
OXLA_DEMVE L-amino-acid oxidase (DvLAAO) (LAO) (EC Demansia vestigiata (Lesser black whip snake) ...
OXLA_ECHOC L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Echis ocellatus (Ocellated saw-scaled viper)
OXLA_ERIMA L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LNV-LAO) (EC ... Eristicophis macmahoni (Leaf-nosed viper)
OXLA_GLOBL L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (M-LAO) (EC Gloydius blomhoffii (Mamushi) (Agkistrodon halys ...
OXLA_GLOHA L-amino-acid oxidase (AHP-LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Gloydius halys (Chinese water mocassin) ...
OXLA_MACLB L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Macrovipera lebetina (Levantine viper) (Vipera ...
OXLA_MICMP L-amino acid oxidase (LAO) (MipLAAO1) (EC ... Micrurus mipartitus (Red-tailed coral snake)
OXLA_NAJAT L-amino-acid oxidase (LAO) (NA-LAAO) (EC ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
OXLA_NAJKA L-amino-acid oxidase (K-LAO) (LAAO) (EC Naja kaouthia (Monocled cobra) (Naja siamensis)
OXLA_NAJOX L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Naja oxiana (Central Asian cobra) (Oxus cobra)
OXLA_NOTSC L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Notechis scutatus scutatus (Mainland tiger ...
OXLA_OPHHA L-amino-acid oxidase (LAO) (Oh-LAAO) (EC ... Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra) (Naja hannah)
OXLA_OXYSC L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus (Australian ...
OXLA_PROFL L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC ... Protobothrops flavoviridis (Habu) (Trimeresurus ...
OXLA_PROMU L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (TM-LAO) (EC ... Protobothrops mucrosquamatus (Taiwan habu) ...
OXLA_PSEAU L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Pseudechis australis (Mulga snake) (King brown ...
OXLA_SISCA L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Sistrurus catenatus edwardsii (Desert ...
OXLA_TRIST L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (TSV-LAO) (EC ... Trimeresurus stejnegeri (Chinese green tree ...
OXLA_VIPAA L-amino-acid oxidase (LAO) (VAA-LAAO I) (EC ... Vipera ammodytes ammodytes (Western sand viper)
OXLA_VIPBB L-amino-acid oxidase (LAAO) (LAO) (EC Vipera berus berus (Common viper)

3 entries

Formicidae venom precursor-01 superfamily

TX12A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om2a (U-PONTX(01)-Om2a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX14A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om4a (U-PONTX(01)-Om4a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)
TX15A_ODOMO U-poneritoxin(01)-Om5a (U-PONTX(01)-Om5a) ... Odontomachus monticola (Trap-jaw ant)

3 entries

Formicidae venom precursor-01 superfamily, Ant pilosulin family

TX1AB_MYRPI M-myrmeciitoxin-Mp1 (M-MIITX-Mp1) (Allergen Myr ... Myrmecia pilosula (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX2A_MYRPI M-myrmeciitoxin-Mp2a (M-MIITX-Mp2a) (Allergen ... Myrmecia pilosula (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...
TX2B_MYRPI M-myrmeciitoxin-Mp2b (M-MIITX-Mp2b) ... Myrmecia pilosula (Jack jumper ant) (Australian ...

1 entry

Jellyfish toxin family

JTXU1_CYACP Toxin CcTX-1 Cyanea capillata (Lion's mane jellyfish) (Cyanea ...

1 entry

Jellyfish toxin family, Type I subfamily

JTX1A_CHIQU Toxin CqTX-A (CQT-A) (Toxin A) Chiropsoides quadrigatus (Box jellyfish) ...

4 entries

Jellyfish toxin family, Type II subfamily

JTX21_CARRA Toxin CrTX-A (CRT-1) (CrTX-B) (Toxin 1) ... Carybdea rastonii (Box jellyfish)
JTX2A_CARAL Toxin CaTX-A (Toxin-A) (CAT-1) (Toxin CaTX-B) ... Carybdea alata (Hawaiian box jellyfish)
JTX2A_CHIFL Toxin CfTX-A (Toxin A) (TX-A) Chironex fleckeri (Australian box jellyfish)
JTX2B_CHIFL Toxin CfTX-B (Toxin B) (TX-B) Chironex fleckeri (Australian box jellyfish)

1 entry

Long (4 C-C) scorpion toxin superfamily, Sodium channel inhibitor family, Beta subfamily

AMP2_TITDI Bactridin-2 (Bact2) (Bactridine 2) ... Tityus discrepans (Venezuelan scorpion)

2 entries

Long chain scorpion toxin family, Class 1 subfamily

KBX11_MESEU Potassium channel toxin MeuTXK-beta-1 ... Mesobuthus eupeus (Lesser Asian scorpion) ...
KBX12_MESEU Potassium channel toxin MeuTXK-beta-2 ... Mesobuthus eupeus (Lesser Asian scorpion) ...

1 entry

Long chain scorpion toxin family, Class 2 subfamily

KBX2_TITSE Tityustoxin-19 (Ts19) (Potassium channel toxin ... Tityus serrulatus (Brazilian scorpion)

10 entries

Melittin family

MELN_APICE Melittin-N (MEL-N) (MLT) Apis cerana (Indian honeybee)
MELS_APICE Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis cerana (Indian honeybee)
MEL_APICC Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis cerana cerana (Oriental honeybee)
MEL_APIDO Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis dorsata (Giant honeybee)
MEL_APIFL Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Apis florea (Dwarf honeybee)
MEL_APIME Melittin (MEL) (MLT) (Allergen Api m 3) ... Apis mellifera (Honeybee)
MEL_POLHE Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Polistes hebraeus (Paper wasp)
MEL_VESMC Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) ...
MEL_VESMG Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
MEL_VESVN Melittin (MEL) (MLT) Vespa velutina nigrithorax (Hornet)

8 entries

Non-disulfide-bridged peptide (NDBP) superfamily, Long chain multifunctional peptide (group 2) family

NDB21_HOFAZ Hadrurin (Non-disulfide-bridged peptide 2.1) ... Hoffmannihadrurus aztecus (Mexican scorpion) ...
NDB24_OPICA Opistoporin-1 (OP1) (Non-disulfide-bridged ... Opistophthalmus carinatus (African yellow leg ...
NDB25_PARSC Parabutoporin (PP) (Non-disulfide-bridged ... Parabuthus schlechteri (Scorpion)
NDB27_VAEME Vejovine (Non-disulfide-bridged peptide 2.7) ... Vaejovis mexicanus (Mexican scorpion)
NDB2S_OPICA Opistoporin-2 (OP2) (Non-disulfide-bridged ... Opistophthalmus carinatus (African yellow leg ...
NDB2T_OPICA Opistoporin-4 Opistophthalmus carinatus (African yellow leg ...
NDB2_OPICY Probable antimicrobial peptide Con13 Opisthacanthus cayaporum (South American ...
NDB2_UROYA Antimicrobial peptide Con22 Urodacus yaschenkoi (Inland robust scorpion)

6 entries

Non-disulfide-bridged peptide (NDBP) superfamily, Medium-length antimicrobial peptide (group 3) family

NDB31_PANIM Pandinin-2 (Pin2) (Non-disulfide-bridged peptide ... Pandinus imperator (Emperor scorpion)
NDB31_TITTI Peptide TtAP-1 Tityus trinitatis (Trinidad thick-tailed ...
NDB32_CENSU Css54 (Non-disulfide-bridged peptide 3.2) ... Centruroides suffusus (Durango bark scorpion)
NDB3_HETSP Heterin-2 Heterometrus spinifer (Asia giant forest ...
NDB4B_ISOMC Peptide Im-5 Isometrus maculatus (Lesser brown scorpion) ...
NDBW_MESEU Venom antimicrobial peptide-9 (Meucin-18) Mesobuthus eupeus (Lesser Asian scorpion) ...

9 entries

Non-disulfide-bridged peptide (NDBP) superfamily, Medium-length antimicrobial peptide (group 3) family, Ponericin-W subfamily

NDBW1_LYCMC Ponericin-W-like 32.1 Lychas mucronatus (Chinese swimming scorpion)
NDBW2_LYCMC Ponericin-W-like 32.2 Lychas mucronatus (Chinese swimming scorpion)
WTX1A_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1a (M-PONTX-Ng1a) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1B_NEOAP M-poneritoxin-Na1b (M-PONTX-Na1b) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera apicalis (Ant) (Pachycondyla apicalis)
WTX1B_NEOGO U1-poneritoxin-Ng1b (U1-PONTX-Ng1b) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1C_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1c (M-PONTX-Ng1c) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1D_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1d (M-PONTX-Ng1d) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1E_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1e (M-PONTX-Ng1e) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...
WTX1F_NEOGO M-poneritoxin-Ng1f (M-PONTX-Ng1f) (Poneratoxin) ... Neoponera goeldii (Ponerine ant) (Pachycondyla ...

14 entries

Non-disulfide-bridged peptide (NDBP) superfamily, Short antimicrobial peptide (group 4) family

NDB46_MESEU Venom antimicrobial peptide-6 (MeAMP-like toxin) ... Mesobuthus eupeus (Lesser Asian scorpion) ...
NDB48_SCOTI Amphipathic peptide CT1 (StCT1) ... Scorpiops tibetanus (Scorpion)
NDB4B_ANDAM Antimicrobial peptide 1 (AamAP1) ... Androctonus amoreuxi (African fattail scorpion) ...
NDB4C_ANDAM Antimicrobial peptide 2 (AamAP2) ... Androctonus amoreuxi (African fattail scorpion) ...
NDB4D_VAEMS Amphipathic peptide VmCT1 (CT1) ... Vaejovis mexicanus smithi (Mexican scorpion) ...
NDB4E_VAEMS Amphipathic peptide CT2 (VmCT2) ... Vaejovis mexicanus smithi (Mexican scorpion) ...
NDB4F_SCOTI Amphipathic peptide CT2 (StCT2) ... Scorpiops tibetanus (Scorpion)
NDB4G_UROYA Antimicrobial peptide UyCT1 (CT1) ... Urodacus yaschenkoi (Inland robust scorpion)
NDB4H_UROYA Antimicrobial peptide UyCT3 (CT3) ... Urodacus yaschenkoi (Inland robust scorpion)
NDB4I_UROYA Antimicrobial peptide UyCT5 (CT5) ... Urodacus yaschenkoi (Inland robust scorpion)
NDB4K_PANIM Pantinin-2 (Non-disulfide-bridged peptide 4.21) ... Pandinus imperator (Emperor scorpion)
NDB4L_PANIM Pantinin-3 (Non-disulfide-bridged peptide 4.22) ... Pandinus imperator (Emperor scorpion)
NDB4M_TITSE Antimicrobial peptide TsAP-1 ... Tityus serrulatus (Brazilian scorpion)
NDB4N_TITSE Antimicrobial peptide TsAP-2 ... Tityus serrulatus (Brazilian scorpion)

10 entries

Not in a family

AMP1_SCOMU Antimicrobial peptide scolopin-1 Scolopendra mutilans (Chinese red-headed ...
AMP2_SCOMU Antimicrobial peptide scolopin-2 Scolopendra mutilans (Chinese red-headed ...
CLY_CONMS Conolysin-Mt1 (Moonwalker peptide) [Cleaved ... Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
TOP4A_OXYTA Oxyopinin-4a (Oxt-4a) Oxyopes takobius (Lynx spider) (Oxyopes ...
TX14A_SCODE Scoloptoxin SSD14 (SLPTX-SSD14) (Toxin-SSD14) ... Scolopendra dehaani (Thai centipede) ...
TX60A_ACTVL DELTA-thalatoxin-Avl2a (DELTA-TATX-Avl2a) (Toxin ... Actineria villosa (Okinawan sea anemone)
TX60A_PHYSE DELTA-alicitoxin-Pse2a (DELTA-ALTX-Pse2a) (Toxin ... Phyllodiscus semoni (Night anemone)
TX60B_PHYSE DELTA-alicitoxin-Pse2b (DELTA-ALTX-Pse2b) (Toxin ... Phyllodiscus semoni (Night anemone)
UC1_URTCR Cytolysin Uc-1 (UcI) Urticina crassicornis (Mottled anemone) (Tealia ...
UP1_URTPI Toxin Up-1 (UpI) Urticina piscivora (Fish-eating sea anemone)

1 entry

Peptidase S1 family, Snake venom subfamily

"Peptidase S1 family" VenomZone page
VSPBH_BOTAL Thrombin-like enzyme bhalternin (SVTLE) (EC ... Bothrops alternatus (Urutu) (Rhinocerophis ...

3 entries

Phospholipase A2 family, Group I subfamily

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PA21_ACAPL Phospholipase A2 AP-PLA2-I (PLA2) (EC ... Acanthaster planci (Crown-of-thorns starfish)
PA22_ACAPL Phospholipase A2 AP-PLA2-II (PLA2) (EC ... Acanthaster planci (Crown-of-thorns starfish)
PLA2_WALAE Non-toxic phospholiapse A2 (WaPLA2) (svPLA2) ... Walterinnesia aegyptia (Desert black snake)

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group I subfamily, D49 sub-subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2B3_NAJMO Basic phospholipase A2 CM-III (svPLA2) (EC ... Naja mossambica (Mozambique spitting cobra)

3 entries

Phospholipase A2 family, Group II subfamily

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PA2A_PORNA Acidic phospholipase A2 PnPLA2 (svPLA2) (EC ... Porthidium nasutum (Hognosed pitviper) (Bothrops ...
PA2N_DABRR Neutral phospholipase A2 RVV-PFIIc' (svPLA2) (EC ... Daboia russelii (Russel's viper) (Vipera ...
PA2_LACMR Phospholipase A2 (Lmr-PLA2) (EC ... Lachesis muta rhombeata (Bushmaster)

3 entries

Phospholipase A2 family, Group II subfamily, D49 sub-subfamily

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PA2A_BOTLC Acidic phospholipase A2 (svPLA2) (EC ... Bothrops leucurus (Whitetail lancehead)
PA2B_CERCE Basic phospholipase A2 Cc2-PLA2 (svPLA2) (EC ... Cerastes cerastes (Horned desert viper)
PA2B_VIPAE Basic phospholipase A2 vipoxin B chain (svPLA2) ... Vipera ammodytes meridionalis (Eastern sand ...

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group III subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
PA2_ANUPH Phospholipase A2 phaiodactylipin (PLA2) [Cleaved ... Anuroctonus phaiodactylus (Mafia scorpion)

2 entries

Phospholipase B-like family

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PLB_CROAD Phospholipase B (PLB) (EC 3.1.1.-) Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern diamondback ...
PLB_DRYCN Phospholipase-B 81 (PLB) (EC 3.1.1.-) Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake) ...

1 entry

Ponericin-Q family

LTX2A_ECTBR M-ectatotoxin-Eb2a (M-ECTX-Eb2a) (Ponericin-Q42) Ectatomma brunneum (Ant) (Ectatomma quadridens)

1 entry

Sea anemone type 1 potassium channel toxin family, Type 1b subfamily

K1B_METSE U-metritoxin-Msn1a (U-MTTX-Msn1a) (Metridin) Metridium senile (Brown sea anemone) (Frilled ...

3 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Orphan group XV sub-subfamily

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3SOFL_NAJAT Cytotoxin homolog 5 (Cardiotoxin V-like) Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SOFL_NAJNA Cytotoxin-like basic protein (CLBP) ... Naja naja (Indian cobra)
3SOFP_NAJAT Cardiotoxin 7'' (Cardiotoxin 7') (Cardiotoxin ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)

8 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Type IA cytotoxin sub-subfamily

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3SA1_NAJAT Cytotoxin 1 (CX1) (Cardiotoxin 1) (CTX-1) (CTX1) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA1_NAJPA Cytotoxin 1 (CTX-1) (Cardiotoxin gamma) Naja pallida (Red spitting cobra)
3SA2_NAJAT Cytotoxin 2 (Cardiotoxin 1A) (Cardiotoxin 2) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA3_NAJAT Cytotoxin 3 (Cardiotoxin 3) (CTX-3) (CTX3) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SA4_NAJAT Cytotoxin 4 (CTX-4M) (CTX4) (Cardiotoxin A4) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAN_NAJAT Cytotoxin 6 (Cardiotoxin 6) (CTX6) (Cardiotoxin ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)
3SAN_NAJNG Naniproin Naja nigricollis (Black-necked spitting cobra)
3SAT_NAJAT Cytotoxin 5 (Cardiotoxin A4b) (CTX-A4b) ... Naja atra (Chinese cobra)

4 entries

Snake three-finger toxin family, Short-chain subfamily, Type IB cytotoxin sub-subfamily

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3SB1_HEMHA Cytotoxin 1 (Hemolytic protein 12B) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3SB2_HEMHA Cytotoxin 2 (Toxin 12A) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3SB3_HEMHA Cytotoxin 3 (Toxin 11/11A) Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...
3SBH_HEMHA Three-finger hemachatoxin Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhals) (Sepedon ...

7 entries

SNTX/VTX toxin family

CTXA_SCOPL Cytolytic toxin-alpha (Sp-CTx-alpha) Scorpaena plumieri (Spotted scorpionfish)
CTXB_SCOPL Cytolytic toxin-beta (Sp-CTx-beta) Scorpaena plumieri (Spotted scorpionfish)
STXA_SYNHO Stonustoxin subunit alpha (SNTX subunit alpha) ... Synanceia horrida (Estuarine stonefish) ...
STXA_SYNVE Neoverrucotoxin subunit alpha (NeoVTX subunit ... Synanceia verrucosa (Reef stonefish)
STXB_SYNHO Stonustoxin subunit beta (SNTX subunit beta) ... Synanceia horrida (Estuarine stonefish) ...
STXB_SYNVE Neoverrucotoxin subunit beta (NeoVTX subunit ... Synanceia verrucosa (Reef stonefish)
VTXB_SYNVE Verrucotoxin subunit beta (VTX subunit beta) Synanceia verrucosa (Reef stonefish)

2 entries

Xylopin-like family

MEP_MELAF Melectin (MEP) Melecta albifrons (Cuckoo bee) (Melecta ...
OSM_OSMRU Osmin Osmia rufa (Red mason bee)