VenomZone news

June, 2018
• Update of spider toxin families (according to Koua and Kuhn-Nentwig, 2017 ). See Araneae – Proteins by family page.

April, 2018
• Addition of information that scorpion venom also target TRPV1 channels. See the Pharmacological target of venom proteins page.
• Correction of links of the PTMs page.

December, 2017
• Addition of information that scorpion also produce phospholipase D dermonecrotic toxins in their venom. See venom protein activity, venom protein family, and dermonecrotic toxin pages.
• Addition of information that a snake 3-finger toxin has an activity on the muscle Nav1.4 sodium channel. See Voltage-gated sodium channel impairing toxin which provides link to the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entry P0DL82.

September, 2017
• New page with all links to UniProtKB entries: Proton-gated sodium channel (Asic) impairing toxin
• New line “insulin” in the Venom protein family page

March, 2017
• Update of the page Acetylcholine receptor inhibiting toxin, in order to show all subunits that compose receptors.