VenomZone news

December, 2017
Addition of information that scorpion also produce phospholipase D dermonecrotic toxins in their venom. See venom protein activity, venom protein family, and dermonecrotic toxin pages.

Addition of information that a snake 3-finger toxin has an activity on the muscle Nav1.4 sodium channel. See Voltage-gated sodium channel impairing toxin which provides link to the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entry P0DL82.

September, 2017
New page with all links to UniProtKB entries: Proton-gated sodium channel (Asic) impairing toxin
New line “insulin” in the Venom protein family page

March, 2017
Update of the page Acetylcholine receptor inhibiting toxin, in order to show all subunits that compose receptors.