Conus (taxid:6490)

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15 entries

Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) (Miliariconus abbreviatus)

O16A_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIB Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIC Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONAB Conotoxin AbVID Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16E_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIE Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16F_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIF Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16G_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIG Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16H_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIH Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16I_CONAB Conotoxin AbVII Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16J_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIJ Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIK Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16L_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIL Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16M_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIM Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16N_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIN Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16O_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIO Conotoxin O1 superfamily

12 entries

Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)

CA11A_CONAH Alpha-conotoxin-like Ac1.1a Conotoxin A superfamily
CA11B_CONAH Alpha-conotoxin-like Ac1.1b Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1_CONAH Conopeptide-Ac1 (5P1) (5P2) (Conopeptide Ac3.1) (Conotoxin-Ac1) ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA42_CONAH Conotoxin Ac4.2 (KappaA-conotoxin) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA43A_CONAH Conotoxin Ac4.3a (KappaA-conotoxin) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA43B_CONAH Conotoxin Ac4.3b (KappaA-conotoxin) Conotoxin A superfamily
CS81_CONAH Conotoxin Ac8.1 Conotoxin S superfamily
O161_CONAH Delta-conotoxin-like Ac6.1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONAH Delta-conotoxin-like Ac6.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONAH Delta-conotoxin-like Ac6.3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONAH Omega-conotoxin-like Ac6.4 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONAH Omega-conotoxin-like Ac6.5 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus adamsonii (Cone snail)

HYAL_CONAQ Hyaluronidase conohyal-ad1 (Hya) (EC ... Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family

27 entries

Conus amadis (Amadis cone)

A1245_CONAA Conotoxin Ama1245 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin Ama1158] Not in a family
CA12_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.3 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.4 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA15_CONAA Alpha-conotoxine-like Am1.5 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA16_CONAA Alpha-conotoxin-like Am1.6 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM31_CONAA Mu-conotoxin-like Am3.1 Conotoxin M family
CM32_CONAA Mu-onotoxin-like Am3.2 Conotoxin M family
CM33_CONAA Mu-conotoxin-like Am3.3 Conotoxin M family
CM34_CONAA Mu-conotoxin-like Am3.4 (Conotoxin Ama1805) (Conotoxin Ama1821) Conotoxin M superfamily
COW_CONAA Contryphan-Am (Am975) (Bromocontryphan Ama1055) (Contryphan ... O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CP9_CONAA Conotoxin Conotoxin P superfamily
CT11_CONAA Conotoxin Am1.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONAA Conotoxin Am5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CU141_CONAA Conotoxin Am14.1 Not in a family
CU68_CONAA Conotoxin Am6.8 (Conotoxin Am2473) Conotoxin U superfamily
CX64_CONAA Conotoxin Am6.4 Not in a family
CX67_CONAA Conotoxin Am6.7 Not in a family
O162_CONAA Omega-conotoxin-like Am6.2 (Am3136) (Am3214) (Am6.2a) (Am6.2b) Conotoxin O1 family
O163_CONAA Conotoxin Am6.3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONAA Omega-conotoxin-like Am6.5 Conotoxin O1 family
O166_CONAA Delta-conotoxin Am2766 (Am 2766) (Delta-Am2766) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O261_CONAA Conotoxin Am6.1 (Am3286) (Am3408) (Am3452) (Am6.1a) (Am6.1b) ... Conotoxin O2 family
O266_CONAA Gamma-conotoxin-like Am6.6 Conotoxin O2 family
T1098_CONAA Conotoxin Am1099 Not in a family
T1251_CONAA Conotoxin Ama1251 Not in a family
T1309_CONAA Conotoxin Ama1309 Not in a family

7 entries

Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)

CA11_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like Ai1.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like Ai1.2 (Alpha-conotoxin-like 291) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA189_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like 289 Conotoxin A superfamily
CELE_CONAJ Elevenin (Conoporin) Elevenin family
O161_CONAJ Delta-conotoxin-like Ai6.1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONAJ Omega-conotoxin-like Ai6.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONAJ Omega-conotoxin-like Ai6.3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

4 entries

Conus anabathrum floridanus (Florida cone) (Conus floridanus floridensis)

CLEB_CONAW Conotoxin flf14b Conotoxin R superfamily
CRE2_CONAW Conotoxin flf14.2 Conotoxin R superfamily
CREA_CONAW Conotoxin flf14a Conotoxin R superfamily
CREC_CONAW Conotoxin flf14c (Conotoxin flf14.1) Conotoxin R superfamily

2 entries

Conus anemone (Anemone cone)

CA1AB_CONAN Alpha-conotoxin AnIB [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin AnIA] Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONAN Alpha-conotoxin-like AnIC Conotoxin A superfamily

17 entries

Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)

CM3B_CONAO Conotoxin ar3b [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ar3a] Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3C_CONAO Conotoxin ar3c Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3G_CONAO Conotoxin ar3g (Conotoxin ar3h) Conotoxin M superfamily
COW1_CONAO Contryphan-Ar2 (Ar1260) (Ar1304) [Cleaved into: Contryphan-Ar1 ... O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW3_CONAO Contryphan-Ar3 (Ar1286) (Ar1330) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW4_CONAO Contryphan-Ar4 (Ar1313) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT10A_CONAO Conotoxin ar5a Conotoxin T superfamily
CT10B_CONAO Conotoxin ar5b Conotoxin T superfamily
CT10C_CONAO Conotoxin ar5c Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5D_CONAO Conotoxin ar5d Conotoxin T superfamily
CTA11_CONAO Chi-conotoxin-like Ar1311 Conotoxin T superfamily
CTA48_CONAO Chi-conotoxin-like Ar1248 (Conotoxin Ar1232) Conotoxin T superfamily
M3D_CONAO Conotoxin ar3d Conotoxin M superfamily
M3E_CONAO Conotoxin ar3e Conotoxin M superfamily
M3F_CONAO Conotoxin ar3f Conotoxin M superfamily
M3I_CONAO Conotoxin ar3i (Conotoxin ar3j) Conotoxin M superfamily
TXM46_CONAO Conotoxin Ar1446 (Conotoxin Ar1430) Conotoxin M superfamily

1 entry

Conus archon (Magistrate cone)

CM3A_CONAC Conotoxin ArchIIIA (F27-1) Conotoxin M superfamily

39 entries

Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)

CA1A_CONAE Alpha-conotoxin ArIA [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin ArIB] Conotoxin A superfamily
CM31_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLKM-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM401_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLKMS-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
CSST1_CONAE Consomatin Ar1 (ConSST Ar1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
CT0C_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-022 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51B_CONAE Conotoxin Ar5.1 b (Conotoxin ArMLCL-021) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONAE Conotoxin Ar5.1 a (Conotoxin ArMLCL-D02171) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-012 (Conotoxin ArMLCL-D023) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONAE Conotoxin Ar5.3 (Conotoxin ArMLCL-0111) (Conotoxin ArMLCL-0212) ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONAE Conotoxin Ar5.4 (Conotoxin ArMLCL-D02173) Conotoxin T superfamily
I1BA_CONAE Conotoxin ar11a (Ar11.1) Conotoxin I1 superfamily
M231_CONAE Conotoxin ArMMSK-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
O1610_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0313 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1611_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0321 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1612_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0322 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1613_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0311 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1614_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0111 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1615_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-032 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1616_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0112 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1617_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-022 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1618_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-031 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1619_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-01 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONAE Omega-conotoxin-like ArMKLT1-011 (Conotoxin ArMKLT1-0131) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONAE Omega-conotoxin-like ArMKLT1-02 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0122 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-022 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0251 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O167_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-041 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O168_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0211 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0312 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O3620_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0124 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3621_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0121 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3622_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0123 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3624_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0122 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3625_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-011 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3626_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0143 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3627_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0141 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3628_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-013 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O36O_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-021 Conotoxin O3 superfamily

2 entries

Conus asiaticus (Cone snail)

CUEA_CONAX Conotoxin Asi14a Not in a family
M3A_CONAX Conotoxin Asi3a Conotoxin M superfamily

1 entry

Conus ateralbus (Cone snail)

O16A_CONAD Delta-conotoxin AtVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily

6 entries

Conus aulicus (Princely cone)

CA1A_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIC Conotoxin A superfamily
CT5A_CONAL Conotoxin au5a Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONAL Conotoxin au5b Conotoxin T superfamily
I1B6_CONAL Conotoxin Au11.6 Conotoxin I1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus aurisiacus (Aurisiacus cone)

O16A_CONAI Delta-conotoxin-like AVIA (Delta-AVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

2 entries

Conus australis (Austral cone) (Asprella australis)

CA1A_CONAV Alpha-conotoxin AusIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CONGA_CONAV Conotoxin AusB ConoGAY family

4 entries

Conus bandanus (Banded marble cone)

CA11_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin BnIA (Alpha-BnIA) (Alpha-conotoxin-like Bn1.1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin-like Bn1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin-like Bn1.3 Conotoxin A superfamily
CT5A_CONBN Conotoxin Bn5a (Bn5.1) Conotoxin T superfamily

8 entries

Conus bayani (Bayan's cone) (Stellaconus bayani)

CESSA_CONBY Conopressin-conophysin [Cleaved into: Conopressin-ba1a ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CESSD_CONBY Conopressin-conophysin [Cleaved into: Conopressin-ba1d ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CH0_CONBY Conotoxin ba1890.8 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ba1560.9] Conotoxin H superfamily
CLEA_CONBY Conotoxin ba14a (Conotoxin ba14.1) Conotoxin L superfamily
CM3A_CONBY Conotoxin ba3a Conotoxin M superfamily
CP9A_CONBY Conotoxin ba9a Conotoxin P superfamily
CT5B_CONBY Conotoxin ba5b (Conotoxin ba5.1) [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ba5a] Conotoxin T superfamily
CU61_CONBY Conotoxin ba-2281 (Conotoxin ba6.1) Conotoxin U superfamily

18 entries

Conus betulinus (Beech cone)

CA18_CONBE Conotoxin Bt1.8 Conotoxin A superfamily
CAEG_CONBE Conotoxin Bt14.16 Conotoxin A superfamily
CO2FA_CONBE Conotoxin Bt15a Conotoxin O2 superfamily
COW1_CONBE Contryphan-Bt (B1187) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CP92_CONBE Conotoxin Bt9.2 (Conotoxin BeTXIIb) Conotoxin P superfamily
CSST1_CONBE Consomatin Be1 (ConSST Be1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
CT34_CONBE Conotoxin Bt5.1 (Conotoxin BeB34) Conotoxin T superfamily
CX2A_CONBE Conotoxin Bt12.1 (Conotoxin BeTXIIa) Not in a family
I1B1_CONBE Conotoxin Bt11.1 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B4_CONBE Conotoxin Bt11.4 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I2B_CONBE Kappa-conotoxin BtX (BeTx) Conotoxin I2 superfamily
M3A_CONBE Conotoxin BtIIIA (BeTXIa) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3B_CONBE BtIIIB (Conotoxin BeTXIb) Conotoxin M superfamily
NPY1_CONBE Neuropeptide Y1-like conopeptide (Cono-NPY1) (NPY1-like ... NPY family
NPY2_CONBE Neuropeptide Y2-like conopeptide (Cono-NPY2) (NPY2-like ... NPY family
O164_CONBE Delta-conotoxin-like Bt6.4 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONBE Conotoxin Bt6.5 (Conotoxin BeB42) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O264_CONBE Conotoxin Bt6.6 (Conotoxin BeB54) Conotoxin O2 superfamily

2 entries

Conus brunneus (Wood's brown cone)

CA14_CONBR Alpha-conotoxin-like Br1.4 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONBR Alpha-conotoxin BruIB Conotoxin A superfamily

34 entries

Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)

CA112_CONBU Conotoxin Bu1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA119_CONBU Conotoxin Bu19 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA11_CONBU Alpha-conotoxin-like Bu1.1 (Bu18) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA120_CONBU Conotoxin Bu1.4 (Bu1.3) (Conotoxin Bu20) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA121_CONBU Conotoxin Bu21 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA122_CONBU Conotoxin Bu22 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONBU Alpha-conotoxin BuIA (Conotoxin Bu1.3) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA423_CONBU Conotoxin Bu23 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA424_CONBU Conotoxin Bu24 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA425_CONBU Conotoxin Bu25 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA426_CONBU Conotoxin Bu26 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA427_CONBU Conotoxin Bu27 (KappaA-conotoxin Bu27) Conotoxin A superfamily
CJE28_CONBU Conotoxin Bu28 Conotoxin J superfamily
CM17_CONBU Conotoxin Bu17 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM315_CONBU Conotoxin Bu15 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONBU Mu-conotoxin BuIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONBU Mu-conotoxin BuIIIB (Conotoxin Bu16) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3C_CONBU Mu-conotoxin BuIIIC Conotoxin M superfamily
COW_CONBU Contryphan-Bu O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
O162_CONBU Conotoxin Bu2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONBU Conotoxin Bu3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONBU Conotoxin Bu4 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONBU Conotoxin Bu5 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166_CONBU Conotoxin Bu6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O168_CONBU Omega-conotoxin Bu8 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONBU Conotoxin Bu9 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONBU Delta-conotoxin BuVIA (Conotoxin Bu7) (Delta-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONBU Conotoxin Bu12 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16E_CONBU Conotoxin Bu14 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O171_CONBU Omega-conotoxin-like Bu1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17A_CONBU Conotoxin Bu10 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17B_CONBU Omega-conotoxin-like Bu11 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17D_CONBU Conotoxin Bu13 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
VKTB1_CONBU Kunitz-type conkunitzin-B1 (Conk-B1) Venom Kunitz-type family

2 entries

Conus buxeus loroisii (Cone snail) (Conus loroisii)

COW1_CONBL Contryphan-Lo (Contryphan-Lo1) (Lo959) [Cleaved into: ... O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW2_CONBL Contryphan-Lo2 (Lo1158) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...

6 entries

Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus austini)

CLEA_CONCF Conotoxin as14a (Conotoxin AsXIVA) Conotoxin L superfamily
CLEB_CONCF Conotoxin as14b (Conotoxin AsXIVB) Conotoxin L superfamily
CRF1_CONCF Conorfamide-As1 (Conorfamide-As1a) (CNF-As1a) ... FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CRF2_CONCF Conorfamide-As2 (Conorfamide-As2a) (CNF-As2a) ... FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CXPA_CONCF Conotoxin as25a (As25b) Not in a family
O17A_CONCF Gamma-conotoxin-like As7a Conotoxin O1 superfamily

10 entries

Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)

CDK3_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin Cp20.3 (Conopeptide alpha-D-Cp) Conotoxin D superfamily
CO2FA_CONCE Conotoxin Cap15a Conotoxin O2 superfamily
CO2FB_CONCE Conotoxin Cap15b Conotoxin O2 superfamily
CXAT1_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.1 Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT2_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.2 Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT4_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.4 Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT5_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.5 Conotoxin D superfamily
I2_CONCE Conotoxin Cp1.1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
O161_CONCE Omega-conotoxin-like 1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16H_CONCE Conotoxin CaHr91 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

19 entries

Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)

CA11_CONCB Alpha-conotoxin-like Ca1.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONCB Alpha-conotoxin-like Ca1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CKC_CONCB Conantokin-Ca2 (Con-Ca2) Not in a family
COWA_CONCB Contryphan-C (Ca-75) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CQ62_CONCB Conotoxin Ca6.2 Conotoxin Q superfamily
CS82_CONCB Conotoxin Ca8.2 (Ca-84) Conotoxin S superfamily
CS83_CONCB Conotoxin Ca8.3 Conotoxin S superfamily
CS8A_CONCB Conotoxin Ca8a (Conotoxin Ca8.1) Conotoxin S superfamily
CT51_CONCB Conotoxin Ca5.1 (Ca-92) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONCB Conotoxin Ca5.2 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONCB Conotoxin Ca5.3 (Ca-95) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTFA_CONCB Conotoxin Ca15a Not in a family
CX69_CONCB Conotoxin Cca1669 Not in a family
CX8_CONCB Putative conotoxin Not in a family
CXY17_CONCB Conotoxin ca17a (Conotoxin ca16a) Conotoxin Y superfamily
I3B3_CONCB Conotoxin Ca11.3 Conotoxin I3 superfamily
I3BA_CONCB Conotoxin Ca11a (Ca11.1) Conotoxin I3 superfamily
I3BB_CONCB Conotoxin Ca11b (Ca-24) (Ca11.2) Conotoxin I3 superfamily
O379_CONCB Conotoxin CaFr179 Conotoxin O3 superfamily

11 entries

Conus catus (Cat cone)

CA1A_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin CIA (Cl) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin CIB (C1.2) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin CIC (C1.1) (Ca001) Conotoxin A superfamily
CM3A_CONCT Mu-conotoxin CIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
O16A_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVIB Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVIC Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16DE_CONCT Delta-conotoxin-like CVIE (Delta-CVIE) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVID (AM-336) (AM336) (CNSB004) (Leconotide) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16E_CONCT Omega conotoxin-CVIE (Omega conotoxin-CVIE-2) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16F_CONCT Omega conotoxin-CVIF Conotoxin O1 superfamily

27 entries

Conus consors (Singed cone)

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ACTP_CONCN Conoporin-Cn1 Actinoporin family, Conoidea ...
CA1A_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIA [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin CnIB; ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIC [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin CnIF; ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1D_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnID ([Hyp4]-CnID) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1E_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIJ [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin CnIE] Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1G_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIG Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1L_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIL Conotoxin A superfamily
CEX_CONCN Conotoxin CcTx (Excitotoxin CcTx) Not in a family
CM3A_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIB Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3D_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIID Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3E_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIE Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3F_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIF Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3G_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIG Conotoxin M superfamily
CT5A_CONCN Tau-conotoxin CnVA (Tau-CnVA) Conotoxin T superfamily
CXL_CONCN Linear conopeptide [Cleaved into: Linear conopeptide-Cn1; Linear ... Not in a family
GM3C_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC Conotoxin M superfamily
HYAL_CONCN Hyaluronidase conohyal-Cn1 (Hya) (EC ... Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family
M7E_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIE [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M7F_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIF [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M7G_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIG [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M7J_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIJ Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIA (Delta-CnVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIB (Delta-CnVIB) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIC (Delta-CnVIC) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVID (Delta-CnVID) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17H_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIH [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus coronatus (Crowned cone)

COW_CONCS Contryphan Co838/Co854 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...

1 entry

Conus distans (Distant cone)

CJA_CONDI Conotoxin Di19A (Conotoxin di16a) Not in a family

14 entries

Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)

CELE_CONEA Elevenin Elevenin family
COW_CONEA Contryphan-Eb O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
O161_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.9 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16EA_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.14 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16EB_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.14 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16F_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.15 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16G_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.16 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16H_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.17 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16I_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.18 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16J_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.19 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.20 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16L_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.21 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16M_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.22 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

4 entries

Conus eburneus (Ivory cone)

CA16_CONEB Omega-conotoxin Eu1.6 (Alpha-conopeptide Eu1.6) (Alpha-conotoxin ... Conotoxin A superfamily
I2B3_CONEB Conotoxin Eb11.3 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B7_CONEB Conotoxin Eb11.7 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
O16A_CONEB Delta-conotoxin-like ErVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily

4 entries

Conus emaciatus (False virgin cone)

CO2FA_CONEM Conotoxin Ec15a Conotoxin O2 superfamily
I2B5_CONEM Conotoxin Em11.5 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B8_CONEM Kappa-conotoxin-like Em11.8 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2BA_CONEM Kappa-conotoxin-like Em11.10 Conotoxin I2 superfamily

4 entries

Conus episcopatus (Bishop's cone)

CA1A_CONEP Alpha-conotoxin EpI Conotoxin A superfamily
CRFA1_CONEP Conorfamide-Ep1 (CNF-Ep1) (Cono-RFamide-Ep1) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
I1B1_CONEP Conotoxin Ep11.1 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I2BC_CONEP Conotoxin Ep11.12 Conotoxin I2 superfamily

8 entries

Conus ermineus (Agate cone) (Chelyconus ermineus)

CA12A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EI Conotoxin A superfamily
CA2B_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIIB (E1.2) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIVA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4B_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIVB Conotoxin A superfamily
CKE_CONER Conantokin-E (Con-E) Conotoxin B superfamily
O16B_CONER Delta-conotoxin-like EVIB (Delta-EVIB) (Delta-EVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U6A_CONER Delta-conotoxin EVIA (Delta-EVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

2 entries

Conus fergusoni (Ferguson's cone)

CDKA1_CONFE Alpha-conotoxin FrXXA (Toxin 1) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDKA2_CONFE Alpha-conotoxin FrXXA 2 (Toxin 2) Conotoxin D superfamily

4 entries

Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)

CJE1_CONFR Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like fe14.1 Conotoxin J superfamily
CJE2_CONFR Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like fe14.2 Conotoxin J superfamily
CPY1_CONFR Conopeptide Y-Fe1 (CPY-Fe1) Conotoxin M superfamily, ...
I2B1_CONFR Conotoxin fe11.1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily

10 entries

Conus figulinus (Fig cone)

CM5A_CONFI Conotoxin Fi5a Conotoxin T superfamily
COWA_CONFI Contryphan-Fia (Fi1187) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COWB_CONFI Contryphan-Fib O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COWC_CONFI Contryphan-Fic [Cleaved into: Contryphan-Fid] O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
I1B1_CONFI Iota-conotoxin-like Fi11.1 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B6_CONFI Iota-conotoxin-like Fi11.6 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B8_CONFI Iota-conotoxin-like Fi11.8 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I2BB_CONFI Conotoxin Fi11.11 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
M3A_CONFI Conotoxin Fi3a (Conotoxin Fi3b) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3C_CONFI Conotoxin Fi3c Conotoxin M superfamily

1 entry

Conus flavidus (Yellow Pacific cone)

CQG3_CONFL Conotoxin Fla16d (Conotoxin Fla16.1) [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ... Conotoxin Q superfamily

4 entries

Conus floridulus (Cone snail) (Lividoconus floridulus)

INS1_CONFO Con-Ins F1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins F1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2A_CONFO Con-Ins F2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins F2 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2B_CONFO Con-Ins F2b (Insulin 2b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins F2b B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2C_CONFO Con-Ins F2c (Insulin 2c) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins F2c B chain; ... Insulin family

3 entries

Conus frigidus (Frigid cone)

CM31_CONFG Conotoxin Fr3.1 (Conotoxin Fr2091) Conotoxin M superfamily
COW2_CONFG Contryphan-Fr2 (Fr965) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW_CONFG Contryphan-Fr1 (Fr975) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...

1 entry

Conus fulmen (Thunderbolt cone) (Chelyconus fulmen)

O16A_CONFU Conotoxin FVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily

3 entries

Conus generalis (General cone)

CDKA_CONGR Alpha-conotoxin GeXXA (Alpha-D-conotoxin GeXXA) (Ge-5) Conotoxin D superfamily
CO1EA_CONGR Alpha-conotoxin GeXIVA (Alpha-O-conotoxin GeXIVA) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1VA_CONGR O-conotoxin GeXXXIA (O-conotoxin GeXXVIIA) (O-GeXXVIIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

32 entries

Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula geographus)

CA12_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GII Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIC Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1D_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GID Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GI (G1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CAI15_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin G1.5 Conotoxin A superfamily
CAI19_CONGE Conotoxin G1.9 Conotoxin A superfamily
CAIA_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CAIB_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CESS_CONGE Conopressin-conophysin [Cleaved into: Conopressin-G (Con-G) ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CJST_CONGE Scratcher peptide Conotoxin J superfamily
CKG_CONGE Conantokin-G (Con-G) (CGX-1007) (Conotoxin GV) (Sleeper peptide) Conotoxin B superfamily
CM3A_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GIIIA (G3.9) (Geographutoxin I) (GTx-I) (Myotoxin ... Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GIIIB (Geographutoxin II) (GTx-II) (Myotoxin II) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3C_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GIIIC Conotoxin M superfamily
CONG_CONGE Contulakin-G (CGX-1160) Conotoxin C superfamily
COW_CONGE Contryphan-G O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CS8A_CONGE Sigma-conotoxin GVIIIA Conotoxin S superfamily
CSA8A_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GVIIIB (AlphaS-conotoxin GVIIIB) Conotoxin S superfamily
CSST1_CONGE Consomatin G1 (ConSST G1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) (SSRP) Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
CSST2_CONGE Consomatin G2 (ConSST G2) (Somatostatin-related peptide) (SSRP) Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
I3B1_CONGE Conotoxin G11.1 (Conotoxin G117) (Conotoxin GXIA) Conotoxin I3 superfamily
INS1A_CONGE Con-Ins G1a (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS1B_CONGE Con-Ins G1b (Insulin 1b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS1C_CONGE Con-Ins G1c (Insulin 1c) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2A_CONGE Con-Ins G2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G2 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2B_CONGE Con-Ins G2b (Insulin 2b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G2b B chain; ... Insulin family
INS3A_CONGE Con-Ins G3 (Insulin 3) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G3 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS3B_CONGE Con-Ins G3b (Insulin 3b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G3b B chain; ... Insulin family
O16A_CONGE Omega-conotoxin GVIA (SNX-124) (Shaker peptide) [Cleaved into: ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17J_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GVIIJ (Conotoxin muO-GVIIJ) (MuO'section ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U6GS_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GS (CGS) Not in a family
U7AB_CONGE Omega-conotoxins GVIIA/GVIIB (SNX-178) (Shaker peptides ... Not in a family

1 entry

Conus gladiator (Gladiator cone)

CONO_CONGA Conophan gld-V (Gamma-hydroxyconophan gld-V*) Conophan family

5 entries

Conus gloriamaris (Glory-of-the-Sea cone)

CKG_CONGL Conantokin-Gm (Con-Gm) Not in a family
CP91_CONGL Conotoxin Gm9.1 (Conotoxin Gm9a) (Spasmodic peptide) Conotoxin P superfamily
CT51_CONGL Conotoxin Gm5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONGL Conotoxin Gm5.2 Conotoxin T superfamily
O16A_CONGL Delta-conotoxin GmVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus grahami (Cone snail) (Africonus grahami)

CSST1_CONGH Consomatin Gh1 (ConSST Gh1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...

41 entries

Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)

BRHP_CONIM Bromoheptapeptide Im Not in a family
CA12A_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin-like ImIIA (Conopeptide im003) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin ImII (Alpha-CTx ImII) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin ImI (Alpha-CTx ImI) Conotoxin A superfamily
CANA_CONIM Conotoxin im23a (Im23.1) (U1-CTX-Ci1a) Conotoxin K superfamily
CAY1_CONIM Putative conotoxin Conotoxin A superfamily
CDS1_CONIM Conotoxin Im28.1 (Conopeptide im004) Conotoxin D superfamily
CEM1_CONIM Conotoxin Im22.1 (Conopeptide im005) Conotoxin E superfamily
CKN3_CONIM Conotoxin Im23.3 Conotoxin K superfamily
CKN4_CONIM Conotoxin Im23.4 (Conopeptide im011) Conotoxin K superfamily
CKNA_CONIM Conotoxin Im23a (Conopeptide im010) Conotoxin K superfamily
CKNB_CONIM Conotoxin im23b (Conopeptide im009) (Im23.2) (U1-CTX-Ci1b) Conotoxin K superfamily
CM31_CONIM Conotoxin Im3.1 (Conopeptide im012) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM91_CONIM Conotoxin Im9.1 (Conopeptide im015) Conotoxin M superfamily
CNG_CONIM Conotoxin Im016 (Conopeptide im016) Conotoxin N superfamily
COMA_CONIM Im-conomarphin Conotoxin A superfamily
CP94_CONIM Conotoxin Im9.4 (Conopeptide im022) Conotoxin P superfamily
CT51_CONIM Conotoxin Im5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONIM Conotoxin Im5.4 (Conopeptide im023) Conotoxin T superfamily
CUE2_CONIM Conotoxin Im14.2 (Conopeptide im025) Not in a family
CUE3_CONIM Conotoxin Im14.3 (Conopeptide im031) Not in a family
CX6A_CONIM Conotoxin Im6.10 (Conopeptide im029) Not in a family
CXN5_CONIM Conotoxin Im23.5 (Conopeptide im028) Not in a family
CXQ_CONIM Conotoxin Im026 (Conopeptide im026) Not in a family
I1B8_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.8 (Conopeptide im006) Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I21_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.4 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I22_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.2 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I23_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B3_CONIM Kappa-conotoxin-like Im11.3 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B9_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.9 (Conopeptide im007) Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2BB_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.11 (Conopeptide im008) Conotoxin I2 superfamily
INS1_CONIM Con-Ins Im1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins I1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2_CONIM Con-Ins Im2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins I2 B chain; ... Insulin family
M63_CONIM Conotoxin Im6.1 (Conotoxin 3) Conotoxin M superfamily
O161_CONIM Conotoxin 1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONIM Omega-conotoxin-like 2/7 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONIM Omega-conotoxin-like 3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONIM Conotoxin 5 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166_CONIM Conotoxin 6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O262_CONIM Conotoxin Im6.2 (Conopeptide im018) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O269_CONIM Conotoxin Im6.9 (Conopeptide im019) Conotoxin O2 superfamily

7 entries

Conus inscriptus (Engraved cone)

CA761_CONIN Alpha-conotoxin In1761 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA878_CONIN Alpha-conotoxin In1878 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA907_CONIN Alpha-conotoxin In1907 (Alpha-conotoxin In1857) (Alpha-conotoxin ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CM696_CONIN Conotoxin In1696 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM746_CONIN Conotoxin In1746 (Conotoxin In1762) Conotoxin M superfamily
COW2_CONIN Contryphan-In1172 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW_CONIN Contryphan-In (Contryphan-In936) [Cleaved into: Contryphan-In880 ... O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...

4 entries

Conus kinoshitai (Kinoshita's cone)

CA12_CONKI Alpha-conotoxin-like Kn1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM3A_CONKI Mu-conotoxin KIIIB [Cleaved into: Mu-conotoxin KIIIA] Conotoxin M superfamily
INS1_CONKI Con-Ins K1 (Insulin K1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins K1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS2_CONKI Con-Ins K2 (Insulin K2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins K2 B chain; ... Insulin family

1 entry

Conus kintoki (Cone snail) (Virgiconus kintoki)

O161_CONKN Conotoxin Kt6.1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

2 entries

Conus lenavati (Cone snail)

COW_CONLV Contryphan-Lnv O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CSST1_CONLV Consomatin Le1 (ConSST Le1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...

22 entries

Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)

CA11_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin Lp1.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin Lp1.4 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA16A_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.6a Conotoxin A superfamily
CA16B_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.6b Conotoxin A superfamily
CA17_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.7 (Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.8) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA18_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.8 (Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.7) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA19_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.9 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A1_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Leo-A1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.10 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM31_CONLE Conotoxin Lp3.1 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM32_CONLE Conotoxin Lp3.2 Conotoxin M superfamily
COWA_CONLE Contryphan-Le O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW_CONLE Contryphan Le925 [Cleaved into: Contryphan Le851; Contryphan ... O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT11_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-T1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT12_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-T2 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONLE Conotoxin Lp5.1 (Tau 5) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONLE Conotoxin Lp5.2 Conotoxin T superfamily
O161_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O4 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus limpusi (Cone snail)

CA1A_CONLM Alpha-conotoxin LsIA Conotoxin A superfamily

1 entry

Conus litoglyphus (Lithograph cone)

CU1A_CONLO NU-conotoxin-Ltg1a (NU-CTX-Ltg1a) (N-CTX-Ltg1a) Not in a family

49 entries

Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)

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CA11_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt1a (Alpha-conotoxin Lt1.1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.2 (Lt1b) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13B_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt1.3 b Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.3 (Lt1c) Conotoxin A superfamily
CDS1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt28.1 (Conotoxin Lt15.2) (Conotoxin Lt28.1) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS2_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.2 (Conotoxin Lt15.3) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS3_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.3 (Conotoxin Lt15.6) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS4_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.4 (Conotoxin Lt15.9) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS5_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.5 (Conotoxin Lt15.6a) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS6_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.6 (Conotoxin Lt15.5a) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDS7_CONLT Conotoxin Lt28.7 (Conotoxin Lt15.6c) Conotoxin D superfamily
CLE1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt14.1 (Alpha-L-conotoxin Lt14a) ... Conotoxin L superfamily
CM31_CONLT Iota-conotoxin LtIIIA (Lt3.1) (Lt3a) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM32_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.2 (Lt3b) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM33_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.3 (Lt3c) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM34_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.4 (Lt3d) Conotoxin M superfamily
CMG1_CONLT Conotoxin Lt16a (Lt16.1) Conotoxin M superfamily
CO2FA_CONLT Conotoxin Lt15a (Lt15.1) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
CON1_CONLT Contulakin-Lt1 Conotoxin C superfamily
CON2_CONLT Contulakin-Lt2 Conotoxin C superfamily
COW1_CONLT Contryphan-Lt O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW2_CONLT Contryphan-Lt2 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CP9A_CONLT Conotoxin Lt9a Conotoxin P superfamily
CT192_CONLT Conotoxin LeDr192 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT243_CONLT Conotoxin LeDr243 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.1 (Lt5a) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.2 (Lt5b) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.3 (LeD33) (Lt5c) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONLT Mu-conotoxin Lt5d (Lt5.4) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT55_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.5 (Lt5e) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT56_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.6 (Lt5f) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT57_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.7 (Lt5g) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT58_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.8 (Lt5h) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT59_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.9 (Lt5i) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5A_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.10 (Lt5j) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.11 (Lt5k) Conotoxin T superfamily
I2B1_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B2_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.2 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B3_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.3 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B6_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.6 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I364_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.4 Conotoxin I3 superfamily
M35_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.5 (Lt3e) Conotoxin M superfamily
O161_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.1 (Lt6a) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.2 (Conotoxin LeD41) (Lt6b) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.3 (Lt6c) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.4 (Lt6d) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.5 (Lt6e) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O2651_CONLT Conotoxin LeD51 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O271_CONLT Conotoxin Lt7.1 (Lt7a) Conotoxin O2 superfamily

22 entries

Conus lividus (Livid cone)

CA112_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin Li1.12 (Livi_23) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin-like Lv1.4 (Conotoxin Lv1d) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin LvIA (Alpha-CTx LvIA) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin LvIC Conotoxin A superfamily
CO2FA_CONLI Conotoxin Lv15a Conotoxin O2 superfamily
COW1_CONLI Contryphan-Li1 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW2_CONLI Contryphan-Li2 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW34_CONLI Contryphan Li834 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW44_CONLI Contryphan Li1044/Li965 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW81_CONLI Contryphan Li981 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT121_CONLI Conotoxin LiC121 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT32_CONLI Conotoxin LiC32 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT33_CONLI Conotoxin LiC33 Conotoxin T superfamily
O162_CONLI Conotoxin LiC42 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONLI Conotoxin LiCr95 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIB Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIC Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONLI Conotoxin LvVID Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17B_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIIB Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O265_CONLI Conotoxin LiC53 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O373_CONLI Conotoxin LiCr173 Conotoxin O3 superfamily

2 entries

Conus lynceus (Lynceus cone)

CKL_CONLY Conantokin-L (Con-L) Conotoxin B superfamily
I1B5_CONLY Iota-conotoxin-like L11.5 Conotoxin I1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus magnificus (Magnificent cone) (Darioconus magnificus)

CO6A_CONMF MuO-conotoxin MfVIA Not in a family

21 entries

Conus magus (Magical cone)

CA12_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin MII (Alpha-Ctx MII) (Alpha-MII) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin-like MIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin-like MIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin MI (Alpha-MI) (CtxMI) (M1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONMA Conotoxin MIVA (KappaA-conotoxin) Conotoxin A superfamily
CM3A_CONMA Mu-conotoxin MIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3J_CONMA Conotoxin MIIIJ (AlphaM-MIIIJ) Conotoxin M superfamily
COMA_CONMA Conodipine-M alpha chain (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
COMB_CONMA Conodipine-M beta chain Not in a family
CSST1_CONMA Consomatin Ma1 (ConSST Ma1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
I1B1_CONMA Iota-conotoxin-like M11.1 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B2_CONMA Conotoxin M11.2 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B5_CONMA Iota-conotoxin-like M11.5 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
O16A_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVIA (Delta-MVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVIB (Delta-MVIB) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVIC (Delta-MVIC) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVID (Delta-MVID) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17A_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIIA (SNX-111) (Ziconotide) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17B_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIIB (SNX-159) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17C_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIIC (Omega-CgTxMVIIC) (SNX-230) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17D_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIID (SNX-238) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus maioensis (Sea snail) (Africonus maioensis)

CSST1_CONMH Consomatin Mao1 (ConSST Mao1) (Consomatin Ma1) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...

46 entries

Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)

CA11_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin Mr1.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin-like Mr1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin-like Mr1.3 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA18_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin Mr1.7a (Conotoxin Mr1.8) [Cleaved into: ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CB28_CONMR Conotoxin Mr8.2 (Mr096) Conotoxin B2 family
CM35_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.5 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM38_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.8 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3D_CONMR Conotoxin mr3d (Conotoxin Mr3.2) (Conotoxin mr3d.1) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3E_CONMR Conotoxin mr3e (Mr3.4) (Mr3.7) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3F_CONMR Conotoxin mr3f (Conotoxin Mr3.9) Conotoxin M superfamily
CO1E_CONMR Conotoxin Mr1e (Mr051) Conotoxin M superfamily
COMA_CONMR Conomarphin-Mr3 (Conomarphin) (Marmophine) (Mr-1) Conotoxin M superfamily
COW_CONMR Glacontryphan-M O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT51A_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.1a Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51B_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.1b Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.2 (Gla-MrIII) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.3 (Gla-MrIV) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54A_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.4a Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54B_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.4b Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5A_CONMR Conotoxin mr5a Conotoxin T superfamily
CTA1A_CONMR Chi-conotoxin MrIA (Chi-MrIA) (Conotoxin MrIA) (Lambda-conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CTA1B_CONMR Chi-conotoxin MrIB (Conotoxin MrIB) (Lambda/chi-conotoxin MrIB) ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CTA6A_CONMR Chi-conotoxin CMrVIA (Conotoxin CMrVIA) (Lambda-conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CTAX_CONMR Chi-conotoxin CMrX (Conotoxin CMrX) (Conotoxin Mr1.6) ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CX2_CONMR Conotoxin Gla-MrII (Conotoxin Mr12.5) Conotoxin I2 superfamily
EM1_CONMR Conotoxin Mr22.1 (Mr104) E superfamily
FX1_CONMR Conotoxin Mr105 F superfamily
INS1_CONMR Con-Ins M1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins M1 B chain; ... Insulin family
M33_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.3 Conotoxin M superfamily
M34_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.4 Conotoxin M superfamily
M3A_CONMR Conotoxin mr3a Conotoxin M superfamily
M3B_CONMR Conotoxin mr3b Conotoxin M superfamily
M3C_CONMR Conotoxin mr3c Conotoxin M superfamily
M3G_CONMR Conotoxin mr3g (Mr3.6) Conotoxin M superfamily
MR30_CONMR Cysteine-rich venom protein Mr30 (CRVP) (Cysteine-rich secretory ... CRISP family
NF1_CONMR Conotoxin Mr15.1 (Mr093) Conotoxin N superfamily
NF2_CONMR Conotoxin Mr15.2 (Mr094) Conotoxin N superfamily
NF3_CONMR Conotoxin Mr15.3 (Mr095) Conotoxin N superfamily
O1632_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr332 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1634_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr34 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr193 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr94 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O167_CONMR Omega-conotoxin-like MaIr137 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONMR Mu-conotoxin MrVIA (Conotoxin Mr6.5) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONMR Mu-conotoxin MrVIB (CGX-1002) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O261_CONMR Conotoxin MaI51 Conotoxin O2 superfamily

16 entries

Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)

CG2RA_CONMI Conotoxin phi-MiXXVIIA (Conopeptide Mi045) Conotoxin G2 superfamily, 1 ...
CG2RB_CONMI Conotoxin phi-MiXXVIIB (Conopeptide Mi046) (Mi27.2) Conotoxin G2 superfamily, 1 ...
CO2FA_CONMI Conotoxin Mi15a (Conotoxin Ml15a) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
CO2FB_CONMI Conotoxin Mi15b (Conotoxin Ml15b) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
COW_CONMI Contryphan-Mi O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT52_CONMI Conotoxin Mi5.2 (Conotoxin Mi T-1) Conotoxin T superfamily
CXAT1_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.1 (Alpha-D-conotoxin MlXXA) ... Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT2_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.2 (Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.2) Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT3_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.3 (Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.3) Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT4_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Mi20.4 (Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.4) Conotoxin D superfamily
I2_CONMI Conotoxin Mi11.1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
O162_CONMI Conotoxin MiEr92 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1641_CONMI Conotoxin MiK41 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1642_CONMI Conotoxin MiK42 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONMI Conotoxin MiEr95 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONMI Conotoxin MiEr93 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

3 entries

Conus miliaris (Thousand-spot cone)

CONO1_CONML Conopressin-M1 (Con-M1) Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CONO2_CONML Conopressin-M2 Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CX1A_CONML A-conotoxin cyclic Mila (A-CTX-cMila) Not in a family

1 entry

Conus milneedwardsi (Glory of India cone snail)

CA1A_CONMD Alpha-conotoxin MilIA Conotoxin A superfamily

1 entry

Conus monachus (Cone snail)

CA14_CONMN Alpha-conotoxin-like Mn1.4 Conotoxin A superfamily

1 entry

Conus moncuri (Sea snail)

O16A_CONMB Omega-conotoxin MoVIA [Cleaved into: Omega-conotoxin MoVIB] Conotoxin O1 superfamily

7 entries

Conus monile (Necklace cone)

CESS1_CONMO Conopressin-conophysin, isoform 1 [Cleaved into: Conopressin-E; ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CESS2_CONMO Conopressin/conophysin, isoform 2 [Cleaved into: Conopressin-R; ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CESS3_CONMO Conopressin/conophysin, isoform 3 [Cleaved into: Conopressin-K; ... Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CMO1_CONMO Kappa-conotoxin Mo1659 Not in a family
COW_CONMO Contryphan-Mo O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT274_CONMO Conotoxin Mo1274 Conotoxin T superfamily
CXRA_CONMO Delta/kappa-conotoxin Mo3964 (Mo3964) Not in a family

1 entry

Conus mus (Mouse cone)

CONO_CONMU Conophan mus-V (Gamma-hydroxyconophan mus-V*) Conophan family

6 entries

Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)

CDK3_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin Ms20.3 (Conopeptide alpha-D Ms) Conotoxin D superfamily
CLY_CONMS Conolysin-Mt1 (Moonwalker peptide) [Cleaved into: Conolysin-Mt2] Not in a family
CXAT1_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.1 (MsXXA) Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT2_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.2 Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT4_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.4 Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT5_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.5 Conotoxin D superfamily

1 entry

Conus natalis (Natal textile cone)

CU3A_CONNA Conotoxin nt3a Conotoxin M superfamily

1 entry

Conus neocostatus (Cone snail) (Asprella neocostatus)

CSST1_CONNO Consomatin Nc1 (ConSST Nc1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...

1 entry

Conus nigropunctatus (Black-spot cone)

O16A_CONNI Delta-conotoxin NgVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily

4 entries

Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)

CA1A_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OI (Alpha-conotoxin OIA) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIB (Alpha-conotoxin SI-like) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIVA (Alpha-A-O4a) (Alpha-A-OIVA) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4B_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIVB (Alpha-A-O4b) (Alpha-A-OIVB) Conotoxin A superfamily

1 entry

Conus ochroleucus (Perfect cone) (Graphiconus ochroleucus)

CKO_CONOH Conantokin-Oc (Con-Oc) Not in a family

1 entry

Conus omaria (Omaria cone)

CA1A_CONOM Alpha-conotoxin OmIA Conotoxin A superfamily

11 entries

Conus parius (Cone snail)

CCAA_CONPI Alpha-conotoxin PrXA (Alpha-C-PrXA) Not in a family
CKP1_CONPI Conantokin-Pr1 (Con-Pr1) Conotoxin B superfamily
CKP2_CONPI Conantokin-Pr2 (Con-Pr2) Conotoxin B superfamily
CKP3_CONPI Conantokin-Pr3 (Con-Pr3) Conotoxin B superfamily
CM3A_CONPI Conotoxin pr3a Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONPI Mu-conotoxin-like pr3b Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3E_CONPI Psi-conotoxin PrIIIE (Psi-conotoxin Pr3.5) (Psi-conotoxin pr3e) Conotoxin M superfamily
O16C_CONPI Conotoxin pr6c Not in a family
O16D_CONPI Conotoxin pr6d Not in a family
U6A_CONPI Conotoxin pr6a Not in a family
U6B_CONPI Conotoxin pr6b Not in a family

34 entries

Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus episcopus)

CA12_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin Pn1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin PnIA (Alpha-PnIA) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin PnIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CAL12_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin-like PnMGMR-02 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM31_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKM-011 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM32_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKM-013 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM34_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKMF-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM4A_CONPE Mu-conotoxin PnIVA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM4B_CONPE Mu-conotoxin PnIVB Conotoxin M superfamily
CM4C_CONPE Mu-conotoxin pn4c (Mu-conotoxin-like PnMMSK-D013) Conotoxin M superfamily
CT02_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B02 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT121_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B01121 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT122_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B01122 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT14_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-014 (Pn-B01131) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT151_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B0151 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT411_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B01411 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT511_CONPE Conotoxin PnMRCL-0111 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLCL-01 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5M_CONPE Conotoxin PnMRCL-022 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5_CONPE Conotoxin PnMRCL-0111 (Conotoxin PnMRCL-0112) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTA1_CONPE Chi-conotoxin-like PnMRCL-013 Conotoxin T superfamily
M233_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKM-D0211 Conotoxin M superfamily
M3A_CONPE Conotoxin Pn3a Conotoxin M superfamily
O1612_CONPE Conotoxin PnMKLT1-1111 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1613_CONPE Conotoxin PnMKLT1-0121 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1614_CONPE Mu-conotoxin-like PnMKLT1-014 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONPE Omega-conotoxin PnVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONPE Omega-conotoxin PnVIB Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K_CONPE Conotoxin PnMKLT1-0122 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O268_CONPE Conotoxin PnMEKL-032 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O269_CONPE Conotoxin PnMEKL-04 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O27A_CONPE Gamma-conotoxin PnVIIA (PnMEKL-011) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O3610_CONPE Conotoxin PnMSGL-01 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3611_CONPE Conotoxin PnMSGL-03 Conotoxin O3 superfamily

3 entries

Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)

CA1A_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIVA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4B_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIVB Conotoxin A superfamily

8 entries

Conus pictus (Cone snail)

CM3A_CONPB Conotoxin pc3a Conotoxin M superfamily
CU1A_CONPB Conotoxin pc1A Not in a family
CU1B_CONPB Conotoxin pc1b Not in a family
CUGA_CONPB Conotoxin pc16a (pc16b) Not in a family
CUGC_CONPB Conotoxin pc16c Not in a family
CUPC_CONPB Conopeptide-pc Not in a family
O16B_CONPB Conotoxin pc6b Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U6D_CONPB Conotoxin pc6d Conotoxin O1 superfamily

17 entries

Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)

CA127_CONPO Alpha-conotoxin Vt1.27 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA168_CONPO Conotoxin Pl168 (Alpha-conotoxin Vt1.24) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA171_CONPO Conotoxin Pl171 Conotoxin A superfamily
CJE1_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.1 Conotoxin J superfamily
CJE2_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.2 Conotoxin J superfamily
CJE3_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.3 Conotoxin J superfamily
CJEA_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin pl14a (Conotoxin PlXIVA) Conotoxin J superfamily
CMAT_CONPO Conomap-Vt (Conp-Vt) Not in a family
CMCC1_CONPO Conopeptide Vt3.1 Conotoxin M superfamily
CMCC2_CONPO Conopeptide Vt3.2 Conotoxin M superfamily
CPY1_CONPO Conopeptide Y-Pl1 (CPY-Pl1) Conotoxin M superfamily, ...
CVF1_CONPO Conotoxin Vt15.1 Conotoxin V superfamily
CX064_CONPO Conotoxin Pl064 Conotoxin NSf-1 superfamily
CX071_CONPO Conotoxin Pl071 Conotoxin NSf-1 superfamily
CXAT1_CONPO Alpha-conotoxin-like Vt20.1 Conotoxin D superfamily
I2B3_CONPO Conotoxin Vt11.3 (Conotoxin Vi11.3) Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I2B7_CONPO Conotoxin Vt11.7 (Conotoxin Vi11.7) Conotoxin I2 superfamily

2 entries

Conus princeps (Prince cone)

CDKA_CONPG Alpha-conotoxin PiXXA Conotoxin D superfamily
O27A_CONPG Gamma-conotoxin PiVIIA Conotoxin O2 superfamily

21 entries

Conus pulicarius (Flea-bitten cone)

CA11_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.3 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.4 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA15_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.5 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA16_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.6 Conotoxin A superfamily
CAE1_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin Pu14.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM35_CONPL Conotoxin Pu3.5 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM36_CONPL Conotoxin Pu3.6 Conotoxin M superfamily
CT51_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.2 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.3 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.4 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT55_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.5 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT56_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.6 Conotoxin T superfamily
I361_CONPL Conotoxin Pu6.1 Conotoxin I3 superfamily
I3B1_CONPL Conotoxin Pu11.1 Conotoxin I3 superfamily
I3B2_CONPL Conotoxin Pu11.2 Conotoxin I3 superfamily
M34_CONPL Conotoxin Pu3.4 Conotoxin M superfamily
O161A_CONPL Omega-conotoxin-like PuIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162A_CONPL Omega-conotoxin-like PuIIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily

20 entries

Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)

CA1A_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIC Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIVA (Alpha-A-conotoxin PIVA) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4E_CONPU Conotoxin PIVE (Kappa-A-conotoxin PIVE) (KappaA-PIVE) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4F_CONPU Conotoxin PIVF (Kappa-conotoxin-like PIVF) (KappaA-PIVF) Conotoxin A superfamily
CKP_CONPU Conantokin-P (Con-P) Conotoxin B superfamily
CM3A_CONPU Mu-conotoxin PIIIA (Mu-conotoxin P3.7) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3E_CONPU Psi-conotoxin PIIIE (Psi-conotoxin P3.8) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3F_CONPU Psi-conotoxin PIIIF Conotoxin M superfamily
COP1_CONPU Conodipine-P1 (Cdpi-P1) (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
COP2_CONPU Conodipine-P2 (Cdpi-P2) (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
COP3_CONPU Conodipine-P3 (Cdpi-P3) (EC (Phosphatidylcholine ... Phospholipase A2 family, Group ...
COWL_CONPU Leu-contryphan-P O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COWW_CONPU Contryphan-P (Trp-Contryphan-P) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT5A_CONPU Conotoxin p5a (P5.1) (PVA) Conotoxin T superfamily
CX21A_CONPU Conotoxin p21a Not in a family
HYAL_CONPU Hyaluronidase conohyal-P1 (EC ... Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family
O16A_CONPU Delta-conotoxin PVIA (Lockjaw peptide) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17A_CONPU Kappa-conotoxin PVIIA (CGX-1051) (Fin-popping peptide) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

24 entries

Conus quercinus (Oak cone)

CA11A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1a Conotoxin A superfamily
CA11B_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1b (Qc1.3) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA11C_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1c Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.2 (Qu-3) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.4a (Qu-5) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14B_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.4b Conotoxin A superfamily
CA15_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.5 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA16_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.6 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin QcIA (A superfamily conotoxin Qc1.11) (A ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1_CONQU Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-1 (QcaL-1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA2_CONQU Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-2 (QcaL-2) Conotoxin A superfamily
CKQ_CONQU Conantokin-Qu (Con-Qu) Not in a family
CM31_CONQU Conotoxin Qc3.1 Conotoxin M superfamily
CT51_CONQU Conotoxin Qc5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONQU Conotoxin Qc5.2 Conotoxin T superfamily
CUGA_CONQU Conotoxin qc16a Not in a family
CXDA_CONQU Conotoxin QcMNCL-XIII0.1 Not in a family
INS1A_CONQU Con-Ins Q1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins Q1 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS1B_CONQU Con-Ins Q1b (Insulin 1b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins Q1b B chain; ... Insulin family
M3A_CONQU Conotoxin QcIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
M3B_CONQU Conotoxin QcIIIB Conotoxin M superfamily
O161_CONQU Conotoxin Qc6.1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONQU Conotoxin Qc6.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U6AA_CONQU Conotoxin QcVIA Not in a family

27 entries

Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)

CKR_CONRA Conantokin-R (Con-R) Conotoxin B superfamily
CM3J_CONRA Kappa-conotoxin RIIIJ (Kappa-M-RIIIJ) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3K_CONRA Kappa-conotoxin RIIIK (Kappa-M-RIIIK) (Conotoxin R3.1) Conotoxin M superfamily
COW_CONRA Contryphan-R (Bromocontryphan) [Cleaved into: ... O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CSA8A_CONRA Alpha-conotoxin RVIIIA (AlphaS-conotoxin RVIIIA) Conotoxin S superfamily
CXPH_CONRA Conophysin-R Vasopressin/oxytocin family
I1B1_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.1 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B2_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.2 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B3_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.3 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B5_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.5 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1B7_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.7 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BA_CONRA Iota-conotoxin RXIA (R11.6) (r11a) Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BB_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like r11b (I-superfamily conotoxin R11.14) Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BC_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like r11c (R11.4) Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BD_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like r11d (R11.8) Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BE_CONRA Conotoxin r11e Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BF_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.15 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BG_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.16 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BH_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.17 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BI_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.18 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BU_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.10 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BV_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.11 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BW_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.12 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I1BX_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.13 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
O16A_CONRA Omega-conotoxin RVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O27A_CONRA Conotoxin r7a (Light sleeper) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
U6BW_CONRA Bromosleeper peptide Not in a family

2 entries

Conus rattus (Rat cone)

CXAT1_CONRT Alpha-conotoxin-like Rt20.1 Conotoxin D superfamily
CXAT2_CONRT Alpha-conotoxin-like Rt20.2 Conotoxin D superfamily

1 entry

Conus raulsilvai (Sea snail) (Africonus raulsilvai)

CSST1_CONRL Consomatin Rs1 (ConSST Rs1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...

42 entries

Conus regius (Crown cone)

C6G_CONRE Conotoxin reg6(gamma) Not in a family
CA12A_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin RegIIA (Reg2a) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin RgIA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1b/Reg1c Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1D_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1d Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1E_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1e Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1F_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1f Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1LB_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like RgIB (Alpha-RGIB) Conotoxin A superfamily
CM310_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.10 (Rg3.10) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM311_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.11 (Rg3.11) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM312_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.12 (Rg3.12) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM314_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.14 (Rg3.14) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM315_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.15 (Rg3.15) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM316_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.16 (Rg3.16) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM317_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.17 (Rg3.17) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM35_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.5 (Rg3.5) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM36_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.6 (Rg3.6) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM37_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.7 (Rg3.7) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM38_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.8 (Rg3.8) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM39_CONRE Conotoxin reg3.9 (Rg3.9) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONRE Conotoxin reg3a (Reg3.18) (Rg3.18) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONRE Conotoxin Reg3b (Reg12c) (Reg12i) (Reg3.13) (Rg3.13) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3CD_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12d (Reg12k) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3CF_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12f Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3CG_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12g Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3CH_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12h Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3C_CONRE Conotoxin reg3c Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3D_CONRE Conotoxin reg3d Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3F_CONRE Conotoxin reg3f (Reg3.2) (Rg3.2) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3G_CONRE Conotoxin reg3g Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3H_CONRE Conotoxin reg3h (Reg3.3) (Rg3.3) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3I_CONRE Conotoxin reg3i Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3J_CONRE Conotoxin reg3j Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3K_CONRE Conotoxin reg3k (Reg3.1) (Rg3.1) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3L_CONRE Conotoxin reg3l Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3M_CONRE Conotoxin reg3m Conotoxin M superfamily
CMCA_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12a Conotoxin M superfamily
CMCB_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12b (Reg12l) Conotoxin M superfamily
CMCE_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12e (Conotoxin reg3e) Conotoxin M superfamily
CMCL_CONRE Reg12l (Reg3.4) (Rg3.4) Conotoxin M superfamily
CP91_CONRE Conotoxin Rg9.1 Conotoxin P superfamily
I1BA_CONRE Conotoxin Rg11a Conotoxin I1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus regularis (Regular cone)

CXQA_CONRG Omega-conotoxin RsXXVIA (RsXXIVA) Not in a family

5 entries

Conus rolani (Cone snail)

CKR1A_CONRO Conantokin R1-A (Con R1-A) (ConRl-A) Conotoxin B superfamily
CKR1B_CONRO Conantokin Rl-B (Con Rl-B) (ConRl-B) Conotoxin B superfamily
CKR1C_CONRO Conantokin Rl-C (Con Rl-C) (ConRl-C) Conotoxin B superfamily
CSST1_CONRO Consomatin Ro1 (ConSST Ro1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
CSST2_CONRO Consomatin Ro2 (ConSST Ro2) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...

11 entries

Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)

CA1AB_CONSP Alpha-conotoxin SrIA/SrIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CRFA1_CONSP Conorfamide-Sr1 (CNF-Sr1) (Cono-RFamide-Sr1) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CRFA2_CONSP Conorfamide-Sr2 (CNF-Sr2) (Cono-RFamide-Sr2) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CRFA3_CONSP Conorfamide-Sr3 (CNF-Sr3) (Cono-RFamide-Sr3) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CT54_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.4 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT55_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.5 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT56_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.6 (Sr5.8) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT57_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.7 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5A_CONSP Mu-conotoxin SrVA (Conotoxin sr5a) (Sr5.1) (Sr5.2) (Sr5.3) Conotoxin T superfamily
I2BA_CONSP Kappa-conotoxin SrXIA (Kappa-SrXIA) (I2-superfamily conotoxin ... Conotoxin I2 superfamily
U6A_CONSP Conotoxin sr7a Not in a family

10 entries

Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)

CA11_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.1 [Cleaved into: Alpha-conotoxin-like ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA12_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.3 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA14_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.4 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONSE Conotoxin SmIVA Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4B_CONSE Conotoxin SmIVB Conotoxin A superfamily
CM32_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm3.2 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONSE Mu-conotoxin SmIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
COW_CONSE Contryphan-Sm O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
O16A_CONSE Delta-conotoxin-like SmVIA (Delta-SmVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

39 entries

Conus striatus (Striated cone)

C51_CONST Conotoxin S5.1 Not in a family
CA11_CONST Alpha-conotoxin-like S1.1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SIA (S1A) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SI Conotoxin A superfamily
CA43_CONST Conotoxin S4.3 (KappaA-conotoxin) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4A_CONST Conotoxin SIVA (Conotoxin S4.1) (Conotoxin s4a) (Kappa-conotoxin ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4B_CONST Conotoxin SIVB (Conotoxin S4.2) (Conotoxin s4b) ... Conotoxin A superfamily
CA4C_CONST Conotoxin SIVC (KappaA-conotoxin SIVC) (STR18) Conotoxin A superfamily
CAS2_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SII Conotoxin A superfamily
CM3A_CONST Mu-conotoxin SIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONST Mu-conotoxin SIIIB Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3C_CONST Mu-conotoxin SIIIC (Mu-conotoxin TIIIA-like) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3D_CONST Conotoxin SIIID (S3-G02) Conotoxin M superfamily
CONII_CONST Con-ikot-ikot (CII) Not in a family
CONO_CONST Conopressin-S (Con-S) (Arg-conopressin S) Vasopressin/oxytocin family
COW_CONST Contryphan-S (St990) [Cleaved into: Contryphan-S St933] O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CS_CONST Conotoxin Conotoxin S superfamily
I1B2_CONST Iota-conotoxin-like S11.2 Conotoxin I1 superfamily
I2_CONST conotoxin S11.3 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
O161_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SVIA mutant 1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONST Conotoxin 3 (S6.9) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SO-4 (Omega-conotoxin SO4) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SO-5 (Omega-conotoxin SO5) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like S6.6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O167_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like S6.7 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O168_CONST Delta-conotoxin-like S6.8 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A2_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SVIA mutant 2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONST Omega-conotoxin SVIA (SNX-157) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONST Omega-conotoxin SVIB (SNX-183) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 12 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16E_CONST Delta-conotoxin SVIE (Delta-SVIE) (Omega-conotoxin SO-6) ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16F_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 15 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16L6_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16O3_CONST Omega-conotoxin SO-3 (SO3) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16V_CONST Conotoxin S6.10 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O19_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 9 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O26B_CONST Conotoxin S6.11 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
VKTS1_CONST Kunitz-type conkunitzin-S1 (Conk-S1) Venom Kunitz-type family

4 entries

Conus striolatus (Cone snail)

CM3A_CONSR Mu-conotoxin SxIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3B_CONSR Mu-conotoxin-like SxIIIB Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3C_CONSR Mu-conotoxin SxIIIC Conotoxin M superfamily
I2B2_CONSR Kappa-conotoxin-like Sx11.2 Conotoxin I2 superfamily

1 entry

Conus sulcatus (Sulcate cone)

CKBR_CONSL Conantokin-Br (Con-Br) (ConBr) (Conantoxin-S1) (Con-S1) Conotoxin B superfamily

1 entry

Conus suturatus (Sutured cone)

O16A_CONSC Delta-conotoxin SuVIA (Delta-SuVIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily

3 entries

Conus terebra (Sea snail) (Virgiconus terebra)

CSST1_CONTC Consomatin Te1 (ConSST Te1) (Somatostatin-related peptide) ... Conotoxin C superfamily, ...
O162_CONTC Conotoxin Tr6.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONTC Conotoxin Tr6.3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

32 entries

Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)

CAEA_CONTS Alpha-conotoxin-like ts14a Conotoxin A superfamily
CM11_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLKM-011 (Conotoxin TsMLKM-013) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM302_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLKM-02 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM35_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLKM-012 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONTS Mu-conotoxin TsIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CT011_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-011 (Ts-D01) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT03_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-03 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-02 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONTS Conotoxin TsMRCL-04 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONTS Conotoxin TsMRCL-05 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-03 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-04 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT55_CONTS Conotoxin Ts5.5 (Conotoxin TsMLCL-E01) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-011 (Conotoxin TsMRCL-02) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5C_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-011 (Conotoxin TsMRCL-012) Conotoxin T superfamily
CUU1_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-02 Not in a family
M231_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-B021 Conotoxin M superfamily
M233_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-011 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-B012) Conotoxin M superfamily
M237_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-021 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-022) Conotoxin M superfamily
M23B_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-011 Conotoxin M superfamily
M23C_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-011 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-012) Conotoxin M superfamily
M23L_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-021 Conotoxin M superfamily
M23M_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-B022 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-B023) Conotoxin M superfamily
M23N_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-B022 Conotoxin M superfamily
O16A_CONTS Delta-conotoxin TsVIA Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O262_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-P012 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O263_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-011 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26X_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-03 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O364_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-11 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O365_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-13 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O366_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-12 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O367_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-2 Conotoxin O3 superfamily

101 entries

Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)

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CA11_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIA (Conotoxin tx1a) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1CB_CONTE Conotoxin TxIC Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1C_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin Tx1C (Alpha-conotoxin-like 1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1D_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxID (Alpha-conotoxin TxIC) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1Z_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1.2 (Conotoxin Tx1.1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA2_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CM32_CONTE TxMLKM-021 (Conotoxin 2) Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONTE Conotoxin elongated-tx3a-a [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx3a-b ... Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3H_CONTE Conotoxin tx3h (Conotoxin Tx3.1) (TxMLKM-011) [Cleaved into: ... Conotoxin M superfamily
CONO_CONTE Conopressin-Tx Vasopressin/oxytocin family
COS_CONTE Conorfamide Tx1.3 (AIVGRPRFamide) (AIVGRPRFa) (Cono-RFamide ... NPY family
COW1_CONTE Contryphan-Tx O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW2_CONTE Contryphan-R/Tx O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
COW3_CONTE Leu-contryphan-Tx O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CP9A_CONTE Conotoxin tx9a (Spasmodic peptide) Conotoxin P superfamily
CRFA1_CONTE Conorfamide-Tx1 (CNF-Tx1) (Cono-RFamide-Tx1) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CRFA2_CONTE Conorfamide-Tx2 (CNF-Tx2) (Cono-RFamide-Tx2) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CS81_CONTE Conotoxin Tx8.1 Conotoxin S superfamily
CT111_CONTE Conotoxin Tx-D0111 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT13_CONTE Conotoxin 3 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin TeA31] Conotoxin T superfamily
CT21_CONTE Conotoxin Tx-D021 (Tx-D022) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT512_CONTE Conotoxin TxMRCL-D012 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51A_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr151 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin TeAr151 b] Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONTE Conotoxin Tx5.1 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54A_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr154 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONTE Conotoxin TxMRCL-04 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT593_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr193 (Conotoxin TxMRCL-03) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5AP_CONTE Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Conotoxin TxMRCL-011) (Epsilon-conotoxin ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5AS_CONTE Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Epsilon-TxIX) (Tx-012) (Tx5.2) (tx5a) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONTE Conotoxin tx5b (Conotoxin 1) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5C_CONTE Conotoxin tx5c (Conotoxin 2) [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx5c-b; ... Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5D_CONTE Conotoxin tx5d (Trixin) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5E_CONTE Conotoxin tx5e (Tx5.5) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5F_CONTE Conotoxin tx5f (Conotoxin Tx5.2) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5G_CONTE Conotoxin tx5g (Conotoxin Tx5.3) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5H_CONTE Conotoxin tx5h (Conotoxin Tx5.4) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTAB_CONTE Chi-conotoxin-like 1 (Tx10b) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTAC_CONTE Chi-conotoxin-like 2 (Tx10c) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTDA_CONTE Conotoxin TxXIIIA Conotoxin T superfamily
CU65_CONTE Conotoxin Tx6.5 Not in a family
CUU2_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-0422 Not in a family
CX5E_CONTE Conotoxin tx5e Not in a family
CXX_CONTE Conotoxin Gla-TxX Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I166_CONTE Conotoxin Tx6.6 O1 superfamily
I1B3_CONTE Conotoxin Tx11.3 I1 superfamily
I2B_CONTE Conotoxin Gla-TxXI Conotoxin I2 superfamily
INS1_CONTE Con-Ins Tx1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T1 B chain; ... Insulin family
M01_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
M232_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-02 Conotoxin M superfamily
M234_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-04 Conotoxin M superfamily
M235_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-05 Conotoxin M superfamily
M236_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-06 Conotoxin M superfamily
M313_CONTE Conotoxin SI.13 Conotoxin M superfamily
M314_CONTE Conotoxin SI.14 Conotoxin M superfamily
M316_CONTE Conotoxin SI.6 Conotoxin M superfamily
M3B_CONTE Conotoxin tx3b (Tx3.3) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3C_CONTE Conotoxin tx3c (Textile scratcher peptide) (Tx3.4) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3D_CONTE Conotoxin tx3d (Conotoxin 1) Conotoxin M superfamily
M3E_CONTE Conotoxin tx3e (Conotoxin 4) [Cleaved into: Truncated conotoxin ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M3F_CONTE Conotoxin Tx3.5-a [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx3f (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin M superfamily
M3I_CONTE Conotoxin tx3i Conotoxin M superfamily
M3J_CONTE Conotoxin tx3j Conotoxin M superfamily
M3_CONTE TxMMSK-03 (Conotoxin 3) Conotoxin M superfamily
M5_CONTE Conotoxin 5 Conotoxin M superfamily
O1613_CONTE Delta-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0111 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O161_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0141 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0142 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1631_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-031 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO4 (Conotoxin TxMKLT1-0221) [Cleaved ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O165_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO5 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1661_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TeA61 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIA (Conotoxin King-Kong 0) (KK-0) (TxIA) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIB (TxIB) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K0_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIA (Conotoxin King-Kong 0) (KK-0) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K1_CONTE Conotoxin King-Kong 1 (KK-1) (TxMKLT1-015) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO5 (Conotoxin TxMKLT1-012) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16L_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0223 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16M_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0211 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16O2_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16O6_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O17_CONTE Omega-conotoxin TxVII Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O194_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TeAr94 (Omega-conotoxin TxMKLT1-02121) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1K2_CONTE Conotoxin King-Kong 2 (KK-2) [Cleaved into: Truncated King-Kong ... Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1X1_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O226A_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(2)-TxVI/A (Conotoxin TxMEKL-043) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O226B_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(2)-TxVI/B Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O236D_CONTE Conotoxin Asp7/Gla(3)-TxVI (Conotoxin TxMEKL-0421) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O236E_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(3)-TxVI (Conotoxin Glu7/Gla(3)-TxVI) (Conotoxin ... Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O253_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TeA53 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O2611_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-011 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O261_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-021 (Conotoxin TxMEKL-022) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O2653_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxMEKL-053 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26G_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(1)-TxVI (TeA52) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26M_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxMEKL-0511 (Conotoxin TxMEKL-0512) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26_CONTE TxMEKL-P2 (Conotoxin 6) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O27A_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxVIIA (TxIIA) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
TX31_CONTE Cysteine-rich venom protein (CRVP) (EC 3.4.-.-) ... CRISP family
U6TC_CONTE Textile convulsant peptide (TCP) Not in a family

1 entry

Conus tinianus (Variable cone)

CA1A_CONTI Alpha-conotoxin TiIA Conotoxin A superfamily

11 entries

Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip cone)

CA1A_CONTU Rho-conotoxin TIA (Rho-TIA) Conotoxin A superfamily
CKT_CONTU Conantokin-T (Con-T) Conotoxin B superfamily
CM31_CONTU Mu-conotoxin-like T3.1 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM3A_CONTU Mu-conotoxin TIIIA Conotoxin M superfamily
CONOT_CONTU Conopressin-T (Con-T) Vasopressin/oxytocin family
INS1A_CONTU Con-Ins T1A (Con-Ins T1) (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T1A ... Insulin family
INS1B_CONTU Con-Ins T1B (Con-Ins T2) (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T1B ... Insulin family
INS2_CONTU Con-Ins T2 (Insulin T2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T2 B chain; ... Insulin family
INS3_CONTU Con-Ins T3 (Insulin 3) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T3 B chain; ... Insulin family
O16A_CONTU Omega-conotoxin TVIA (SNX-185) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
U7A_CONTU Conotoxin TVIIA Not in a family

1 entry

Conus varius (Varius cone)

CM3A_CONVA Conotoxin Vr3a (Vr3-NPPP01) Conotoxin M superfamily

50 entries

Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)

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CA1A_CONVE Alpha-conotoxin-like Vn (Vn1A) Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1B_CONVE Alpha-conotoxin VnIB Conotoxin A superfamily
CM334_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLKM-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
CM336_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLKM-02 Conotoxin M superfamily
COW_CONVE Contryphan-Vn O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT05_CONVE Conotoxin Vn-05 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C1_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-033 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C2_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-01 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C3_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-05 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C4_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-042 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C5_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-031 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT0C6_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-041 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-012 (VnMRCL-03) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT52_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-011 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53A_CONVE Conotoxin Vn5.3 (Conotoxin VnMRCL-021) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT53B_CONVE Conotoxin Vn5.3 (Conotoxin VnMRCL-022) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT54_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-04 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT55_CONVE Conotoxin Vn5.5 (Conotoxin VnMLCL-021) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT56_CONVE Conotoxin Vn5.6 (Conotoxin VnMLCL-022) Conotoxin T superfamily
M231_CONVE Conotoxin VnMMSK-02 Conotoxin M superfamily
M232_CONVE Conotoxin VnMMSK-01 Conotoxin M superfamily
M233_CONVE Conotoxin VnMMSK-03 Conotoxin M superfamily
M235_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLKM-04 Conotoxin M superfamily
O1610_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-012 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1611_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-01121 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1612_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-021 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1613_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-022 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1615_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-0221 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1616_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-011 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1617_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-012 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O1618_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-013 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164A_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-021 (Conotoxin VnMKLT2-0222) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164B_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-021 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O168_CONVE Omega-conotoxin-like VnMKLT1-0111 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-01122 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O261_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0221 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O262_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0222 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O263_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-023 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O264_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-021 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O265_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-024 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O266B_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0111 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O266_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0111 (Conotoxin VnMEKL-013) Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O267_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-012 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26N_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0223 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O3619_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0121 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3620_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0122 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3621_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0111 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O3622_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0123 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
O36L_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0112 Conotoxin O3 superfamily
U6VN_CONVE Omega-conotoxin-like Vn2 (Conotoxin Vn2) (Conotoxin-Vn) (Vn6A) Not in a family

16 entries

Conus vexillum (Flag cone)

C2_CONVX Conotoxin Vx2 Conotoxin M superfamily
CBOA_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXIVA (AlphaB-conotoxin VxXXIVA) Conotoxin B superfamily
CDKA_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXA (Vx20.1) (VxXIIA) Conotoxin D superfamily
CDKB_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXB (Alpha-D-conotoxin VxXXB) (Vx20.2) ... Conotoxin D superfamily
CDKC_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXC (VxXIIC) Conotoxin D superfamily
CO2FA_CONVX Conotoxin Vx15a Conotoxin O2 superfamily
I21_CONVX Kappa-conotoxin-like 1 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
I22_CONVX Kappa-conotoxin-like 2 Conotoxin I2 superfamily
O161_CONVX Conotoxin 1 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONVX Conotoxin 2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O168_CONVX Conotoxin 8 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONVX Conotoxin VxVIA (Conotoxin vx6a) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONVX Conotoxin VxVIB (Conotoxin vx6b) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16CB_CONVX Conotoxin C11GB Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONVX Conotoxin 12 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16D_CONVX Conotoxin A11GB Conotoxin O1 superfamily

39 entries

Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)

CA12_CONVC Alpha-conotoxin Vc1.2 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA13_CONVC Conotoxin Vc1.3 Conotoxin A superfamily
CA1A_CONVC Alpha-conotoxin Vc1a (Alpha-Vc1a) (ACV1) (Vc1.1) Conotoxin A superfamily
CELE_CONVC Elevenin-Vc1 Elevenin family
CH1_CONVC Conotoxin Vc1 (H_Vc1) Conotoxin H superfamily
COW2_CONVC Contryphan-Vc2 ([D-Trp3]-contryphan-Vc2) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CPROH_CONVC Neuropeptide prohormone-4 Not in a family
CRFA_CONVC Conorfamide-Vc1 (CNF-Vc1) (Cono-RFamide-Vc1) FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) ...
CT53_CONVC Conotoxin Vc5.3 Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5A_CONVC Conotoxin vc5a (Vc5.1) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONVC Conotoxin vc5b (Vc5.4) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5C_CONVC Conotoxin vc5c (Vc5.2) Conotoxin T superfamily
CTHA2_CONVC Thyrostimulin alpha-2 subunit Glycoprotein hormones subunit ...
CTHB5_CONVC Thyrostimulin beta-5 subunit Glycoprotein hormones subunit ...
CU73_CONVC Conotoxin Vc7.3 Conotoxin U superfamily
CU74_CONVC Conotoxin Vc7.4 Conotoxin U superfamily
EM1_CONVC Conotoxin Vc22.1 (E_Vc1) E superfamily
FX1_CONVC Conotoxin F_Vc1 Conotoxin F superfamily
H71_CONVC Conotoxin Vc7.1 (H_Vc7.1) Conotoxin H superfamily
H72_CONVC Conotoxin Vc7.2 (H-Vc7.2) Conotoxin H superfamily
INS_CONVC Insulin-like peptide-1 (ILP-1) [Cleaved into: ILP-1 B chain; ... Insulin family
O163_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.3 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONVC Omega-conotoxin-like Vc6.4 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O166_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.6 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16A_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6a (Vc6.1) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16B_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6b (Vc6.2) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16C_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6c (Vc6.5) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O267_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.7 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O268_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.8 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O269_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.9 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26A_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.10 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26B_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.11 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26C_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.12 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26D_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.13 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26E_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.14 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26F_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.15 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26G_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.16 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O26H_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.17 Conotoxin O2 superfamily
O2VC1_CONVC O2 contryphan Vc1 (O2_Vc1) (Contryphan Vc1) (Con-Vc1) O2 superfamily

9 entries

Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)

CCAP_CONVL ConoCAP [Cleaved into: ConoCAP-a (CCAP-vil); ConoCAP-b; ... Not in a family
CONOI_CONVL Conophan vil-I'/vil-I'(O2P) Conophan family
CONOM_CONVL Conophan vil-M Conophan family
CONOV_CONVL Gamma-conopressin vil Vasopressin/oxytocin family
CRE2_CONVL Conotoxin vil14.2 Conotoxin R superfamily
CRE3_CONVL Conotoxin vil14.3 Conotoxin R superfamily
CRE4_CONVL Conotoxin vil14.4 Conotoxin R superfamily
CRE5_CONVL Conotoxin vil14.5 Conotoxin R superfamily
CREA_CONVL Conotoxin vil14a (Conotoxin vil14.1) Conotoxin R superfamily

18 entries

Conus virgo (Virgin cone)

CA1A_CONVR Alpha-conotoxin ViIA (ViIA-II) Conotoxin A superfamily
CI2_CONVR Kappa-conotoxin ViTx (Kappa-ViTx) (I2-superfamily conotoxin ... Conotoxin I2 superfamily
COW_CONVR Contryphan-Vi (Contryphan-R-like) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CT361_CONVR Conotoxin Vi1361 (Conotoxin Vi1360) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51A_CONVR Conotoxin Vi5.1a Conotoxin T superfamily
CT51B_CONVR Conotoxin Vi5.1b Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5A_CONVR Conotoxin ViVA (Vi1359) (Vi5.3) Conotoxin T superfamily
CT5B_CONVR Conotoxin ViVB (Vi5.2) Conotoxin T superfamily
CU02_CONVR Conopeptide Vi002 Not in a family
CU03_CONVR Conopeptide Vi003 Not in a family
CUEB_CONVR Conotoxin Vi14b Not in a family
CVFA_CONVR Conotoxin Vi15a (Vi15.1) (ViXVA) Conotoxin V superfamily
O161_CONVR Conotoxin Vi6.1 (Conotoxin vi6a) (virgo 1) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O162_CONVR Conotoxin Vi6.2 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O163_CONVR Conotoxin Vi6.3 (virgo 10) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O164_CONVR Conotoxin Vi6.4 Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O169_CONVR Conotoxin Vi6.9 (virgo 3) Conotoxin O1 superfamily
O16K_CONVR Conotoxin ViKr92 Conotoxin O1 superfamily

1 entry

Conus zeylanicus (Obese cone) (Puncticulis zeylanicus)

COW_CONZE Contryphan-Ze (Z1187) O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...

2 entries

Conus zonatus (Zoned cone)

COW_CONZO Contryphan Zo747/Zo763 O2 superfamily, Contryphan ...
CX07_CONZO Conotoxin Czon1107 Not in a family