Description Conoidea is a superfamily of predatory sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks within the suborder Hypsogastropoda. This superfamily is a very large group of marine mollusks, estimated at about 340 recent valid genera and subgenera, and considered by one authority to contain 4,000 named living species (Puillandre et al. 2008 ). This superfamily includes the turrids, the terebras (also known as auger snails) and the cone snails, which is the best studied Genus.

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3 entries

Actinoporin family, Conoidea subfamily

ACTP1_CINAN Tereporin-Ca1 (Actinoporin-like protein) ... Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
ACTP1_TERSU Tereporin-Ts1 (Actinoporin-like protein) ... Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
ACTP_CONCN Conoporin-Cn1 Conus consors (Singed cone)

1 entry

ConoGAY family

CONGA_CONAV Conotoxin AusB Conus australis (Cone snail) (Asprella ...

2 entries

Conopeptide I2-like superfamily

TUB1_LOPOL Turripeptide Lol11.1 (OL105) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TUB2_LOPOL Turripeptide Lol11.2 (OL67) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)

11 entries

Conopeptide P-like superfamily

TU08_LOPOL Turripeptide OL08 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU11_LOPAL Turripeptide OL11-like (Fragment) Lophiotoma albina (Sea snail) (Xenuroturris ...
TU135_LOPOL Turripeptide OL135 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU142_LOPOL Turripeptide Lol142 (OL142) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU91_GEMLI Turripeptide Gli9.1 Gemmula lisajoni (Gem-turris)
TU91_IOTCI Turripeptide Ici9.1 (Turripeptide OL11-like) ... Iotyrris cingulifera (Sea snail) (Pleurotoma ...
TU91_LOPOL Turripeptide Lol9.1 (Turripeptide OL11) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU92_GEMSO Turripeptide Gsg9.2 Gemmula sogodensis (Gem-turris)
TU92_IOTCI Turripeptide Ici9.2 Iotyrris cingulifera (Sea snail) (Pleurotoma ...
TU92_POLAB Turripeptide Pal9.2 Polystira albida (White giant-turris) ...
TU93_GEMSP Turripeptide Gsp9.3 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...

4 entries

Conophan family

CONOI_CONVL Conophan vil-I'/vil-I'(O2P) Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)
CONOM_CONVL Conophan vil-M Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)
CONO_CONGA Conophan gld-V (Gamma-hydroxyconophan gld-V*) Conus gladiator (Gladiator cone)
CONO_CONMU Conophan mus-V (Gamma-hydroxyconophan mus-V*) Conus mus (Mouse cone)

148 entries

Conotoxin A superfamily

CA112_CONBU Conotoxin Bu1.2 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA118_CONBU Conotoxin Bu1.1 (Bu18) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA119_CONBU Conotoxin Bu19 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA11A_CONAH Alpha-conotoxin-like Ac1.1a Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA11A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1a Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA11B_CONAH Alpha-conotoxin-like Ac1.1b Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA11B_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1b (Qc1.3) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA11C_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.1c (Fragment) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA11_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like Ai1.1 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CA11_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin BnIA (Alpha-BnIA) ... Conus bandanus (Banded marbled cone)
CA11_CONCB Alpha-conotoxin-like Ca1.1 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CA11_CONCT Alpha-conotoxin-like C1.1 (Cl) Conus catus (Cat cone)
CA11_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin Lp1.1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA11_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.1 (Lt1a) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA11_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin Mr1.1 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA11_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CA11_CONSE Alpha-conotoxin-like Sm1.1 Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA11_CONST Alpha-conotoxin-like S1.1 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA120_CONBU Conotoxin Bu1.4 (Bu1.3) (Conotoxin Bu20) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA121_CONBU Conotoxin Bu21 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA122_CONBU Conotoxin Bu22 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA12_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like Ai1.2 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CA12_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin-like Bn1.2 (Fragment) Conus bandanus (Banded marbled cone)
CA12_CONCB Alpha-conotoxin-like Ca1.2 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CA12_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.2 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA12_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.2 (Lt1b) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA12_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin-like Mr1.2 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA12_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.2 (Fragment) Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CA12_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.2 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA13_CONBN Alpha-conotoxin-like Bn1.3 Conus bandanus (Banded marbled cone)
CA13_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin-like Lt1.3 (Lt1c) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CA13_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin-like Mr1.3 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA13_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.3 (Fragment) Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CA13_CONVC Conotoxin Vc1.3 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CA14A_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.4a (Fragment) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA14B_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.4b (Fragment) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA14_CONBR Alpha-conotoxin-like Br1.4 Conus brunneus (Wood's brown cone)
CA14_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin Lp1.4 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA14_CONMN Alpha-conotoxin-like Mn1.4 (Fragment) Conus monachus (Cone snail)
CA14_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.4 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CA15_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.5 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CA15_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.5 (Fragment) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA16A_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.6a Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA16B_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.6b (Fragment) Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA16_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin-like Pu1.6 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CA16_CONQU Alpha-conotoxin-like Qc1.6 (Fragment) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA17_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.7 (Alpha-conotoxin-like ... Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA18_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.8 (Alpha-conotoxin-like ... Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA18_CONMR Alpha-conotoxin Mr1.7a (Conotoxin Mr1.8) ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CA19_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.9 (Fragment) Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA1A1_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Leo-A1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA1AB_CONSP Alpha-conotoxin SrIA/SrIB Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CA1A_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIA Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CA1A_CONAV Alpha-conotoxin AusIA Conus australis (Cone snail) (Asprella ...
CA1A_CONBU Alpha-conotoxin BuIA (Conotoxin Bu1.3) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA1A_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIA [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1A_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIA [Cleaved into: ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA1A_CONLE Alpha-conotoxin-like Lp1.10 (Fragment) Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CA1A_CONLG Alpha-conotoxin Lo1a Conasprella longurionis (Cone snail) (Conus ...
CA1A_CONLM Alpha-conotoxin LsIA Conus limpusi (Cone snail)
CA1A_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin-like MIA Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CA1A_CONOM Alpha-conotoxin OmIA Conus omaria (Omaria cone)
CA1A_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin PnIA (Alpha-PnIA) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CA1A_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIA (Fragment) Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)
CA1A_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIA (Fragment) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA1A_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin RgIA (Fragment) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1A_CONST Alpha-conotoxin SIA (S1A) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA1A_CONTI Alpha-conotoxin Conus tinianus (Variable cone)
CA1A_CONTU Rho-conotoxin TIA (Rho-TIA) Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CA1A_CONVC Alpha-conotoxin Vc1A (ACV1) (Alpha-Vc1A) (Vc1.1) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CA1B_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIB Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CA1B_CONAN Alpha-conotoxin AnIB [Cleaved into: ... Conus anemone (Anemone cone)
CA1B_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin-like MIB Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CA1B_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin PnIB Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CA1B_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIB Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA1B_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1b/Reg1c Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1C_CONAL Alpha-conotoxin AuIC Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CA1C_CONAN Alpha-conotoxin-like AnIC Conus anemone (Anemone cone)
CA1C_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIC [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1C_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GIC (Fragment) Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA1C_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin Li1.12 (Livi_23) (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CA1D_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnID ([Hyp4]-CnID) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1D_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GID Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA1D_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1d Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1E_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIJ [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1E_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1e Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1F_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like Reg1f Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA1G_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIG (Fragment) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1L_CONCN Alpha-conotoxin CnIL Conus consors (Singed cone)
CA1_CONEP Alpha-conotoxin-like EpI Conus episcopatus (Bishop's cone)
CA1_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EI Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CA1_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin ImI (Alpha-CTx ImI) (Fragment) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CA1_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin MI (Alpha-MI) (CtxMI) (M1) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CA1_CONQU Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-1 (QcaL-1) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA1_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like 1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA1_CONVE Alpha-conotoxin-like Vn Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CA2A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIIA Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CA2A_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin-like ImIIA Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CA2A_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin RegIIA (Reg2a) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CA2B_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIIB Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CA2_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GII Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CA2_CONIM Alpha-conotoxin ImII (Alpha-CTx ImII) (Fragment) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CA2_CONMA Alpha-conotoxin MII (Alpha-Ctx MII) (Alpha-MII) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CA2_CONQU Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-2 (QcaL-2) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CA2_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx2 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CA31_CONAH Conotoxin Ac3.1 (Fragment) Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA423_CONBU Conotoxin Bu23 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA424_CONBU Conotoxin Bu24 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA425_CONBU Conotoxin Bu25 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA426_CONBU Conotoxin Bu26 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA427_CONBU Kappa-conotoxin-like Bu27 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CA42_CONAH Kappa-conotoxin Ac4.2 (Fragment) Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA43A_CONAH Kappa-conotoxin-like Ac4.3a (Fragment) Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA43B_CONAH Kappa-conotoxin-like Ac4.3b (Fragment) Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CA43_CONST Kappa-conotoxin-like S4.3 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA4A_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIVA Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CA4A_CONMA Kappa-conotoxin-like MIVA Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CA4A_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIVA (Alpha-A-O4a) ... Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)
CA4A_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIVA Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)
CA4A_CONPU Alpha-conotoxin PIVA (Alpha-A-conotoxin PIVA) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA4A_CONSE Kappa-conotoxin-like SmIVA Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA4A_CONST Kappa-conotoxin SIVA (Kappa-A-conotoxin S4.1) ... Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA4B_CONER Alpha-conotoxin EIVB Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CA4B_CONOB Alpha-conotoxin OIVB (Alpha-A-O4b) ... Conus obscurus (Obscure cone) (Conus halitropus)
CA4B_CONPR Alpha-conotoxin PeIVB Conus pergrandis (Grand cone)
CA4B_CONSE Kappa-conotoxin-like SmIVB Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CA4B_CONST Kappa-conotoxin-like SIVB (S4.2) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CA4E_CONPU Conotoxin PIVE (Kappa-A-conotoxin PIVE) ... Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA4F_CONPU Kappa-conotoxin-like PIVF (KappaA-PIVF) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CA89_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like 289 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CA91_CONAJ Alpha-conotoxin-like 291 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CAE1_CONPL Alpha-conotoxin Pu14.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CAEA_CONTS Alpha-conotoxin-like ts14a Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CAI2_CONPE Alpha-conotoxin-like PnMGMR-02 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CAIA_CONAE Alpha-conotoxin ArIA [Cleaved into: ... Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CAIA_CONLI Alpha-conotoxin LvIA (Alpha-CTx LvIA) (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CAIA_CONVR Alpha-conotoxin ViIA (ViIA-II) Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CAIB_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxIB [Cleaved into: ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CAID_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin TxID (Alpha-conotoxin TxIC) ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CAL1B_CONRE Alpha-conotoxin-like RgIB (Alpha-RGIB) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CAN3_CONIM Conotoxin im23.3 (Conotoxin im21.3) (Conotoxin ... Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CANA_CONIM Conotoxin im23a (Im23.1) (U1-CTX-Ci1a) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CANB_CONIM Conotoxin im23b (Im23.2) (U1-CTX-Ci1b) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CAS1_CONST Alpha-conotoxin S1 (SI) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CAS2_CONST Alpha-conotoxin S2 (Alpha-conotoxin SII) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CAX1_CONTE Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CAY1_CONIM Putative conotoxin Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
COMA_CONIM Im-conomarphin Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)

14 entries

Conotoxin B superfamily

CBOA_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXIVA (AlphaB-conotoxin ... Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CKBR_CONSL Conantokin-Br (Con-Br) (Conantoxin-S1) (Con-S1) Conus sulcatus (Sulcate cone)
CKE_CONER Conantokin-E (Con-E) (Fragment) Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CKG_CONGE Conantokin-G (Con-G) (CGX-1007) (Conotoxin GV) ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CKL_CONLY Conantokin-L (Con-L) Conus lynceus (Lynceus cone)
CKP1_CONPI Conantokin-Pr1 (Con-Pr1) Conus parius (Cone snail)
CKP2_CONPI Conantokin-Pr2 (Con-Pr2) Conus parius (Cone snail)
CKP3_CONPI Conantokin-Pr3 (Con-Pr3) Conus parius (Cone snail)
CKP_CONPU Conantokin-P (Con-P) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CKR1A_CONRO Conantokin-R1-A (Con-R1-A) Conus rolani (Cone snail)
CKR1B_CONRO Conantokin-R1-B (Con-R1-B) (Fragment) Conus rolani (Cone snail)
CKR1C_CONRO Conantokin-R1-C (Con-R1-C) (Fragment) Conus rolani (Cone snail)
CKR_CONRA Conantokin-R (Con-R) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CKT_CONTU Conantokin-T (Con-T) Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...

1 entry

Conotoxin B2 family

CB28_CONMR Conotoxin Mr8.2 (Mr096) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)

3 entries

Conotoxin C superfamily

CON1_CONLT Contulakin-Lt1 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CON2_CONLT Contulakin-Lt2 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CONG_CONGE Contulakin-G (CGX-1160) Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...

21 entries

Conotoxin D superfamily

CDK3_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin Cp20.3 (Conopeptide alpha-D-Cp) Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CDK3_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin Ms20.3 (Conopeptide alpha-D Ms) Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CDKA_CONGR Alpha-D-conotoxin GeXXA Conus generalis (General cone)
CDKA_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXA (Vx20.1) (VxXIIA) Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CDKB_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXB (Vx20.2) (VxXIIB) [Cleaved ... Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CDKC_CONVX Alpha-conotoxin VxXXC (VxXIIC) Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CXAT1_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.1 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT1_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.1 (Alpha-D-conotoxin ... Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT1_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.1 (MsXXA) Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CXAT1_CONPO Alpha-conotoxin-like Vt20.1 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CXAT1_CONRT Alpha-conotoxin-like Rt20.1 Conus rattus (Rat cone)
CXAT2_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.2 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT2_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.2 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT2_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.2 Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CXAT2_CONRT Alpha-conotoxin-like Rt20.2 Conus rattus (Rat cone)
CXAT3_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.3 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT4_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.4 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT4_CONMI Alpha-conotoxin-like Ml20.4 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CXAT4_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.4 Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CXAT5_CONCE Alpha-conotoxin-like Cp20.5 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CXAT5_CONMS Alpha-conotoxin-like Ms20.5 Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)

2 entries

Conotoxin G superfamily

CDA_CONDE Conotoxin de13a Conus delessertii (Sozon's cone) (Conus sozoni)
CDB_CONDE Conotoxin De13.1 (de13b) Conus delessertii (Sozon's cone) (Conus sozoni)

3 entries

Conotoxin H superfamily

CH1_CONVC Conotoxin Vc1 (H_Vc1) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CH71_CONVC Conotoxin Vc7.1 (H_Vc7.1) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CH72_CONVC Conotoxin Vc7.2 (H_Vc7.2) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)

35 entries

Conotoxin I1 superfamily

CI16F_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.15 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CI1B1_CONBE Conotoxin Bt11.1 Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CI1B1_CONCL Conotoxin Cl11.1 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CI1B1_CONEP Conotoxin Ep11.1 Conus episcopatus (Bishop's cone)
CI1B1_CONFI Iota-conotoxin-like Fi11.1 (Fragment) Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
CI1B1_CONMA Iota-conotoxin-like M11.1 (Fragment) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CI1B1_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.1 Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1B2_CONCL Conotoxin Cl11.2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CI1B2_CONMA Conotoxin M11.2 Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CI1B2_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.2 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1B2_CONST Iota-conotoxin-like S11.2 (Fragment) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CI1B3_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.3 Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1B4_CONBE Conotoxin Bt11.4 Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CI1B5_CONLY Iota-conotoxin-like L11.5 Conus lynceus (Lynceus cone)
CI1B5_CONMA Iota-conotoxin-like M11.5 Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CI1B5_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.5 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1B6_CONAL Conotoxin Au11.6 Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CI1B6_CONFI Iota-conotoxin-like Fi11.6 Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
CI1B7_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.7 Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1B8_CONFI Iota-conotoxin-like Fi11.8 Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
CI1BA_CONAE Conotoxin ar11a (Ar11.1) Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CI1BA_CONRA Iota-conotoxin RXIA (R11.6) (r11a) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BA_CONRE Conotoxin Rg11a Conus regius (Crown cone)
CI1BB_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like r11b (I-superfamily ... Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BC_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like r11c (R11.4) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BD_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like r11d (R11.8) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BE_CONRA Conotoxin r11e Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BF_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.15 Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BG_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.16 Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BH_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.17 Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BI_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.18 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BU_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.10 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BV_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.11 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BW_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.12 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CI1BX_CONRA Iota-conotoxin-like R11.13 (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)

30 entries

Conotoxin I2 superfamily

CI21_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.4 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CI21_CONVX Kappa-conotoxin-like 1 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CI22_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.2 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CI22_CONVX Kappa-conotoxin-like 2 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CI23_CONIM Conotoxin Im11.1 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CI2B1_CONFR Conotoxin fe11.1 Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)
CI2B2_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.2 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CI2B2_CONSR Kappa-conotoxin-like Sx11.2 Conus striolatus (Cone snail)
CI2B3_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.3 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CI2B3_CONPO Conotoxin Vi11.3 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CI2B5_CONEM Conotoxin Em11.5 Conus emaciatus (False virgin cone)
CI2B6_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.6 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CI2B7_CONEB Conotoxin Eb11.7 Conus eburneus (Ivory cone)
CI2B7_CONPO Conotoxin Vi11.7 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CI2B8_CONEM Kappa-conotoxin-like Em11.8 Conus emaciatus (False virgin cone)
CI2BA_CONEM Kappa-conotoxin-like Em11.10 (Fragment) Conus emaciatus (False virgin cone)
CI2BA_CONSP Kappa-conotoxin SrXIA (Kappa-SrXIA) ... Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CI2BB_CONFI Conotoxin Fi11.11 (Fragment) Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
CI2BC_CONEP Conotoxin Ep11.12 Conus episcopatus (Bishop's cone)
CI2B_CONBE Kappa-conotoxin BtX (BeTx) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CI2B_CONTE Conotoxin Gla-TxXI Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CI2_CONCE Conotoxin Cp1.1 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CI2_CONMI Conotoxin Mi11.1 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CI2_CONST conotoxin S11.3 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CI2_CONVR Kappa-conotoxin ViTx (Kappa-ViTx) ... Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CIXB1_CONLT Conotoxin Lt11.1 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CIXB3_CONEB Conotoxin Eb11.3 Conus eburneus (Ivory cone)
CIXB3_CONIM Kappa-conotoxin-like Im11.3 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CX2_CONMR Conotoxin Gla-MrII (Conotoxin Mr12.5) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CXX_CONTE Conotoxin Gla-TxX Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)

7 entries

Conotoxin I3 superfamily

CI361_CONPL Conotoxin Pu6.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CI364_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.4 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CI3B1_CONPL Conotoxin Pu11.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CI3B2_CONPL Conotoxin Pu11.2 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CI3B3_CONCB Conotoxin Ca11.3 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CI3BA_CONCB Conotoxin Ca11a (Ca11.1) Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CI3BB_CONCB Conotoxin Ca11b (Ca11.2) Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)

7 entries

Conotoxin J superfamily

CJE1_CONFR Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like fe14.1 Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)
CJE1_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.1 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CJE28_CONBU Conotoxin Bu28 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CJE2_CONFR Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like fe14.2 Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)
CJE2_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.2 (Fragment) Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CJE3_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin-like pl14.3 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CJEA_CONPO Alpha/kappa-conotoxin pl14a Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)

12 entries

Conotoxin L superfamily

CLE1A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.1a (Conotoxin Cl14.2c) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CLE1B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.1b Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CLE1_CONLT Alpha-conotoxin Lt14.1 (Alpha-L-conotoxin Lt14a) ... Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CLE2B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.2b Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CLE8_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.8 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CLEA_CONAW Conotoxin flf14a Conus anabathrum floridanus (Florida cone) ...
CLEA_CONCF Kappa-conotoxin-like as14a Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus ...
CLEA_CONVL Kappa-conotoxin vil14a Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)
CLEB_CONAW Conotoxin flf14b Conus anabathrum floridanus (Florida cone) ...
CLEB_CONCF Kappa-conotoxin-like as14b Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus ...
CLEC_CONAW Conotoxin flf14c Conus anabathrum floridanus (Florida cone) ...
CLEC_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14c (Conotoxin Cl14.2a) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...

2 entries

Conotoxin M family

CM3A_CONFI Conotoxin Fi3a (Conotoxin Fi3b) Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
CM3C_CONFI Conotoxin Fi3c Conus figulinus (Fig cone)

132 entries

Conotoxin M superfamily

C2_CONVX Conotoxin Vx2 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CM01_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-01 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM02_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLKM-02 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM11_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLKM-011 (Conotoxin TsMLKM-013) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM131_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLKM-01 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CM131_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKM-011 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM132_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKM-013 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM134_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKMF-01 (Fragment) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM135_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLKM-012 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM15_CONBU Conotoxin Bu15 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CM17_CONBU Conotoxin Bu17 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CM1A_CONBE Conotoxin BtIIIA (BeTXIa) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CM1B_CONBE BtIIIB (Conotoxin BeTXIb) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CM1_CONTE Conotoxin 1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM231_CONAE Conotoxin ArMMSK-01 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CM231_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-B021 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM231_CONVE Conotoxin VnMMSK-02 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CM232_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-02 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM232_CONVE Conotoxin VnMMSK-01 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CM233_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLKM-D0211 (Fragment) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM233_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-011 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-B012) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM233_CONVE Conotoxin VnMMSK-03 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CM234_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-04 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM235_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-05 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM235_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLKM-04 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CM236_CONTE Conotoxin TxMMSK-06 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM237_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-021 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-022) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM23B_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-011 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM23C_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-011 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-012) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM23L_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-021 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM23M_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-B022 (Conotoxin TsMMSK-B023) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM23N_CONTS Conotoxin TsMMSK-B022 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM2_CONTE Conotoxin 2 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM31_CONLE Conotoxin Lp3.1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CM31_CONLT Iota-conotoxin LtIIIA (Lt3.1) (Lt3a) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CM31_CONQU Conotoxin Qc3.1 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CM31_CONTE Conotoxin Tx3.1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM31_CONTU Mu-conotoxin-like T3.1 Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CM32_CONLE Conotoxin Lp3.2 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CM32_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.2 (Lt3b) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CM334_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLKM-01 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CM336_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLKM-02 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CM33_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.3 (Lt3c) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CM33_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.3 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM34_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.4 (Lt3d) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CM34_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.4 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM34_CONPL Conotoxin Pu3.4 (Fragment) Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CM35_CONLT Conotoxin Lt3.5 (Lt3e) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CM35_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.5 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM35_CONPL Conotoxin Pu3.5 (Fragment) Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CM35_CONTE Conotoxin Tx3.5-a [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM36_CONPL Conotoxin Pu3.6 (Fragment) Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CM38_CONMR Conotoxin Mr3.8 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3AB_CONST Mu-conotoxin TIIIA-like Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CM3A_CONAX Conotoxin Asi3a Conus asiaticus (Cone snail)
CM3A_CONBU Mu-conotoxin BuIIIA Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CM3A_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIA Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM3A_CONCT Mu-conotoxin CIIIA Conus catus (Cat cone)
CM3A_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GIIIA (G3.9) (Geographutoxin I) ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CM3A_CONKI Mu-conotoxin KIIIB [Cleaved into: Mu-conotoxin ... Conus kinoshitai (Kinoshita's cone)
CM3A_CONMA Mu-conotoxin MIIIA Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CM3A_CONMR Conotoxin mr3a Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3A_CONPE Conotoxin Pn3a Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM3A_CONPI Conotoxin pr3a Conus parius (Cone snail)
CM3A_CONPU Mu-conotoxin PIIIA (Mu-conotoxin P3.7) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CM3A_CONQU Conotoxin QcIIIA Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CM3A_CONSE Mu-conotoxin SmIIIA (Fragment) Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CM3A_CONSR Mu-conotoxin SxIIIA Conus striolatus (Cone snail)
CM3A_CONST Mu-conotoxin SIIIA Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CM3A_CONTE Conotoxin tx3a-a (Tx3.2) [Cleaved into: ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM3A_CONTS Mu-conotoxin TsIIIA Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CM3A_CONTU Mu-conotoxin TIIIA Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CM3B_CONAO Conotoxin ar3b [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ar3a] Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CM3B_CONBU Mu-conotoxin BuIIIB (Conotoxin Bu16) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CM3B_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIB Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM3B_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GIIIB (Geographutoxin II) (GTx-II) ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CM3B_CONMR Conotoxin mr3b Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3B_CONPI Mu-conotoxin-like pr3b Conus parius (Cone snail)
CM3B_CONQU Conotoxin QcIIIB Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CM3B_CONSR Mu-conotoxin-like SxIIIB Conus striolatus (Cone snail)
CM3B_CONST Mu-conotoxin SIIIB Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CM3B_CONTE Conotoxin tx3b (Tx3.3) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM3C_CONAO Conotoxin ar3c Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CM3C_CONBU Mu-conotoxin BuIIIC Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CM3C_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GIIIC Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CM3C_CONMR Conotoxin mr3c Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3C_CONTE Conotoxin tx3c (Textile scratcher peptide) ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM3D_CONAO Conotoxin ar3d Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CM3D_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIID Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM3D_CONMR Conotoxin mr3d (Conotoxin Mr3.2) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3E_CONAO Conotoxin ar3e Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CM3E_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIE Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM3E_CONMR Conotoxin mr3e (Mr3.4) (Mr3.7) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3E_CONPI Psi-conotoxin PrIIIE (Psi-conotoxin Pr3.5) ... Conus parius (Cone snail)
CM3E_CONPU Psi-conotoxin PIIIE (Psi-conotoxin P3.8) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CM3F_CONAO Conotoxin ar3f Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CM3F_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIF Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM3F_CONMR Conotoxin mr3f (Conotoxin Mr3.9) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3F_CONPU Psi-conotoxin PIIIF Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CM3G_CONCN Conotoxin CnIIIG Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM3G_CONMR Conotoxin mr3g (Mr3.6) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CM3I_CONAO Conotoxin ar3i (Conotoxin ar3j) Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CM3J_CONRA Kappa-conotoxin RIIIJ (Kappa-M-RIIIJ) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CM3K_CONRA Kappa-conotoxin RIIIK (Kappa-M-RIIIK) (Conotoxin ... Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CM3_CONTE Conotoxin 3 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM401_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLKMS-01 (Fragment) Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CM4A_CONPE Mu-conotoxin PnIVA Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM4B_CONPE Mu-conotoxin PnIVB Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM4C_CONPE Mu-conotoxin pn4c (Mu-conotoxin-like ... Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CM4_CONTE Conotoxin 4 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM5_CONTE Conotoxin 5 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CM63_CONIM Conotoxin Im6.1 (Conotoxin 3) Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CM7E_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIE [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM7F_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIF [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM7G_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIG [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CM91_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.1 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CMCA_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12a Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCB_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12b (Reg12l) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCC1_CONPO Conopeptide Vt3.1 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CMCC2_CONPO Conopeptide Vt3.2 (Fragment) Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CMCC_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12c (Reg12i) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCD_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12d (Reg12k) Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCE_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12e Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCF_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12f Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCG_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12g Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMCH_CONRE Conotoxin Reg12h Conus regius (Crown cone)
CMG1_CONLT Conotoxin Lt16a (Lt16.1) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
COMA_CONMR Conomarphin (Marmophine) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CU3A_CONNA Conotoxin nt3a Conus natalis (Natal textile cone)
CU3A_CONPB Conotoxin pc3a Conus pictus (Cone snail)
GM3C_CONCN Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC Conus consors (Singed cone)
TXM46_CONAO Conotoxin Ar1446 (Conotoxin Ar1430) Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)

2 entries

Conotoxin M superfamily, Conopeptide Y family

CPY1_CONFR Conopeptide Y-Fe1 (CPY-Fe1) Conus ferrugineus (Cone snail)
CPY1_CONPO Conopeptide Y-Pl1 (CPY-Pl1) Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)

248 entries

Conotoxin O1 superfamily

C614A_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.14 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
C614B_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.14 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CM65_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.5 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CM66A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.6a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CM66B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.6b Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CM67_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.7 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CM68_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.8 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CM69_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.9 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CM7J_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIJ Conus consors (Singed cone)
CO111_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0211 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO112_CONCL Conotoxin Cal1.2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO112_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 12 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO115_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 15 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO11_CONIM Conotoxin 1 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CO11_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CO11_CONVX Conotoxin 1 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO12A_CONPL Omega-conotoxin-like PuIIA Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CO12_CONIM Omega-conotoxin-like 2/7 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CO12_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O2 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CO12_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 2 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO12_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO2 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO12_CONVX Conotoxin 2 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO132_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr332 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO134_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr34 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO13_CONIM Omega-conotoxin-like 3 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CO13_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O3 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CO13_CONST Omega-conotoxin SO-3 (SO3) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO13_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO3 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO13_CONVR Conotoxin 3 Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CO141_CONMI Conotoxin MiK41 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CO141_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0141 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO142_CONBE Conotoxin Bt6.5 (Conotoxin BeB42) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CO142_CONLI Conotoxin LiC42 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO142_CONMI Conotoxin MiK42 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CO142_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0142 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO14_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-O4 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CO14_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SO-4 (Omega-conotoxin SO4) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO14_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO4 (Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO15B_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO5 (Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO15_CONIM Conotoxin 5 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CO15_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SO-5 (Omega-conotoxin SO5) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO15_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO5 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO161_CONAH Delta-conotoxin-like Ac6.1 Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CO161_CONAJ Delta-conotoxin-like Ai6.1 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CO161_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.1 (Lt6a) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO161_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SVIA mutant 1 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO161_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TeA61 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO162_CONAH Delta-conotoxin-like Ac6.2 Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CO162_CONAJ Omega-conotoxin-like Ai6.2 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CO162_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.2 (Conotoxin LeD41) (Lt6b) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO162_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like SVIA mutant 2 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO163_CONAH Delta-conotoxin-like Ac6.3 Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CO163_CONAJ Omega-conotoxin-like Ai6.3 Conus ammiralis (Admiral cone)
CO163_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.3 (Lt6c) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO163_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.3 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO164_CONAH Omega-conotoxin-like Ac6.4 Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CO164_CONCL Conotoxin cal6.4a (Conotoxin cal6.4c) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO164_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.4 (Lt6d) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO164_CONVC Omega-conotoxin-like Vc6.4 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO165_CONAH Omega-conotoxin-like Ac6.5 Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CO165_CONLT Conotoxin Lt6.5 (Lt6e) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO166_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like S6.6 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO166_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.6 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO167_CONMR Omega-conotoxin-like MaIr137 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO168_CONST Delta-conotoxin-like S6.8 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO16A_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIA (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.10 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO16A_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVIA Conus catus (Cat cone)
CO16A_CONGE Omega-conotoxin GVIA (SNX-124) (Shaker peptide) ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CO16A_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIA (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO16A_CONPL Omega-conotoxin-like PuIA Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CO16A_CONPU Delta-conotoxin PVIA (Lockjaw peptide) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CO16A_CONST Omega-conotoxin SVIA (SNX-157) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO16A_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIA (TxIA) (Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO16A_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6a (Vc6.1) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO16A_CONVX Conotoxin VxVIA (Conotoxin vx6a) Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO16B_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIB (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6b (Conotoxin Cal6.2) (Conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO16B_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIB (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO16B_CONMR Mu-conotoxin MrVIB (CGX-1002) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO16B_CONST Omega-conotoxin SVIB (SNX-183) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO16B_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIA (Conotoxin King-Kong 0) ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO16B_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6b (Vc6.2) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO16B_CONVX Conotoxin VxVIB (Conotoxin vx6b) Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO16C_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIC (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16C_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIC (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO16C_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6c (Vc6.5) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO16C_CONVX Conotoxin C11GB Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO16D_CONAB Conotoxin AbVID (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16D_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVID (AM-336) (AM336) (CNSB004) ... Conus catus (Cat cone)
CO16D_CONLI Conotoxin LvVID (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO16D_CONVX Conotoxin A11GB Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO16E_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIE (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16E_CONST Delta-conotoxin SVIE (Delta-SVIE) ... Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO16F_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIF (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16G_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIG (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16H_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIH (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16H_CONCE Conotoxin CaHr91 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CO16I_CONAB Conotoxin AbVII (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16J_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIJ (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16K_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIK (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16L_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIL (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16M_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIM (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16N_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIN (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16O_CONAB Conotoxin AbVIO (Fragment) Conus abbreviatus (Abbreviated cone) ...
CO16V_CONST Conotoxin S6.10 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO16_CONIM Conotoxin 6 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CO16_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 6 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO16_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO6 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO17A_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIIA (SNX-111) (Ziconotide) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO17A_CONPU Kappa-conotoxin PVIIA (CGX-1051) (Fin-popping ... Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CO17B_CONLI Conotoxin LvVIIB (Fragment) Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO17J_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GVIIJ (Conotoxin muO-GVIIJ) (G086) ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CO18_CONVX Conotoxin 8 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO192_CONMI Conotoxin MiEr92 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CO192_CONVR Conotoxin ViKr92 Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CO193_CONMI Conotoxin MiEr93 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CO193_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr193 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO194_CONMR Conotoxin MaIr94 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO194_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TeAr94 (Omega-conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO195_CONLI Conotoxin LiCr95 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO195_CONMI Conotoxin MiEr95 Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CO19_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like 9 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO1A_CONCE Omega-conotoxin-like 1 Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CO1A_CONVR Conotoxin 10 Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CO1C3_CONCL Conotoxin Cl12.3 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO1C_CONST Conotoxin 3 (S6.9) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO1C_CONVX Conotoxin 12 Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO1EA_CONGR Alpha-conotoxin GeXIVA (Alpha-O-conotoxin ... Conus generalis (General cone)
CO1K1_CONPE Conotoxin PnMKLT1-0122 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CO1K1_CONTE Conotoxin King-Kong 1 (KK-1) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO1K2_CONTE Conotoxin King-Kong 2 (KK-2) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO1X1_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxO1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO615_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.15 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO616_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.16 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO617_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.17 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO618_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.18 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO619_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.19 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO61_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.1 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO620_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.20 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO621_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.21 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO622_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.22 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO62B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO64_CONBE Delta-conotoxin-like Bt6.4 Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CO66_CONAA Delta-conotoxin Am2766 Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
CO67_CONST Omega-conotoxin-like S6.7 (Fragment) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO69_CONEA Conotoxin Eb6.9 (Fragment) Conus ebraeus (Hebrew cone)
CO6A_CONAI Delta-conotoxin-like AVIA (Delta-AVIA) Conus aurisiacus (Aurisiacus cone)
CO6A_CONBU Delta-conotoxin-like BVIA (Delta-BVIA) ... Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO6A_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIA (Delta-CnVIA) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CO6A_CONEB Delta-conotoxin-like ErVIA (Fragment) Conus eburneus (Ivory cone)
CO6A_CONER Delta-conotoxin EVIA (Delta-EVIA) Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CO6A_CONGL Delta-conotoxin GmVIA Conus gloriamaris (Glory-of-the-Seas cone)
CO6A_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVIA (Delta-MVIA) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO6A_CONMR Mu-conotoxin MrVIA (Conotoxin Mr6.5) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO6A_CONNI Delta-conotoxin NgVIA Conus nigropunctatus (Black-spot cone)
CO6A_CONPE Omega-conotoxin PnVIA Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CO6A_CONRA Omega-conotoxin RVIA Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CO6A_CONSC Delta-conotoxin SuVIA (Delta-SuVIA) Conus suturatus (Sutured cone)
CO6A_CONSE Delta-conotoxin-like SmVIA (Delta-SmVIA) Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
CO6A_CONTS Delta-conotoxin TsVIA Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CO6A_CONTU Omega-conotoxin TVIA (SNX-185) Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CO6B_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIB (Delta-CnVIB) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CO6B_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVIB Conus catus (Cat cone)
CO6B_CONER Delta-conotoxin-like EVIB (Delta-EVIB) ... Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone)
CO6B_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVIB (Delta-MVIB) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO6B_CONPE Omega-conotoxin PnVIB Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CO6B_CONTE Delta-conotoxin TxVIB (TxIB) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO6C_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVIC (Delta-CnVIC) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CO6C_CONCT Omega-conotoxin CVIC Conus catus (Cat cone)
CO6C_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVIC (Delta-MVIC) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO6D_CONCN Delta-conotoxin-like CnVID (Delta-CnVID) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CO6D_CONMA Delta-conotoxin-like MVID (Delta-MVID) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO6E_CONCT Delta-conotoxin-like CVIE (Delta-CVIE) Conus catus (Cat cone)
CO710_CONBU Conotoxin Bu10 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO711_CONBU Omega-conotoxin-like Bu11 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO712_CONBU Conotoxin Bu12 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO713_CONBU Conotoxin Bu13 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO714_CONBU Conotoxin Bu14 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO71_CONBU Omega-conotoxin-like Bu1 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO72_CONBU Conotoxin Bu2 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO73_CONBU Conotoxin Bu3 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO74_CONBU Conotoxin Bu4 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO75_CONBU Conotoxin Bu5 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO76_CONBU Conotoxin Bu6 Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO79_CONBU Conotoxin Bu9 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
CO7A_CONCF Gamma-conotoxin-like As7a Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus ...
CO7A_CONCN Omega-conotoxin-like CnVIIH [Cleaved into: ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CO7A_CONDE Gamma-conotoxin-like de7a Conus delessertii (Sozon's cone) (Conus sozoni)
CO7B_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIIB (SNX-159) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO7C_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIIC (Omega-CgTxMVIIC) ... Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO7D_CONMA Omega-conotoxin MVIID (SNX-238) (Fragment) Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CO7_CONTE Omega-conotoxin TxVII Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO8_CONBU Omega-conotoxin-like Bu8 (Fragment) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
COC1A_CONCL Mu-conotoxin cal12a (Conotoxin Cal 12.1.1a) ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC1B_CONCL Mu-conotoxin cal12b (Conotoxin Cal 12.1.1b) ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC3A_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.3a (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COCA_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2a (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COCB_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2b (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COCD_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2d (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1a (Conotoxin Cl6.1) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1b (Conotoxin Cl6.1a) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1c (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1D_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1d (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1E_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1e (Conotoxin Cl6.3) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1F_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1f (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1G_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1g (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COG1H_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.1h (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6B_CONPB Conotoxin pc6b Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CU6D_CONPB Conotoxin pc6d Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CXT61_CONQU Conotoxin Qc6.1 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CXT62_CONQU Conotoxin Qc6.2 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
O1610_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0313 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1610_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-012 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1611_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0321 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1611_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-01121 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1612_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0322 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1612_CONPE Conotoxin PnMKLT1-1111 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O1612_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-021 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1613_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0311 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1613_CONPE Conotoxin PnMKLT1-0121 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O1613_CONTE Delta-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0111 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O1613_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-022 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1614_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0111 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1614_CONPE Mu-conotoxin-like PnMKLT1-014 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O1615_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-032 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1615_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-0221 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1616_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0112 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1616_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-011 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1617_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-022 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1617_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-012 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1618_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-031 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1618_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-013 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O1619_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-01 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O162_CONAE Omega-conotoxin-like ArMKLT1-011 (Conotoxin ... Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O1631_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-031 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O163_CONAE Omega-conotoxin-like ArMKLT1-02 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O164A_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-021 (Conotoxin VnMKLT2-0222) Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O164B_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT2-021 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O164_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0122 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O164_CONTE Omega-conotoxin-like TxMKLT1-0223 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O165_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-022 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O166_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0251 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O167_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-041 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O168_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0211 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O168_CONVE Omega-conotoxin-like VnMKLT1-0111 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O169_CONAE Conotoxin ArMKLT2-0312 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O169_CONVE Conotoxin VnMKLT1-01122 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)

55 entries

Conotoxin O2 superfamily

C0261_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-021 (Conotoxin TxMEKL-022) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO251_CONMR Conotoxin MaI51 Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO253_CONLI Conotoxin LiC53 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO254_CONBE Conotoxin Bt6.6 (Conotoxin BeB54) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CO267_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.7 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO268_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.8 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO269_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.9 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26A_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.10 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26B_CONST Conotoxin S6.11 Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CO26B_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.11 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26C_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.12 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26D_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.13 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26E_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.14 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26F_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.15 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26G_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.16 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26H_CONVC Conotoxin Vc6.17 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CO26_CONTE Conotoxin 6 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO271_CONLT Conotoxin Lt7.1 (Lt7a) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO27A_CONPE Gamma-conotoxin PnVIIA (PnMEKL-011) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CO27A_CONPG Gamma-conotoxin PiVIIA Conus princeps (Prince cone)
CO27A_CONRA Conotoxin r7a (Light sleeper) (Fragment) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CO27A_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxVIIA (TxIIA) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CO2FA_CONBE Conotoxin Bt15a Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CO2FA_CONCE Conotoxin Cap15a Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CO2FA_CONEM Conotoxin Ec15a Conus emaciatus (False virgin cone)
CO2FA_CONLI Conotoxin Lv15a Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO2FA_CONLT Conotoxin Lt15a (Lt15.1) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CO2FA_CONMI Conotoxin Ml15a Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CO2FA_CONVX Conotoxin Vx15a Conus vexillum (Flag cone)
CO2FB_CONCE Conotoxin Cap15b Conus capitaneus (Captain cone)
CO2FB_CONMI Conotoxin Ml15b Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
COG16_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(1)-TxVI (TeA52) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O226A_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(2)-TxVI/A (Conotoxin TxMEKL-043) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O226B_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(2)-TxVI/B Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O236D_CONTE Conotoxin Asp7/Gla(3)-TxVI (Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O236E_CONTE Conotoxin Gla(3)-TxVI (Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O253_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TeA53 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O2611_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-011 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O261_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxMEKL-0511 (Conotoxin ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O261_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0221 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O262_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-P012 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
O262_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0222 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O263_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-011 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
O263_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-023 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O264_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-021 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O2651_CONLT Conotoxin LeD51 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
O2653_CONTE Gamma-conotoxin-like TxMEKL-053 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
O265_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-024 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O266B_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0111 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O266_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0111 (Conotoxin VnMEKL-013) Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O267_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-012 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O268_CONPE Conotoxin PnMEKL-032 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O269_CONPE Conotoxin PnMEKL-04 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O26N_CONVE Conotoxin VnMEKL-0223 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O26X_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-03 (Fragment) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)

22 entries

Conotoxin O3 superfamily

CO373_CONLI Conotoxin LiCr173 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CO379_CONCB Conotoxin CaFr179 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
O3610_CONPE Conotoxin PnMSGL-01 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O3611_CONPE Conotoxin PnMSGL-03 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
O3619_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0121 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O3620_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0124 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3620_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0122 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O3621_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0121 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3621_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0111 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O3622_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0123 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3622_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0123 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O3624_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0122 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3625_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-011 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3626_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0143 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3627_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-0141 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O3628_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-013 (Fragment) Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
O364_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-11 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
O365_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-13 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
O366_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-12 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
O367_CONTS Conotoxin TsMSGL-2 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
O36L_CONVE Conotoxin VnMSGL-0112 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
O36O_CONAE Conotoxin ArMSGL-021 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)

6 entries

Conotoxin P superfamily

CP2B_CONBE Conotoxin Bt9.2 (Conotoxin BeTXIIb) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CP91_CONGL Conotoxin Gm9.1 (Gm9a) (Spasmodic protein ... Conus gloriamaris (Glory-of-the-Seas cone)
CP91_CONRE Conotoxin Rg9.1 Conus regius (Crown cone)
CP9A_CONLT Conotoxin Lt9a Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CP9A_CONTE Spasmodic peptide tx9a (Pi-conotoxin TxIXA) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CP_CONAA Conotoxin Conus amadis (Amadis cone)

9 entries

Conotoxin S superfamily

CS81_CONAH Conotoxin Ac8.1 (Fragment) Conus achatinus (Little frog cone)
CS81_CONCB Conotoxin Ca8.1 (ca8a) Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CS81_CONTE Conotoxin Tx8.1 (Fragment) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CS82_CONCB Conotoxin Ca8.2 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CS83_CONCB Conotoxin Ca8.3 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CS8A_CONGE Sigma-conotoxin GVIIIA Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CSA8A_CONGE Alpha-conotoxin GVIIIB (AlphaS-conotoxin GVIIIB) Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CSA8A_CONRA Alpha-conotoxin RVIIIA (AlphaS-conotoxin RVIIIA) Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CS_CONST Conotoxin (Fragment) Conus striatus (Striated cone)

1 entry

Conotoxin T family

CM5A_CONFI Conotoxin Fi5a Conus figulinus (Fig cone)

134 entries

Conotoxin T superfamily

CT011_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-011 (Ts-D01) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT02_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B02 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT03_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-03 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT05_CONVE Conotoxin Vn-05 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C1_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-033 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C2_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-01 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C3_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-05 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C4_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-042 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C5_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-031 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C6_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-041 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT0C_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-022 Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CT0C_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-02 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT10A_CONAO Conotoxin ar5a Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CT10B_CONAO Conotoxin ar5b Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CT10C_CONAO Conotoxin ar5c Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CT111_CONTE Conotoxin Tx-D0111 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT11A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal1.1a (Conotoxin Cl1.3) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CT11B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal1.1b Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CT11_CONCL Conotoxin Cl1.1 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CT11_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-T1 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CT11_CONTE Conotoxin 1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT121_CONLI Conotoxin LiC121 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CT121_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B01121 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT122_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B01122 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT12_CONLE Conotoxin Leo-T2 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CT13_CONTE Conotoxin 3 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin TeA31] Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT14_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-014 (Pn-B01131) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT151_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B0151 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT151_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr151 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT154_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr154 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT192_CONLT Conotoxin LeDr192 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT1A_CONMR Chi-conotoxin MrIA (Chi-MrIA) (Conotoxin MrIA) ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT1B_CONMR Chi-conotoxin MrIB (Conotoxin MrIB) ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT1_CONTE Chi-conotoxin-like 1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT21_CONTE Conotoxin Tx-D021 (Tx-D022) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT243_CONLT Conotoxin LeDr243 Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT274_CONMO Conotoxin Mo1274 Conus monile (Necklace cone)
CT2X_CONTE Conotoxin 2 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT2Y_CONTE Chi-conotoxin-like 2 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT32_CONLI Conotoxin LiC32 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CT33_CONLI Conotoxin LiC33 Conus lividus (Livid cone)
CT34_CONBE Conotoxin Bt5.1 (Conotoxin BeB34) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CT361_CONVR Conotoxin Vi1361 (Conotoxin Vi1360) Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CT411_CONPE Conotoxin Pn-B01411 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT511_CONPE Conotoxin PnMRCL-0111 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT512_CONTE Conotoxin TxMRCL-D012 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT51A_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.1a Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT51A_CONVR Conotoxin Vi5.1a Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CT51B_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-D02171 (Conotoxin ArMLCL-021) Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CT51B_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.1b Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT51B_CONVR Conotoxin Vi5.1b Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CT51_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-D02171 (Conotoxin ... Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CT51_CONCB Conotoxin Ca5.1 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CT51_CONGL Conotoxin Gm5.1 Conus gloriamaris (Glory-of-the-Seas cone)
CT51_CONIM Conotoxin Im5.1 Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
CT51_CONLE Conotoxin Lp5.1 (Tau 5) Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CT51_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.1 (Lt5a) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT51_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.1 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CT51_CONTE Conotoxin Tx5.1 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT51_CONTS Conotoxin TsMRCL-04 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT51_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-012 (VnMRCL-03) Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT52_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-012 (Conotoxin ArMLCL-D023) Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CT52_CONCB Conotoxin Ca5.2 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CT52_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5.2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CT52_CONGL Conotoxin Gm5.2 Conus gloriamaris (Glory-of-the-Seas cone)
CT52_CONLE Conotoxin Lp5.2 Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
CT52_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.2 (Lt5b) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT52_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.2 (Gla-MrIII) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT52_CONPE Conotoxin PnMLCL-01 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT52_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.2 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CT52_CONTS Conotoxin TsMRCL-05 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT52_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-011 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT53_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-D01 (Conotoxin ArMLCL-0111) ... Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CT53_CONCB Conotoxin Ca5.3 Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CT53_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.3 (LeD33) (Lt5c) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT53_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.3 (Gla-MrIV) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT53_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.3 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CT53_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-03 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT53_CONVC Conotoxin Vc5.3 (Fragment) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CT53_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-021 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT54A_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.4a Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT54B_CONMR Conotoxin mr5.4b (Fragment) Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT54_CONAE Conotoxin ArMLCL-D02173 (Fragment) Conus arenatus (Sand-dusted cone)
CT54_CONLT Mu-conotoxin Lt5d (Lt5.4) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT54_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.4 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CT54_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.4 Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CT54_CONTE Conotoxin TxMRCL-04 Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT54_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-04 Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT54_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-04 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT55_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.5 (Lt5e) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT55_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.5 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CT55_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.5 Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CT55_CONTS Conotoxin TsMLCL-E01 (Fragment) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT55_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-021 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT56_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.6 (Lt5f) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT56_CONPL Conotoxin Pu5.6 Conus pulicarius (Flea-bite cone)
CT56_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.6 (Sr5.8) Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CT56_CONVE Conotoxin VnMLCL-022 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT57_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.7 (Lt5g) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT57_CONSP Conotoxin Sr5.7 Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CT58_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.8 (Lt5h) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT593_CONTE Conotoxin TeAr193 (Conotoxin TxMRCL-03) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT59_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.9 (Lt5i) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT5AB_CONTE Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Conotoxin TxMRCL-011) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT5A_CONAL Conotoxin au5a Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CT5A_CONCN Conopeptide CnVA (Tau-CnVA) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CT5A_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.10 (Lt5j) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT5A_CONMR Conotoxin mr5a Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CT5A_CONPU Conotoxin p5a (P5.1) (PVA) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CT5A_CONSP Conotoxin sr5a (Sr5.1) (Sr5.2) (Sr5.3) Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
CT5A_CONTE Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Epsilon-TxIX) (Tx-012) ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT5A_CONVC Conotoxin vc5a (Vc5.1) (Fragment) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CT5A_CONVR Conotoxin ViVA (Vi1359) (Vi5.3) Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CT5B_CONAL Conotoxin au5b Conus aulicus (Princely cone)
CT5B_CONLT Conotoxin Lt5.11 (Lt5k) Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
CT5B_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-011 (Conotoxin TsMRCL-02) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT5B_CONVC Conotoxin vc5b (Vc5.4) (Fragment) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CT5B_CONVR Conotoxin ViVB (Vi5.2) Conus virgo (Virgin cone)
CT5C_CONTS Conotoxin Ts-011 (Conotoxin TsMRCL-012) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CT5C_CONVC Conotoxin vc5c (Vc5.2) (Fragment) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CT5D_CONAO Conotoxin ar5d Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CT5M_CONPE Conotoxin PnMRCL-022 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT5M_CONVE Conotoxin VnMRCL-022 Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CT5_CONPE Conotoxin PnMRCL-0111 (Conotoxin PnMRCL-0112) Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CT5_CONTE Trixin Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CT6A_CONMR Chi-conotoxin CMrVIA (Conotoxin CMrVIA) ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CTDA_CONTE Conotoxin TxXIIIA Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CTMI_CONMI Conotoxin Mi Conus miles (Soldier cone) (Mile cone)
CTX1_CONPE Chi-conotoxin-like PnMRCL-013 Conus pennaceus (Feathered cone) (Conus ...
CTX_CONMR Chi-conotoxin CMrX (Conotoxin CMrX) (Conotoxin ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CXT11_CONAO Chi-conotoxin-like Ar1311 Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CXT48_CONAO Chi-conotoxin-like Ar1248 (Conotoxin Ar1232) Conus araneosus (Cobweb cone)
CXT51_CONQU Conotoxin Qc5.1 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CXT52_CONQU Conotoxin Qc5.2 Conus quercinus (Oak cone)

2 entries

Conotoxin V superfamily

CVF1_CONPO Conotoxin Vt15.1 Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CVFA_CONVR Conotoxin Vi15a (Vi15.1) Conus virgo (Virgin cone)

1 entry

Conotoxin Y superfamily

CXY17_CONCB Conotoxin ca17a (Conotoxin ca16a) Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)

22 entries

Contryphan family

COW1_CONTE Contryphan-Tx Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
COW2_CONTE Contryphan-R/Tx Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
COW3_CONTE Leu-contryphan-Tx Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
COWA_CONCB Contryphan-C Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
COWA_CONFI Contryphan-Fia (Fi1187) Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
COWA_CONLE Contryphan-Le Conus leopardus (Leopard cone)
COWB_CONFI Contryphan Fib Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
COWC_CONFI Contryphan Fic [Cleaved into: Contryphan Fid] Conus figulinus (Fig cone)
COWL_CONPU Leu-contryphan-P Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
COWW_CONPU Contryphan-P (Trp-Contryphan-P) Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
COW_CONAA Contryphan-Am (Am975) [Cleaved into: ... Conus amadis (Amadis cone)
COW_CONBE Contryphan-Bt (B1187) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
COW_CONBL Contryphan-Lo (Lo959) [Cleaved into: ... Conus buxeus loroisii (Cone snail) (Conus ...
COW_CONBU Contryphan-Bu Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
COW_CONIN Contryphan-In (In936) [Cleaved into: ... Conus inscriptus (Engraved cone)
COW_CONLT Contryphan-Lt Conus litteratus (Lettered cone)
COW_CONMR Glacontryphan-M Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
COW_CONRA Contryphan-R (Bromocontryphan) [Cleaved into: ... Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
COW_CONSE Contryphan-Sm Conus stercusmuscarum (Fly-specked cone)
COW_CONST Contryphan-S (St990) [Cleaved into: Contryphan-S ... Conus striatus (Striated cone)
COW_CONVE Contryphan-Vn Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
COW_CONZE Contryphan-Ze (Z1187) Conus zeylanicus (Obese cone) (Puncticulis ...

2 entries

CRISP family

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MR30_CONMR Cysteine-rich venom protein Mr30 (CRVP) ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
TX31_CONTE Cysteine-rich venom protein (CRVP) (EC 3.4.-.-) ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)

3 entries

FARP (FMRFamide related peptide) family

COSR1_CONSP Cono-RFamide-Sr1 Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
COSR2_CONSP Cono-RFamide-Sr2 Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
COSR_CONVC Cono-RFamide-Vc1 (CNF-Vc1) (O3_Vc2) Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)

1 entry

Glycoprotein hormones subunit alpha family

CTHA2_CONVC Thyrostimulin alpha-2 subunit Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)

1 entry

Glycoprotein hormones subunit beta family

CTHB5_CONVC Thyrostimulin beta-5 subunit Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)

3 entries

Glycosyl hydrolase 56 family

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HYAL_CONAQ Hyaluronidase conohyal-ad1 (Hya) (EC ... Conus adamsonii (Cone snail)
HYAL_CONCN Hyaluronidase conohyal-Cn1 (Hya) (EC ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
HYAL_CONPU Hyaluronidase conohyal-P1 (EC ... Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)

22 entries

Insulin family

INS1A_CONGE Con-Ins G1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G1 ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS1A_CONQU Con-Ins Q1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins Q1 ... Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
INS1B_CONGE Con-Ins G1b (Insulin 1b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS1B_CONQU Con-Ins Q1b (Insulin 1b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
INS1C_CONGE Con-Ins G1c (Insulin 1c) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS1_CONFO Con-Ins F1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins F1 ... Conus floridulus (Cone snail) (Lividoconus ...
INS1_CONIM Con-Ins Im1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
INS1_CONME Con-Ins Me1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conasprella memiae (Memi's cone) (Conus memiae)
INS1_CONMR Con-Ins M1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins M1 ... Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
INS1_CONTE Con-Ins Tx1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
INS1_CONTU Con-Ins T1 (Insulin 1) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T1 ... Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
INS2A_CONFO Con-Ins F2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins F2 ... Conus floridulus (Cone snail) (Lividoconus ...
INS2A_CONGE Con-Ins G2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G2 ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS2B_CONFO Con-Ins F2b (Insulin 2b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus floridulus (Cone snail) (Lividoconus ...
INS2B_CONGE Con-Ins G2b (Insulin 2b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS2C_CONFO Con-Ins F2c (Insulin 2c) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus floridulus (Cone snail) (Lividoconus ...
INS2_CONIM Con-Ins Im2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
INS2_CONTU Con-Ins T2 (Insulin 2) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T2 ... Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
INS3A_CONGE Con-Ins G3 (Insulin 3) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins G3 ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS3B_CONGE Con-Ins G3b (Insulin 3b) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
INS3_CONTU Con-Ins T3 (Insulin 3) [Cleaved into: Con-Ins T3 ... Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
INS_CONVC Insulin-like peptide-1 (ILP-1) [Cleaved into: ... Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)

181 entries

Not in a family

AX6A_TERSU Augerpeptide-s6a (Agx-s6a) Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
AX7A_TERSU Augerpeptide-s7a (Agx-s7a) (Fragments) Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
AXBA_TERSU Augerpeptide-s11a (Agx-s11a) Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
BRHP_CONIM Bromoheptapeptide Im Conus imperialis (Imperial cone)
C51_CONST Conotoxin S5.1 (Fragment) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
C6A_CONQU Conotoxin QcVIA Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
C6G_CONRE Conotoxin reg6(gamma) Conus regius (Crown cone)
C7A_CONSP Conotoxin sr7a Conus spurius (Alphabet cone)
C7A_CONTU Conotoxin TVIIA Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CBW_CONRA Bromosleeper peptide Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
CCAA_CONPI Alpha-conotoxin PrXA (Alpha-C-PrXA) Conus parius (Cone snail)
CCAP_CONVL ConoCAP [Cleaved into: ConoCAP-a (CCAP-vil); ... Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)
CCV_CONTE Textile convulsant peptide Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CELE_CONVC Elevenin-Vc1 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CEX_CONCN Conotoxin CcTx (Excitotoxin CcTx) Conus consors (Singed cone)
CGA_CONDI Conotoxin di16a Conus distans (Distant cone)
CGS_CONGE Mu-conotoxin GS (CGS) Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CKC_CONCB Conantokin-Ca2 (Con-Ca2) Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CKG_CONGL Conantokin-Gm (Con-Gm) Conus gloriamaris (Glory-of-the-Seas cone)
CKO_CONOH Conantokin-Oc (Con-Oc) Conus ochroleucus (Perfect cone) (Graphiconus ...
CKQ_CONQU Conantokin-Qu (Con-Qu) Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CLE4_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.4 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CLEB_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14b (Conotoxin Cl14.3) (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CLY_CONMS Conolysin-Mt1 (Moonwalker peptide) [Cleaved ... Conus mustelinus (Weasel cone)
CMAT_CONPO Conomap-Vt (Conp-Vt) Conus planorbis (Planorbis cone)
CMO1_CONMO Kappa-conotoxin Mo1659 Conus monile (Necklace cone)
CO165_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.5a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CO1E_CONMR Conotoxin mr1e Conus marmoreus (Marble cone)
CO6A_CONLG Conotoxin Lo6/7a Conasprella longurionis (Cone snail) (Conus ...
CO6A_CONPI Conotoxin pr6a Conus parius (Cone snail)
CO6B_CONLG Conotoxin Lo6/7b Conasprella longurionis (Cone snail) (Conus ...
CO6B_CONPI Conotoxin pr6b Conus parius (Cone snail)
CO6C_CONPI Conotoxin pr6c Conus parius (Cone snail)
CO6D_CONPI Conotoxin pr6d Conus parius (Cone snail)
CO7AB_CONGE Omega-conotoxins GVIIA/GVIIB (SNX-178) (Shaker ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CO7B_CONDE Conotoxin de7b Conus delessertii (Sozon's cone) (Conus sozoni)
COC1C_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.1c (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC1D_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.1d (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC1E_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.1e (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2A_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2a (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2B_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2b (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2C_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2c (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2D_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2d (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2E_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2e (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2F_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2f (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2G_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2g (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC2H_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.2h (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COC3B_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.1.3b (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COCC_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like Cal 12.2c (Conotoxin CalTx ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COCE_CONCL Mu-conotoxin-like CalTx 12.2.1E (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
COMB_CONMA Conodipine-M beta chain Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)
CONII_CONST Con-ikot-ikot Conus striatus (Striated cone)
COVN_CONVE Omega-conotoxin-like Vn2 (Conotoxin Vn2) ... Conus ventricosus (Mediterranean cone)
CPROH_CONVC Neuropeptide prohormone-4 Conus victoriae (Queen Victoria cone)
CST_CONGE Geographus scratcher peptide Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CTFA_CONCB Conotoxin Ca15a (Fragment) Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CU12_CONCL Conotoxin Cl1.2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU1A_CONPB Conotoxin pc1a Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CU1B_CONPB Conotoxin pc1b Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CU51B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5a L2 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU51C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5a L3 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU53_CONCL Conotoxin Cl5.3 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU5A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal5a L1 [Cleaved into: Conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU63A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.3a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU63B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal6.3b (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU64_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.4 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6CC_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.12 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6C_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6c Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6DD_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.13 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6D_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6d Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6E_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.14 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU6G_CONCL Conotoxin Cl6.16 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2b (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2c (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92D_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2d (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92E_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2e (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92F_CONCL Conotoxin Cal9.2f (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU92_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU93_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.3 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU94_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.4 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU95_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.5 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU96_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9.6 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU9A_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CU9B_CONCL Conotoxin Cl9b (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUC11_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p1 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUC12_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p2 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUC13_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p3 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUC14_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p4 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUC15_CONCL Conotoxin Cal12.1p5 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUCA_CONCL Conotoxin Cl12a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE1A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.1a Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE1B_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.1b Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE1C_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14.1c Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE2A_CONCL Conotoxin Cal14a (Conotoxin Cal14.2) (Conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE5_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.5 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE7_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.7 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUE9_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.9 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUEA_CONAX Conotoxin Asi14a Conus asiaticus (Cone snail)
CUEA_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.10 (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUEB_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.11 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUEC_CONCL Conotoxin Cl14.12 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUG6A_CONCL Omega-conotoxin Cl16a (Conotoxin CalTx) ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUGA_CONCL Conotoxin Cal16a (Conotoxin Cal16.1) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUGA_CONPB Conotoxin pc16a (pc16b) Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CUGA_CONQU Conotoxin qc16a Conus quercinus (Oak cone)
CUGC_CONPB Conotoxin pc16c Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CUM1_CONCL Conotoxin Cl10.1 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUM2_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22f (Conotoxin ClS2) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUMA_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22a (Conotoxin ClS1) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUMB_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22b (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUMC_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22c (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUMD_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22d (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUME_CONCL Conotoxin Cal22e (Fragment) Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUPC_CONPB Conopeptide-pc Conus pictus (Cone snail)
CUU1_CONCL Conotoxin CalMKLL-1 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUU1_CONTS Conotoxin TsMEKL-02 (Fragment) Conus tessulatus (Tessellate cone)
CUU2_CONCL Conotoxin CalMKLL-2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUU2_CONTE Conotoxin TxMEKL-0422 (Fragment) Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CUX1_CONCL Conotoxin Cltx-1 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUX2_CONCL Conotoxin Cltx-2 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CUX4_CONCL Conotoxin Cltx-4 Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
CX21A_CONPU Conotoxin p21a Conus purpurascens (Purple cone)
CX2A_CONBE Conotoxin Bt12.1 (Conotoxin BeTXIIa) Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
CX8_CONCB Putative conotoxin Conus caracteristicus (Characteristic cone)
CX9A_TURCE Crassipeptide cce9a (Cce9.1) (Fragment) Turridrupa cerithina (Sea snail) (Crassispira ...
CXL_CONCN Linear conopeptide [Cleaved into: Linear ... Conus consors (Singed cone)
CXPA_CONCF Conotoxin as25a (As25b) Conus cancellatus (Cancellate cone) (Conus ...
CXQA_CONRG Omega-conotoxin RsXXVIA (RsXXIVA) Conus regularis (Regular cone)
T3A_TERVA Venom peptide Tv1 (Teretoxin v3a) Terebra variegata (Variegate auger snail)
T64_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.4 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
T68_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.8 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
T6E_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.14 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
T96_CINAN Teretoxin Tan9.6 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TE2_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx2 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE53_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe53 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE61_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.1 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE62_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.2 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE63_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.3 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE64_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe6.4 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE7A_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe7a Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE92_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe9.2 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE9A_HASHE Augerpeptide Hhe9a (Hhe9.1) Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TE9_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe9 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TED_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx3 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TEF4_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx4 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TEF5_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx5 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TEG1_HASHE Augerpeptide hheTx1 Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TEIA_HASHE Augerpeptide hhe1a Hastula hectica (Sea snail) (Impages hectica)
TF2_CINAN Teretoxin Tan15.2 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TF4_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu15.4 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
TU01_GEMSP Turripeptide NCR-01 (Turripeptide NCR-02) Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU127_LOPOL Turripeptide OL127 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU139_LOPOL Turripeptide OL139 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU172_LOPOL Turripeptide OL172 [Cleaved into: Turripeptide ... Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU179_LOPOL Turripeptide OL179 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU184_LOPOL Turripeptide OL184 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU22_LOPOL Turripeptide OL22 (Turripeptide OL78) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU25_LOPOL Turripeptide Lol6.2 (OL25) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU2_GEMSP Turripeptide UID-02 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU3A_UNEBI Turripeptide ubi3a Unedogemmula bisaya (Sea snail) (Lophiotoma ...
TU47_LOPOL Turripeptide OL47 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU49_LOPOL Turripeptide OL49 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU55_IOTCI Turripeptide OL55-like Iotyrris cingulifera (Sea snail) (Pleurotoma ...
TU55_LOPAC Turripeptide OL55-like Lophiotoma acuta (Marbled turris) (Pleurotoma ...
TU55_LOPAL Turripeptide OL55-like Lophiotoma albina (Sea snail) (Xenuroturris ...
TU55_LOPOL Turripeptide OL55 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU57_LOPOL Turripeptide OL57 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU61_GEMSP Turripeptide VI/VII-01 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU61_LOPOL Turripeptide Lol6.1 (OL38) Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU71_LOPOL Turripeptide OL71 Lophiotoma olangoensis (Sea snail)
TU81_GEMSP Turripeptide VIII-01 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU91_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-01 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU92_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-03 [Cleaved into: Turripeptide ... Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU94_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-04 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU97_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-07 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TU9N_GEMSP Turripeptide IX-23 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TUE1_GEMSP Turripeptide XIV-01 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
TUEI_GEMSP Turripeptide XIV-18 (Turripeptide IX-18) ... Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
VPL9A_POLAB Turripeptide Pal9a Polystira albida (White giant-turris) ...

3 entries

NPY family

COS_CONTE Cono-RFamide CNF-Tx1.3 (AIVGRPRFamide) ... Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
NPY1_CONBE Neuropeptide Y1-like conopeptide (Cono-NPY1) ... Conus betulinus (Beech cone)
NPY2_CONBE Neuropeptide Y2-like conopeptide (Cono-NPY2) ... Conus betulinus (Beech cone)

7 entries

Pg turripeptide superfamily

C91_GEMDI Turripeptide Gdm9.1 Gemmula diomedea (Gem-turris)
C91_GEMKI Turripeptide Gkn9.1 Gemmula kieneri (Kiener's gem-turris)
C91_GEMSO Turripeptide Gsg9.1 Gemmula sogodensis (Gem-turris)
C91_GEMSP Turripeptide Gsp9.1 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
C92_GEMSP Turripeptide Gsp9.2 Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
C9A_GEMSP Turripeptide gsp9a Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...
C9B_GEMSP Turripeptide gsp9b Gemmula speciosa (Splendid gem-turris) ...

1 entry

Phospholipase A2 family, Group IX subfamily

"Phospholipase A2 family" VenomZone page
COMA_CONMA Conodipine-M alpha chain (EC ... Conus magus (Magus cone) (Magician's cone snail)

2 entries

Teretoxin A (TA) superfamily

T11_CINAN Teretoxin Tan1.1 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
T11_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu1.1 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...

4 entries

Teretoxin C (TC) superfamily

TAC_CINAN Tan_10cys Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TCC_CINAN Tan_12Cys Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TMC_CINAN Teretoxin Tan22.12 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TMD_CINAN Teretoxin Tan22.13 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...

2 entries

Teretoxin H (TH) superfamily

TB1_CINAN Teretoxin Tan11.1 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TB2_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu11.2 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...

1 entry

Teretoxin J (TJ) superfamily

TM5_CINAN Teretoxin Tan22.5 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...

6 entries

Teretoxin M (TM) superfamily

T61_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.1 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
T62_CINAN Teretoxin Tan6.2 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
T65_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.5 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
T68_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.8 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
T6F_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.15 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...
T6G_TERSU Teretoxin Tsu6.16 Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...

1 entry

Teretoxin N (TN) superfamily

TE1_CINAN Teretoxin Tan14.1 Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...

2 entries

Turripeptide family

TUXA_GEMPE Turripeptide GpIAa [Cleaved into: Turripeptide ... Gemmula periscelida (Atlantic gem-turris) ...
TUXA_POLAB Turripeptide PaIAa [Cleaved into: Turripeptide ... Polystira albida (White giant-turris) ...

8 entries

Vasopressin/oxytocin family

CESS_CONGE Conophysin-conopressin [Cleaved into: ... Conus geographus (Geography cone) (Nubecula ...
CONOT_CONTU Conopressin-T Conus tulipa (Fish-hunting cone snail) (Tulip ...
CONOV_CONVL Gamma-conopressin vil Conus villepinii (Villepin's cone)
CONO_CONST Conopressin-S (Con-S) (Arg-conopressin S) Conus striatus (Striated cone)
CONO_CONTE Conopressin Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone)
CXPH_CONRA Conophysin-R Conus radiatus (Rayed cone)
TESS_CINAN Terepressin/terephysin ... Cinguloterebra anilis (Auger snail) ...
TESS_TERSU Terepressin/terephysin ... Terebra subulata (Chocolate spotted auger) ...

6 entries

Venom Kunitz-type family

Select_allDeselect_all "Venom Kunitz-type family" VenomZone page
VKT1A_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
VKT1B_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
VKT1C_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
VKT1D_CONCL Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin ... Californiconus californicus (California cone) ...
VKTB1_CONBU Kunitz-type conkunitzin-B1 (Conk-B1) Conus bullatus (Bubble cone)
VKTS1_CONST Kunitz-type conkunitzin-S1 (Conk-S1) Conus striatus (Striated cone)